Action Adventure


Bastion is, in a word, incredible. It takes the standard Action RPG formula and adds enough quirks and style to make it feel completely different. It shows the incredible potential of downloadable games as rich and rewarding game experiences in their own right. 


Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment celebrated the release of Limitless on Blu-ray in San Diego at Comic-Con 2011 with the Limitless Café. The director of the hit movie, which stars Bradley Cooper, was on hand to discuss his latest project – the video game adaptation of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Neil Burger talks about the challenges of turning Sony’s hit PlayStation 3 game into a new movie franchise in the exclusive video interview below.


The dynamic duo of Warner Bros. Entertainment and Comic-Con teamed up once again to promote the latest Warner Bros. TV shows and video games at the San Diego convention with free swag. Among the games getting primary marketing as over-sized bags this year are Batman: Arkham City and LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7. Over 130,000 bags were handed out to fans at the Con over the event.


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment used Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego to announce that Stana Katic, star of ABC’s popular TV series “Castle,” will voice the character of Talia al Ghul in Batman: Arkham City.  The actress made the rounds at the annual convention to promote the new season of the Nathan Fillion TV show as well as talk about her first video game role. The game will ship in North America beginning October 18, 2011 for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.  


Dragon Age 2 was a welcome evolution of what made Dragon Age: Origins so great. It had better pacing, a loveable cast, an interesting protagonist, a new art style, and even the combat saw improvements. At a recent EA event, I got to go hands-on with the upcoming DLC expansion, Dragon Age 2: Legacy. For my first impression, boldly read on, young adventurer.


Activision is rolling out the Hollywood red carpet for video game and comic book fans at San Diego Comic-Con 2011. Activision Publishing and Marvel Entertainment have enlisted top-tier celebrity actors that will voice characters in the upcoming Spider-Man: Edge of Time and X-Men Destiny video games.  Both games will be playable at this year’s Comic-Con and are set to hit retail shelves this fall.  


Capcom, creators of the Resident Evil and Megaman franchises, have decided to cancel the latest entry in the Megaman Legends franchise. This no doubt comes as a surprise to many fans. To see Capcom's full announcement, read below.


Harry Potter fans have more than just the final (and first) 3D Harry Potter film to savor. The EA Play Label of Electronic Arts and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  –   Part 2 videogame across all platforms. The explosive finale features all of the iconic moments and locations from the conclusion of Harry Potter’s journey, and enable fans to step into Harry’s shoes as he faces off against Voldemort and his dark forces for the final time. The Phelps twins talk about saying goodbye to the films and the video games in this exclusive video interview below.

Two years ago, a little game by the name of Demon's Souls took many people by surprise. One of the things that started buzzing around the gaming community was the game's difficulty. Leaving everything up to trial and error and keeping many hazards secret, many gamers died on numerous occasions figuring out just what to do in Demon's Souls. All of that will return in the highly-anticipated Dark Souls, but will prove to be a much bigger challenge than the last time.

To many, the idea of updating a Wii classic to the PS3 complete with spruced up graphics and Move support should seem like heaven; I mean to date the Move still lacks in number truly innovative titles and No More Heroes from the Wii stables is perhaps the most ‘adult’ of all its titles, complete with blood, violence, gore and not to mention intermittent sexuality and Manga niceties; you can see the appeal.


It's no secret that music is an incredibly important element to many visual narratives, be they television, movies, or video games. However, especially in games, it's often overshadowed by the other elements of the experience. In spite of that, there is some truly incredible video game music out there that deserves to be recognized. Here we search the current generation of gaming for the top five modern game soundtracks.


Both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are games that were critical hits on release and have since developed cult followings. Many praised the games for the ways in which they sought to evoke certain feelings in those who played them and drew parallels to older adventure games. It's not uncommon for these two PS2 titles to show up at the top of great games lists, either. The games were already great, and it looks like the HD versions, available on the PS3 later this year, are even better. Two new trailers for them are available below.


Outland is one of those $10 download-only titles you see on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live that rivals most of the full price, disk-only games that see huge, three million dollar ad campaigns that rely on set piece battles and hyper realistic graphics in order to sell.  Outland doesn't need to do that.  It relies on what games used to need: fantastic gameplay with an art style that bests any and all big releases of the season.


Comic-Con will often feature a panel of video game music composers, talking about their work and having as much attention lavished upon them as actual game/comic book creators themselves do. In anticipation of that happening again this year, here's a few of the most memorable composers in game history, and why they deserve some serious praise...