With its upcoming "XL Edition" set to hit the finish line on January 17th, it's full speed ahead for Gran Turismo 5, even a year well after its release.  Sony Computer Entertainment of America and Polyphony Digital continue to cook up content for the much-heralded racing game, and this week at CES, it announced two additional download packs, set to drop in the next couple of weeks.


Ever since its release in 2010, Gran Turismo 5 has been winning the hearts of racing fans on the PlayStation 3, selling millions of copies.  Lately, the amount of DLC for the game has picked up, with new cars and content to keep fans happy.  If you somehow missed out on it, don't worry, as Sony is preparing a special "XL" version of the game that will have all that content included, and for a lower price.


I've never owned a Sony handheld, but WipeOut 2048 makes me want to join the club. The no-grav racer series has been rather quiet these past few years, its sole current-generation title (WipeOut HD) originally released as a PSN-only title. Fortunately, WipeOut seems to be speeding around the bend to make every other racer look like a virtual venture into snail-farming. 


'Tis the season to be jolly...and to do a few more laps around the track.  Sony Computer Entertainment of America has announced that it will release a new 2.02 update for Gran Turismo 5, available free of charge next week.  In addition, a separate car pack will also be available for $3.99, bringing more cars to the popular racing game.


When it came out earlier this year, DiRT 3 really defined what rally racing in video games should be all about.  Chock full of dozens of events, online interaction and some of the best presentation ever packed into a driving game, it really did quite well for Codemasters.  So, of course, the company is looking to capitalize with yet another entry in the series.  But DiRT 4 this ain't -- it's time for a showdown.


When we got our hands on Need For Speed: The Run on consoles, we were impressed by its cross-country race set-up and its exciting moments, though we were frustrated by the inclusion of lame-ass quick-time events when you got out of the car.  Oddly enough, the 3DS version of The Run has similar setbacks.  When you’re racing, there’s really quite nothing like it.  But it’s the unnecessary extras stacked on top that get in the way of truly enjoying the ride.


I’m all for an aggressive NASCAR game.  Sure, the realism based ones are okay, but you have to be in the proper mood to go around hundreds of laps without feeding the urge to ram Tony Stewart into the wall.  So it made me happy to play NASCAR Unleashed on the 360 last month, with its simplistic arcade nature and its numerous options.  When I heard there was a version available for Nintendo 3DS, I was curious to see how it fared, imagining car parts flying at the screen in 3D and all sorts of havoc ensuing.  Well, I got the havoc part right, but not in the way I wanted.


Forza Motorsport 4 is doing quite well for the racing community, with hundreds of thousands of folks hitting the track and showing the world their racing mettle.  But that racing world is about to open up even further, as Microsoft has announced a new pack of cars coming to the game December 6th.


When it comes to Motorstorm, Evolution Studios has never let up when it comes to fast racing fun and vehicular destruction.  Its last game alone, Motorstorm Apocalypse, proved that the series still has miles to burn, especially with the ever-changing tracks.  That said, their latest project does follow the same route as previous games, but it's a lot...smaller.  Say hello to Motorstorm RC.


When it comes to enjoying Ridge Racer, there are two types of people.  There are those who get drift-happy with the racing game and love every minute of it, and there are those who think it's a little too arcade-y for its own good.  No matter which side you're on, though, you have to admit that when Ridge Racer 7 debuted on the PS3 years ago, it was a technically proficient game, and more challenging than most entries in the series.  Now the game gets a major push with tomorrow's PlayStation Network update, with not only a free 3D upgrade, but also a digital release.  Is it too late to improve on the game now, though?


If there's one thing Sega is no stranger to, it's revisiting classic licenses in a whole new light.  These next few weeks alone, we'll be seeing revamped versions of House of the Dead and Sonic the Hedgehog, in ways that both fans and newcomers can appreciate.  And later this month also marks the return of an arcade racing pioneer -- Daytona USA.


It’s been a little over one week since Rage’s release, and reviews for id Software’s latest were mixed, if somewhat disappointed. A short single-player experience, a forgettable cast of heroes, and an underwhelming finale all contributed to collective boredom; hopes and interests soon turned to Doom 4 as the venerable publisher’s genuine brainchild.