2K Games has unleashed Firaxis Games’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown for Windows PC through Steam. The free demo offers players two levels of the single-player tutorial campaign, experiencing the combat controls and effective tactics for defending humanity against the alien threat. The two tutorial missions will also introduce players to the XCOM base, where soldier training and researching alien technology takes place, and offers a chance to experience the tactical and strategic layers of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The XCOM: Enemy Unknown playable demo will be available soon for console gamers. The developer talks about the new game in the exclusive video interview below.


Wargaming has over 35 million gamers around the world engaging in virtual warfare with its free-to-play World of Tanks game. With World of Warplanes and World of Battleships in development, the game publisher is focusing on eSports. At the International Ural Steel Championship 2012 Grand Finals, held on September 16 at CSKA Sport Arena in Moscow, three Russian teams became the champions of the World of Tanks final showdown. After a number of intense clashes, The RED: Rush Unity team took the Champion’s title away from The RED-Z GRA with a 3 to 0 victory on the Lakeville map, while third place went to Virtus.Pro ACES.


2K Games’ and Firaxis Games’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the re-imagining of one of the most revered PC games ever made, is now available for digital pre-sale for $50 from participating digital retailers. By pre-purchasing  XCOM: Enemy Unknown, gamers are guaranteed to receive the Elite Soldier Pack, a free launch bonus offering top-of-the-line soldier customization features that will only be available while supplies last.


Labor Day weekend at the Red Bull LAN Seattle, the eSports playbook went out the window. At the event, fans of Blizzard Entertainment’s global eSports staple StarCraft II and scores of PAX attendees experienced an unprecedented twist to tournament play. Voting every few minutes, onsite and online spectators at wielded the power to help or harm, assist or antagonize the attending pro-players during live gameplay where two pros were paired up with a lucky audience member as their teammate. At critical junctures in the matches, event commentators, Sean “Day[9]” Plott and Mike “Husky” Lamond, called upon the audience to decide the fate of the players, by dispensing bombs, unleashing demons, summoning vortexes and introduce other game changing obstacles.


Seventeen years and 17 games after the release of the first Command & Conquer title, Electronic Arts is bringing Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection to PC gamers this October for $50. A compilation of all 17 games that have made Command & Conquer the #1 selling real-time strategy (RTS) franchise of all time, this collection  will not only give fans a chance to re-experience all three award-winning Command & Conquer universes – the epic clash between the GDI and Nod in Tiberium, the alternate Cold War of the Red Alert series and the modern warfare in Generals – but will also give them early access to the upcoming beta for the new Frostbite 2 powered Command & Conquer, coming in 2013.


XCOM: Enemy Within will include a unique multiplayer game mode featuring a one-on-one deathmatch against another player for the first time in an XCOM game. Players will be able to pick a squad of soldiers, aliens or even combine a squad of both unit types to create the ultimate mixed squad to command in battle. The developer talks about the new game for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the exclusive video interview below.


Barry Sanders left the NFL too early for many. The running back broke records in college and in the pros. On July 10th, EA Sports NCAA Football 13 brought Sanders back to the gridiron. For the first time in franchise history, fans have been allowed to play as some of college football’s greatest athletes in the new Heisman Challenge mode. Gamers have been busy making first downs and throwing touchdowns with their favorite Heisman winners, and we wanted to provide you an inside look at stats related to player engagement with NCAA Football 13 so far. Sanders talks about video games in the exclusive video interview below.


THQ is adding a new element of strategy to Relic Entertainment’s RTS game Company of Heroes  2. The sequel, which ships for PC in early 2013, will feature innovative weather condition simulating technology never seen before in the strategy game genre. Any historian will attest to the huge role the brutal Soviet winter played in the Eastern Front theatre of World War II and this is now realistically simulated in-game thanks to Relic Entertainment’s new Essence Engine 3.0 and its ColdTech system.


Pro gaming continues to generate interest from around the globe. Thirty-two of the world’s best StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty players competed at the Major League Gaming (MLG) Summer StarCraft II Arena for more than $26,000 in prizes. At the end of the three day competition, Korean player Taeja beat Alicia 4-2 to capture his first MLG title and $10,000. Stephano, who came in fifth place, talks about eSports in the exclusive video interview below.


Welcome back to your favorite Steam Summer Sale updates and recommendations. In personal news, I just got an email from my aunt saying she sent me a Gamestop gift certificate for my birthday, which is on Monday. I mean literally, she couldn’t have picked a worse time, right as the Steam Summer Sale has gotten started. Oh well, maybe I’ll get a bit of cash to help out the cause. Anyway, today is Saturday, so let’s look at some of today’s deals and bundles that you should take advantage of…


The USS IOWA battleship made its final voyage to its new home in the Port of Los Angeles and Wargaming America has been hard at work creating virtual battle scenarios for future USS IOWA visitors to enjoy. The battleship is set to become a museum, and Wargaming is bringing its history to life by creating a bridge experience and an aerial combat game that will live on the ship and showcase its firepower and aerial defenders in action. Historian Bob Rogers talks about the battleship in front of its big guns in this exclusive video interview below.


Quantum Conundrum designed by Kim Swift, one of main development leads in Valve’s Portal series, which made quite an impression on us last year. Quantum Conundrum is familiar trip for many, but it’s one of the funniest experiences your going to have this year. Levels are brilliantly designed around it’s sci-fi nature and is just shy of being a flawless gem on the download marketplace. It’s an experience you can’t afford to miss out on.


It’s been two years since Firaxis Games released the fifth installment into the legendary Sid Meier Civilization series. The game has been made available on Mac, while integrating the game into Steam’s workshop. During that time, the games bugs and glitches hurt the online multiplayer have been removed. Many have moved on from the game, but this week a new expansion is available called Civilization: Gods & Kings. With this new expansion is it worth revisiting CIV V?


Early this year, Bioware’s Mass Effect saga came to five year run. Rest aside the ending; the series is one of the most complete trilogies in video game history. There are two aspects that Mass Effect nails perfectly. The series was first to interweave choices all the way through the third and final installment captivating fans from start to finish. However, you can’t tell a great story if you forget to create the atmosphere for your game to breath in. The music in the game really doses shape Commander Shepard with it having one of the best scores in gaming, but do people notice? Do people look at soundtracks as a whole or as background noise?