Considering everything that Rovio has gone through with its multi-million selling Angry Birds franchise, it could’ve easily let success get to its head.  It could’ve sat back at all the cash raked in from the stuffed animals, fruit snacks and…sigh…upcoming CG movie and simply done nothing else for the rest of its career.  But no, like any intuitive game developer, it felt a challenge was necessary for its series, something new that would remind fans that they still gave a dang when it came to game development.  And say what you will about the company’s previous moves, but Angry Birds Space is that proof.


Last week’s announcement of a new iPad didn’t really surprise anyone, did it?  We knew that that Apple would announce a device that would FINALLY take advantage of a retina display.  We knew that it would have high definition possibilities.  And we called the new camera too, natch.  But what we didn’t know was that Chair Entertainment, the company behind the Infinity Blade games, had a killer app waiting in the wings.  Guess it’s nice to have one surprise waiting for us.


Rovio could probably sit around and talk for hours on end about how much cash they’ve raked in with their Angry Birds franchise.  Between the games, the stuffed toys, the upcoming movie, the advertising tie-ins, the candy…yes, there’s Angry Birds candy…there’s literally no end to this cash cow.  But that doesn’t mean the team has forgotten how to make the games special.  And on March 22, it takes the next logical step in the series, by launching the Angry Birds into…well, outer space.


Remember the old Midway Arcade Treasures releases?  Or for that matter, Midway’s Greatest Hits on the PS One?  I sure do.  I spent hours on end reliving the games of my youth thanks to these compilations, and I couldn’t get enough of them.  But ever since the company was scuttled a couple of years ago, I always wondered if they would come back in some form.  And while I would’ve preferred a release on a console over an iOS-enabled device, I’ll definitely take what I can get from Midway Arcade.  This is a collection of arcade bliss that everyone should experience.


Back in 1991, we didn’t worry about playing networkable games or developing strategies for first-person shooter battles.  Gaming was much simpler, a matter of just having fun with the likes of the SNES or, better yet, going to an arcade like Aladdin’s Castle to have a good time.  It’s here I first discovered Technos’ WWF Wrestlefest, a game that featured the likes of Hulk Hogan and the Legion of Doom battling in simple yet entertaining 2D action.  Now, 21 years (and several arcade closures) later, the Wrestlefest label lives on, thanks to a new App Store release from THQ.


What is it with old-school arcade revivals this year?  First The Simpsons Arcade Game made a comeback on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, entertaining a whole new generation of gamers without the need to break out a roll of quarters.  Now THQ is hitting the wrestling ring with a remake of WWE Wrestlefest, a game that originally body slammed into arcades back in ’91 under Technos’ direction.  And just like it did back then, Wrestlefest promises to be button-mashing fun.


Well, it seems 2K Sports is very pro-active to what NBA 2K12 gamers want and they wanted a better Jeremy Lin to create Linsanity magic in their NBA 2K12 games with their virtual Lins.  Just two days after 2K Sports upgraded Lin to 69 from 56 in the NBA 2K12 "Living Rosters" update, they upgraded him again to 75 today in another update, which is closer to where Lin should probably be even after he cools down from his Linsane pace, which he inevitably will.



Wow, it’s amazing how just now the folks at Cave have become a household name when it comes to quality games.  This development team has been around for years, crafting the kind of “bullet hell” shooters that fans simply can’t get enough of.  Oh, well, take whatever fame you can get, I always say.  And that level of fame continues with yet another release from its extensive shoot-em-up – or “shmup” – collection with Dodonpachi Blissful Death, which acts as a prequel to the previously released Dodonpachi Resurrection.



I love how the App Store is picking up in quality games.  Unfortunately, with that comes an escalated price.  Take SoulCalibur, for instance.  A decent port, sure, but it’s missing a lot of the stuff that made the Dreamcast original so grand, and it’s going for…$17?  C’mon, the Xbox Live Arcade version is only $10.  That said, there are some games that do validate their worth.  And one of them, believe it or not, is Taito’s Dariusburst SP.


Video pinball has gone through resurgence over the years.  No longer is about putting together some cruddy overhead table with questionable ball physics and more focus on the gimmick than the actual play.  (We’re looking at you, Crue Ball.)  It’s starting to get more like the classic style of play, where you actually stood over a machine and flipped to your heart’s content.  No one knows this better than Farsight Studios, as you’ll plainly see from its recently released The Pinball Arcade.


Tim Schafer's the man.  He's been in game development for years now, and this week at the DICE Summit, not only did he acknowledge that "Notch", the creator of Minecraft, was willing to fund a Psychonauts sequel (sadly, still on the backburner), but also that Double Fine would produce a dedicated point and click adventure for release in 2012, provided that those willing to back the project with donations could meet a certain goal of $400,000 by mid-March.  What happened next is truly a sign of the devotees in the game community...


Remember when Telltale was a small video game company that released a video game every one to two years. Last year alone Telltale released “Back to the Future” six episodic content and to close out the year, released “Jurassic Park”. Things have sure changed since then, but was it for the better? Has the Telltale dependence on licensed properties finally back fired on them in "Law & Order: Legacies".


When Ghost Trick came out last year for Nintendo DS, it introduced a great, quirky little mystery that stepped aside from the norm, mainly because the main character was the person whose death was being investigated. What followed were plenty of touch-screen shenanigans, along with interesting gameplay elements and an art style belovingly conjured by Phoenix Wright creator Shu Takumi.  But at $30, not many people were willing to take such a leap of faith on the game.  Perhaps they will for $10, now that Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective has landed on iPad and iPhone.


INDIANAPOLIS -- The NY Giants beat the New England Patriots again 27-24 again in a squeaker according to the Madden NFL 12 video game from EA Sports based on its virtual simulation of Super Bowl XLVI on Madden. Madden NFL 12 is the de facto, and only, football video game for the NFL season.  Fans have been playing like crazy for the past few months, wondering where the season was going to end up. This Sunday it culminates in a match-up that will pit Brady, going for his fourth Super Bowl ring, along with his favorite target Gronkowski against Eli Manning and his Giants, in the Circle City of Indianapolis. Check out highlights of the Madden simulated Super Bowl game.