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Every year, video game companies go all out at one specific event – the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which takes place every year in Los Angeles around June.  Here, companies like to show off what lies ahead in the next twelve to fifteen months, big projects, small uprisings, little advancements to their hardware…that sort of thing.  We’ve been to a lot of shows now, and they’ve been impressive, but E3 2012 should be an even bigger year, thanks to what the companies are bringing.


It’s really weird how some of these April Fools jokes are turning into actual products, isn’t it?  Take a look at the iCade, a miniature iPad arcade cabinet that was first shown as an April Fools joke, but has since become a best-selling accessory for the market.  Now, THQ has confirmed yet another April Fools gag that’s becoming a reality, one that introduces a whole new way to play through the world of Steelport in Saints Row: The Third.


The original Darksiders was a triumph for the newly founded (at the time) Vigil Games, headed up by comic book universe master Joe Maduriera (aka “Joe Mad”), telling a tale revolving around the apocalypse but making it kick-ass enough that fans of action games could truly appreciate it.  Granted, having Mark Hamill on board for voice acting didn’t hurt either.  So for the sequel, Darksiders II, the team had an even bigger task ahead, not only taking the game in a whole new direction, but introducing an unlikely hero – fellow Horseman Death – in the mix.  We recently gave the game a go with a hands-on session hosted by THQ, just to get an idea what it’s like.


Once upon a time, fighting game giants refused to work with one another, instead competing for attention in the arcades with their own individual products.  But then someone got the crazy notion, “Hey, we should team up our franchises and see what comes up.”  And thus, crossovers was born.  Many companies have done it, including Capcom and SNK with their Capcom vs. SNK games, respectively, and soon Street Fighter x Tekken will be knocking around the streets, set for a release tomorrow.  But are you possibly ready for…Sega versus Tecmo?


There’s no question we’re on a fever pitch for the new Marvel’s The Avengers film.  How could you not be?  Between Robert Downey Jr. doing his slick Iron Man thing, Samuel L. Jackson playing the baddest Nick Fury on the planet, and the return of the Hulk (and not the Ed Norton Hulk), it’s crazy how much anticipation is going into it.  Which leads us to wonder…why is there not an Avengers video game that ties in with the film?


In its early days, THQ was best known as a kids game maker working with brands from Nickelodeon and Disney based on Hollywood TV shows and movies. But the Hollywood licensing business has dried up with the higher costs of development and the advances of smartphones and tablets (where those licenses still thrive). THQ isn’t exiting the games business, as had been rumored a few weeks ago. Instead, the game company is exiting the kids games business in favor of successful franchises like Saints Row.


LAS VEGAS -- Major product launches from more than 3,100 exhibitors and keynotes from the leaders of Qualcomm, Mercedes and Intel launched the 2012 International CES on Tuesday. Owned and produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), CES 2012, the world's largest tradeshow for consumer technology, runs through Friday, January 13 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gaming was also prevalent with Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft all showing content. NVIDIA continues to push portable gaming and tablet pricing with Tegra as seen in the video below.


The CES show, which is held every year in Las Vegas, is primarily held to show off the latest in gadgets and electronics, and not really considered much of a "game show", unlike the Game Developers Conference and E3.  However, some game companies still take part, just to show off how far game development has come.  And this year, Nintendo will be making a trip to the event, bringing its upcoming Wii U system with it.

There's only a month left before gamers trade in their leather belts for fully-equipped utility belts and don a black cape as they take on the role of Batman, and many are already very excited for the upcoming Batman: Arkham City. If being able to roam around a city crawling with thugs and supervillains, then perhaps the New Game + Mode just might do the trick. Rocksteady will be including a new game mode upon completion of the first playthrough that will be even more of a challenge than the original campaign.

Dragon Quest X, long since confirmed to be a Wii title, has had a couple other surprising announcements at a recent Square Enix conference. Not only will the game be the first true Online RPG in the series, but it will also have a version released for both the Wii and Wii U. Both had been rumored, but this is the first official confirmation of these facts. More details after the jump.


Have you ever wanted to know virtually everything there ever was that went into creating one of the worst movies ever made? Do you just yearn to know why normally smart people make some stupid decisions that result in a hot steaming mess of personified WTF? Do you at all wax nostalgic for the 90's, a time when bad movies had some type of special I don't know what that make them somehow infinitely enjoyable in a way that science has as of yet failed to quantify? Then baby, do I have an interview to show you.


This years Comic Con San Diego is packed with dozens of hot shows, some returning and other making their debut appearance. They're coming with cast, crew, sneak peaks, and an Q&A session for fans to get their burning questions answered. Take a break from the demos at gaming booths, and stop by one of the telvision panels! With the final list online, here are just some of the shows (in no particular order) we can't wait to see at Comic Con.


It's no secret that the Wii is starving for some strong titles. Struggling to recall the last Wii title worth looking forward to comes with the territory for most core gamers who own the console. With only three big name titles coming to the Wii before its successor launches, one can't escape the feeling that it's already reached the end of its life cycle. It certainly doesn't help things that even Nintendo seems to have given up on it.

A couple of weeks ago at E3, when the world got its first glimpse at the Wii U, many people were delighted at the sight of the new controller. With the potential to do so much with just a game controller, it seemed like the Wii U would take a solid hold on the market because of its innovation. However, I'm not terribly sure that will be the case. For some odd reason, I get the feeling it will get old, and the lack of power to compete with the other new consoles will only limit what it can and can't port onto the system.