The idea behind E3 was to showcase the latest and brightest games of 2012, but there are always a few games that disappoint us. Some games on our list made serious changes to their formula, and not for the better. Other games took center stage at E3 when they shouldn’t have. There were many games at E3, but here is our top five list of disappointments.


Ubisoft had a huge set-up on the E3 show floor this week, with a number of major sequels available for play, as well as two new Wii U titles coming out in time for the system’s launch later this year.  But one of its hidden gems, tucked away in a behind-closed-doors section in its offices, was The Avengers: Battle For Earth.  Based on the popular Marvel franchise of the same name, this game demonstrated some proper use of Kinect motions when it came to controlling some of your favorite superheroes and villains.  So, of course, we were eager to give it a test drive.


When Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure released last year, Activision and the development team at Toys For Bob were taking a pretty big gamble, producing toys that interacted with the video game at hand, presenting a unique new experience for gamers everywhere.  But, boy, did it pay off.  Making over $30 million in revenue between game and toy sales, it proved to be a reputable new franchise for the company.  So, of course, it’s understood that they’re taking advantage by releasing a much-improved sequel in time for the holiday season.  You ready to take on some Giants?


One of our most anticipated games for the summer is actually coming right near the end of it, High Moon Studios’ Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.  We’re not sure if it’s the genuine old-school appeal of the 80’s franchise (and we mean in the form of animated series, not Michael Bay’s movies) or the fact that 2010’s War For Cybertron was immensely enjoyable.  Either way, we’re in for a treat with the sequel, as Activision recently invited us to go hands-on with it at a pre-E3 session.


While Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Spider-Man are great games in their own right (and proof that Beenox has a heck of a track record), there’s this inescapable thought that the games feel “closed in”, without giving Spidey too much room to roam around.  It’s a change of pace from what we were able to do with him in Treyarch’s movie-licensed Spider-Man games.  Again, they’re not bad at all, but some of you have been clamoring for a return to the “go anywhere, do anything” style.  Well, later this month you’ll be getting just that with The Amazing Spider-Man.  And Activision recently invited us down to go hands-on with him.


For the past couple of years, 2K Sports has been dominating the paint with its NBA 2K franchise, as 2K12 managed to sell well over five million copies, thanks to the help of a talented development team and, of course, a virtual Michael Jordan.  But the pressure is on this year, as EA Sports is bringing back NBA Live in a big way.  2K, however, isn’t breaking a sweat.  Live didn’t even make it to E3 this year, and the team had its own plans with NBA 2K13, which it showed to us behind closed doors.


For the longest time, we’ve waited for the ideal South Park gaming experience…and never really got it.  Sure, some games came close to getting the style of the series down (like the recent Tenorman’s Revenge), but didn’t really live up to the potential of gameplay.  And don’t even get us started on those crappy Acclaim games – even the creators of the series, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, couldn’t stand them.  But with The Stick of Truth, Obsidian Entertainment’s latest project for THQ, we could very well be seeing a turnaround.  Even if it just plain wrong in spots.  But that just means the team is doing it right.


THQ doesn’t appear to have much presence at this year’s E3 event, as there won’t likely be a Darksiders II car wash to go with last year’s Saints Row event.  No matter, the company will still be there, showing off the upcoming sequel featuring Death, along with the recently announced Company of Heroes II.  But now it looks like it’ll have an additional game in tow, the latest in its ongoing World Wrestling Entertainment wrestling sims, as a trailer appeared online hours ago – before being taken down – that announced the arrival of WWE 13 on November 1.


You’ve seen the first trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, right?  The one where our own drones are turned against us in the face of a new enemy and plenty of chaos happening around Los Angeles?  Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Recently, Activision invited us to a pre-E3 event, where it showed off the first gameplay footage, a good ten minutes worth of tense future action.  And we can tell you right now – Treyarch hasn’t lost a step between the first game and the second.  In fact, it’s learned quite a bit with the tweaks it’s made to the familiar Infinity Ward tech.


First introduced at a Microsoft event in Tokyo a couple of years back, Crimson Dragon has been hidden in secrecy for some time, with Yukio Futatsuki, the creator of Sega’s Panzer Dragoon series, and his team toiling away on its spiritual successor for Xbox Live Arcade.  But recently, Microsoft provided us a hands-on opportunity with the upcoming release, giving us the ability to fly around with a dragon using body motions.  And you know what?  It’s not half bad.


The IOS market has been around for roughly six years and has helped revolutionize everything tech related from movies, music and games. It has given artist and developers a new platform to communicate and speak directly to audience and that’s exactly what Aoineko Studios is doing.


We're just going to say it right now.  Far Cry 3 is shaping up to be the best game in the series yet.  The first two games set up great tales of survival, with one man battling the odds through lush terrain and occasionally using feral abilities to get the jump.  The third looks to follow suit with an even more engaging single-player campaign, along with a new focus on multiplayer, where teams can battle it out to control parts of the terrain.  We recently went hands-on with the demo to see how it was coming along.


It’s really weird how some of these April Fools jokes are turning into actual products, isn’t it?  Take a look at the iCade, a miniature iPad arcade cabinet that was first shown as an April Fools joke, but has since become a best-selling accessory for the market.  Now, THQ has confirmed yet another April Fools gag that’s becoming a reality, one that introduces a whole new way to play through the world of Steelport in Saints Row: The Third.