Mortal Kombat was a colossal hit when it came out for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 last year, reaffirming the strength in the franchise after all these years.  So, naturally, the development team wanted to continue the trend, releasing the Komplete Edition last month and following suit with the series’ debut on PlayStation Vita, coming next month.  What can fans look forward to when it comes to the portable edition?  Plenty.


Jennifer Hale is a long time voice actress, who has appeared on more mediums than you probably thought. From voicing big roles like Commander Shepard in the “Mass Effect” series to voicing Naomi Hunter in the “Metal Gear” Solid franchise. Her voice has made multiple jumps to TV and movies playing such roles like Disney’s "Cinderella" and Cartoon Network's "Powerpuff Girls". I recently got the chance to ask her a few questions about her time with the “Mass Effect” series and what the future lies ahead for voice acting.


Q-Games has always been a developer that’s been just as much about style as it has substance with its games.  Take a look at the PixelJunk Shooter games, or, for that matter, the gorgeous PixelJunk Eden or the entertaining (if slightly difficult) PixelJunk SideScroller.  However, its latest effort, PixelJunk 4AM, might be its most innovative to date.  The reason for that is, instead of giving you pre-set objectives, it instead lets you play around with a musical space, shaping it however you see fit using the PlayStation Move controller.


Last week’s announcement of a new iPad didn’t really surprise anyone, did it?  We knew that that Apple would announce a device that would FINALLY take advantage of a retina display.  We knew that it would have high definition possibilities.  And we called the new camera too, natch.  But what we didn’t know was that Chair Entertainment, the company behind the Infinity Blade games, had a killer app waiting in the wings.  Guess it’s nice to have one surprise waiting for us.


Rovio could probably sit around and talk for hours on end about how much cash they’ve raked in with their Angry Birds franchise.  Between the games, the stuffed toys, the upcoming movie, the advertising tie-ins, the candy…yes, there’s Angry Birds candy…there’s literally no end to this cash cow.  But that doesn’t mean the team has forgotten how to make the games special.  And on March 22, it takes the next logical step in the series, by launching the Angry Birds into…well, outer space.


I always wondered what Spike TV was going to do now that it’s lost its UFC programming to FX Networks.  But now, thanks to my stop at 345 Games’ office during Game Developers Conference, I have a better idea.  The company is actually teaming with Bellator, an MMA fighting group, for new programming in 2013, and to sort of tie in with that, the publishers of the Deadliest Warrior games are working on a new MMA fighter for download on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.


The story behind Activision’s attempt to revive its True Crime series is an interesting one and, at one point, a sad one.  The company hired United Front Games to work on True Crime: Hong Kong, and even announced it during the 2010 Spike TV Video Game Awards show.  However, months after its development (and a pretty good E3 showcase), the company chose to cancel the project, feeling it wouldn’t live up to its potential.  Now that COULD’VE been a sad story, had Square Enix not picked up the pieces and opted to release the game as an original adventure called Sleeping Dogs.  But it did.


When you develop something that’s considered one of the better games out there, it’s often hard to move on to the next project, as most folks will usually demand more of the same or, as tradition usually calls for, a sequel.  Kim Swift, the developer of Valve’s uber-hit Portal, has managed to do this, though, as her team at Airtight Studios showed us the other night at the Square Enix event with its upcoming Quantum Conundrum.  We gave this delightful little digital treat a run-through in a hands-on demo.


Sony is really making a push for independent game development right now.  A couple of days ago, the company hosted a pub crawl that focused on independent developers working on PSN projects, and on the show floor, you can really see what kind of original games they’re shooting for here at Game Developers Conference.  Among them is Dyad, a nouveau racing/strategy game from creator Shawn McGrath that will remind you of the glory days of Tempest, even if it plays completely different.


Game Developers Conference 2012 is just about to kick off here in San Francisco, but Electronic Arts started the party off right last night with a private event.  Not only did the company show off some promising new maps for Battlefield 3, but it also stunned the audience with the first official gameplay footage from Medal of Honor: Warfighter, which wages war on store shelves this October.


The Game Developers Conference is literally hours sway from kicking off, but the fun has already begun down here in San Francisco.  Monday night, Warner Bros. Games hosted an event for Lollipop Chainsaw, its upcoming action game from Suda 51, the creator of such games as No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned.  If you remember how crazy those games got, you’ve probably got a rough idea of what Juliet brings to the picture – including her heart-encrusted chainsaw.


It’s been nearly five years since fans last saw Master Chief helm the "Halo" saga, but things have sure changed since then. Bungie, the original creators of the franchise, are no longer working on the game. 343 Industries is now helming the project and is shaping the next generation of "Halo" saga with all the games shifting from the Forerunner saga to the Reclaimer saga.


The "Doctor Who" series is one of the richest scifi series to hit television sets. The series has been around for more than fifty years providing their fans thrills week to week. While their have been video game spin offs of the "Doctor Who" franchise, none of them have carried elements of the show, which made it so great. Fans want to relieve experience and be apart of the show.