Have you ever wanted to know virtually everything there ever was that went into creating one of the worst movies ever made? Do you just yearn to know why normally smart people make some stupid decisions that result in a hot steaming mess of personified WTF? Do you at all wax nostalgic for the 90's, a time when bad movies had some type of special I don't know what that make them somehow infinitely enjoyable in a way that science has as of yet failed to quantify? Then baby, do I have an interview to show you.


 Yesterday, we took a look at Microsoft and what they will have in store for us at this year's E3. From what it looks like, this year will focus on software for the XBox 360, as well as possible details on a new console. It's a bit of a different story for Sony. Sony is giving another try at handheld gaming with the NGP, a console that they claim brings the experience of the PS3 on the go. They have already shown off the console this year, but at E3 Sony will most likely release all of the specs of the system, as well as set a date for release and pricing of the system. Will the NGP be able to hold a candle to the 3DS?

Rapper Common has watched as video games have become a driving force in music over the years. He got behind the turntable of Activision’s new DJ Hero 2 game, which features 83 songs out of the box. In addition, Activision is constantly releasing new music for the game. The game studio just released three new exclusive downloadable mixes in the Old Skool Mix Pack.  Common talks about DJ Hero 2 in this exclusive video interview.
When it comes to social networking, Activision rocks. Guitar Hero has surpassed two million Facebook fans.  Guitar Hero’s popularity on Facebook is growing faster than ever before having expanded its Facebook fanbase by more than 600,000 since the announcement of Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock in June 2010 alone, demonstrating the brand’s leading position, global appeal and continued fan enthusiasm. Check out this exclusive video interview with KISS front man Gene Simmons, the voice of the demigod in Warriors of Rock.
One of the most talked about films of 2010, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, is taking a bite out of the home entertainment market. Summit has released a Two-Disc Special Edition DVD, Single Disc Blu-ray, Single Disc DVD, and Blu-ray/DVD Combo amidst launch parties for Twihards. Actor Michael Welch, who has starred in all three Twilight films alongside Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart, talks about his own videogame background and why fans haven’t yet seen a Twilight game in this exclusive video interview.

LOS ANGELES, California – At the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, James Cameron’s ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow took the top two prizes for best picture and best director for “The Hurt Locker.” With nine nominations each, The Hurt Locker” ended the night with six Oscars to “Avatar’s” three. “Avatar” won for best cinematography, best visual effects and best art direction while “The Hurt Locker” won for best picture, best director, best original screenplay, best film editing, best sound editing and best sound mixing making a combined nine Oscars for the ex-power couple. “Precious” and “Up” each took home two Oscars apiece to tie for third most Oscars on the night.


DALLAS, Texas - Nate Robinson beat out Raptors’ rookie DeMar DeRozan at the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest at 2010 NBA All-Star Weekend in Dallas Saturday night. Nate Robinson became the first three time Slam Dunk Contest champion as well as the first repeat winner of the title. Robinson received 51% of fan votes to edge DeRozan who won the Slam Dunk-In Friday night over Clippers’ Eric Gordon to be the fourth participant in the Slam Dunk Contest. “Krypto-Nate,” the nickname he earned jumping over Superman Dwight Howard to win the Slam Dunk Contest last year, promptly retired from slam dunking on top saying “No more titles. I’m finished. It’s the last one.”


DALLAS, Texas - NBA rookie DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors and sophmore Eric Gordon of the Los Angeles Clippers faced off in the first NBA “Slam Dunk-In' on Friday night that took place during halftime of the NBA Rookie Challenge. The winner, as voted on by fans, would end up joining two-time winner Nate Robinson of the New York Knicks, Gerald Wallace of the Charlotte Bobcats, and Shannon Brown of the Los Angeles Lakers in the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday night.


Joe Mauer, the Minnesota Twins catcher and reigning AL MVP, who is reportedly close to signing a big 10 year contract extension worth $200 million, was at Sony’s San Diego studio yesterday getting motion captured for the upcoming game “MLB 10: The Show.” Mauer and his #7 jersey is the cover boy for this year’s version of the Sony PlayStation baseball title. MLB 10 will feature a new Catcher mode that was designed with Mauer in mind as well as a new ”Road to the Show” mode , which is basically a career mode that will follow your player in the game. The game will also feature Real Time Presentation where gamers will be able to watch players move around realistically in real time.

Watch our exclusive MoCap Behind the Scenes video interview with Joe Mauer.

Just like at the box office, James Cameron dominates this year’s Oscar Nominees as “Avatar” and "The Hurt Locker" have both been nominated for a leading nine Oscars for this year’s 82nd annual Academy Awards. “The Hurt Locker” was directed and produced by James Cameron’s ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow. The two films were among a list of ten Best Picture nominees announced Tuesday morning by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. The field of nominees for Best Picture was expanded to ten from five for the first time this year.


Our side trip from CES to the AVN Awards Red Carpet reveals that porn stars don't just love sex, they love video games too. Our Cybergirl Jo Garcia talks candidly with a bunch of porn stars as they reveal what games they're playing and if there any good or not.


Jenny McCarthy talks to GamerLive exclusively about her new Wii fitness game, Your Shape with Jenny McCarthy. The Ubisoft game uses an innovative motion tracking camera instead of the WIi balance board to guide you through your workout. In Part 1 of our interview, Jenny McCarthy walks us through the game and shows us why the game is different from all those other fitness games.


We are coming to you live from SpikeTV's Video Game Awards 2009 in Los Angeles with host Jo Garcia, Playboy's 2008 Cybergirl of the Year. She's hot and our coverage will be hot so stay tuned here as we beam to you live video reports from the VGAs as we interview the top developers and, of course, celebrities on the Red Carpet, Backstage and in the Green Room. It all starts at 8pm Eastern Time.