To be honest, Nintendo did manage to do fairly well with the Wii.  Not only did it finally nail down using a typical CD format for its games (shying away from the cartridge and mini-discs it used previously), but it also effectively introduced motion gaming to the scene, with such favorites as Wii Sports and Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2.  And while it is on its last legs with the upcoming Wii U slated for release this fall, that doesn’t mean the party is completely over for it.  In fact, there are five games that will still make it worth playing this summer – that is, if the Wii is the only option you have.


Game journalism isn't as easy as it looks.  Oh, sure, you think we just sit around all day and play Max Payne 3, but the truth is, playing is just part of the job.  Writing is a huge, fundamental part of it, as you have to be able to express yourself in the right manner, not just go "This is cool because blah blah."  You need to FEEL right about the job.  One step to getting an idea of what video game journalism is all about is getting the book Critical Path: How To Review Videogames For a Living, written by Dan Amrich.  Dan, also known as One of Swords on Twitter (@oneofswords), worked in journalism for the longest time before taking a job working with Activision.  Still, he remembers his days fondly enough, as he put his experience into words to help guide young minds of tomorrow down the RIGHT path of journalism.  You know, the one that doesn't involve "blah blah".


Every year, video game companies go all out at one specific event – the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which takes place every year in Los Angeles around June.  Here, companies like to show off what lies ahead in the next twelve to fifteen months, big projects, small uprisings, little advancements to their hardware…that sort of thing.  We’ve been to a lot of shows now, and they’ve been impressive, but E3 2012 should be an even bigger year, thanks to what the companies are bringing.


It's been rumored for ages, and badly hidden after bits and pieces being revealed on the Internet, including a Target pre-sale tag and registered domain names.  But now it's no longer a secret -- Activision is working on Call of Duty: Black Ops II.  The game, under development at Treyarch, got its "official" unveil this evening during the NBA playoffs, and the trailer leaked online just a slight bit before that.  It paints a pretty bleak picture, taking place in the year 2026 and featuring a number of unmanned vehicles on patrol, which are soon overtaken by a silent enemy looking to wreak havoc.


Bryce Harper, the 19-year old top ranked baseball phenom, will make has long awaited major league debut today for the Washington Nationals against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodgers Stadium.  Harper, the top prospect in the majors as ranked by Baseball America the last two seasons, will play left field and bat seventh. Harper was called up from Class AAA Syracuse Friday after the injury bug hit Mike Morse and Ryan Zimmerman. We caught up with Bryce before the season to talk about his experience thus far as a professional and his love of video games in this exclusive video interview.


Throughout the history of video games, the oldest stereotype surrounding the industry has always been do violent video games affect player behavior and personality. It is a known fact that people who play games are exposed to more violence than the average consumer. From nuking entire civilization to obliterating players online, it’s has become more and more common now that games are more focus on squarely providing violent action. For this reason alone, parents have long held an underlining negative attitude towards the industry and those who stand by it, but is this criticism injustice or have developers gone to far? Should government step in?


If you look at it a certain way, Radical Entertainment’s Prototype is sort of an evolution from what they were trying to do with The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.  You’ve got a character that can destroy pretty much everything with superhuman powers, run up buildings and let loose with an uncontrollable sense of rage.  That said, the story was quite interesting, and the game did pretty well on its own merits.  Fast forward to two years later to the release of Prototype 2, and though some elements will feel familiar, there are a number of improvements that really make this feel like a huge step forward for the team.  You know, what a sequel needs to be.


As good a distraction as Transformers: Dark of the Moon was on Xbox 360 and PS3 last year, it just didn’t measure up to the monstrosity that came out a year before, the boldly original War For Cybertron.  Featuring a great new storyline, thrilling action and strong multiplayer, the game was a must for fans of Hasbro’s long-running franchise.  High Moon Studios recognizes this, and recently invited us down to Las Vegas to get a first glimpse at the upcoming sequel, Fall of Cybertron, which is introducing some bigger players into the picture – literally.

Last week marks the week of numerous boxes of chocolate being consumed, roses being delivered, and all of that lovey dovey stuff thanks to a little day called Valentine's Day. Surely, plenty of people are probably still feeling a bit hyper thanks to all of that sugar their loved one gave them as a gift. There could be no better timing for a new DLC map for Modern Warfare 3, giving people a chance to expend all of that excess energy learning a brand new map and making an example of other players.

With sequels, more often than not you see developers stick to the same old strategy.  But there are some who push for a change, like a new lead character or a storyline that expands on what the original provided.  Darksiders II, a game slated for release this summer, immediately comes to mind, and with that, so should Prototype 2, the follow-up to Activision’s crazy open-world action/adventure.  Radical Entertainment is just about ready to unleash this long awaited follow-up to the public, and we got a close look at what to expect.


You've seen the Super Bowl ad for the upcoming Battleship movie, right?  And while you may be looking through your classic board game to see where they added metallic robot balls that destroy ships with tentacles (let's save you some time -- they aren't there), the fact is the movie actually looks like decent summer escapism.  And if Liam Neeson says, "You sank my battleship!", consider us SOLD.  That said, Activision is teaming up with the developers at Double Helix on a new game based on the film.


Kim Dotcom, the founder and mastermind of the beleaguered file-sharing site Megaupload that was recently shut down by authorities, doesn't just face prison time and substantial fines for his alleged crimes, he has also lost his status as the world’s highest ranked player in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. With millions in the bank and a huge mansion from his illegal file sharing empire, Dotcom apparently had a lot of time on his hands and was playing a lot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 under the gamertag MEGARACER. Dotcom had earned the top spot in the first-person shooter video game late last year, according to MSNBC. With around 15 million players worldwide and over $1 billion in sales, Modern Warfare 3 is one of the best selling video games of all time.


Awhile back during Blizzard's Gamescom press conference, Josh Mosqueira said that Blizzard " Is very,very serious" about bringing the Diablo III experience to the console. Well it appears after months of delay, we are actually geting our wish.