It's no secret that Activision is working along with Treyarch on a new Call of Duty game for release later this year.  It's become a yearly franchise and, hey, it's made this much money for them, so why stop now?  The only question remains is just what game we can really expect.  Another classic shooter?  A Future Warfare title?  Well, according to a registered domain name that was recently taken, the title may have just gotten a little clearer -- Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.


RedOctane created quite a rock monster when it first debuted Guitar Hero for the PlayStation 2 a few years ago.  It's since become a hugely popular property for Activision, through the release of successful sequels and various downloadable content packs.  But amidst some sagging sales and legal problems, the company has temporarily shelved the series following the somewhat disappointing Warriors of Rock.  However, it looks like the Hero may be taking the stage again very soon.


Despite some problems with the Call of Duty Elite service, Activision is fully dedicated to its billion dollar baby, Modern Warfare 3.  In a recent announcement on the exclusive Elite program Roll Call, Robert Bowling, a long-time member of the Infinity Ward team, announced a release date that would not only kick off the run of downloadable content for the game, but also new features on Elite.


The Tony Hawk series has culminated over the years into something that's been sitting at the top of the extreme sports charts, thanks to the savvy programming at Neversoft.  However, over the last couple of years, the series has been on a downswing as of late, behind such poor motion-controlled efforts as Tony Hawk Ride and Tony Hawk Shred, leading Activision to temporarily shelf the series for the time being.  But according to the skateboarder himself, a return could be imminent.


I’m all for an aggressive NASCAR game.  Sure, the realism based ones are okay, but you have to be in the proper mood to go around hundreds of laps without feeding the urge to ram Tony Stewart into the wall.  So it made me happy to play NASCAR Unleashed on the 360 last month, with its simplistic arcade nature and its numerous options.  When I heard there was a version available for Nintendo 3DS, I was curious to see how it fared, imagining car parts flying at the screen in 3D and all sorts of havoc ensuing.  Well, I got the havoc part right, but not in the way I wanted.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been out for almost two weeks now, and numerous players are having all sorts of fun with multiplayer, tinkering with weapons and options to customize their experience.  But one of the things that's probably the most fun is the riot shield, an accessory that not only deflects (some) incoming fire, but also acts as a good offensive melee weapon.  And the folks at Clevver Games have come up with a way to tribute this all powerful device -- with Riot Shield Man!

Although these past few weeks have been jam-packed with a plethora of top-notch titles, the world has had their sights on two games in particular - Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. EA has made it their priority to do their best to top the highest grossing franchise of all time, and the fanbases of both franchises have been taking shots at each other, claiming their favorite game is the better. Now that both games have hit the shelves and virtual battlefields have been the littered with bullet shells and bodies, it's time to get to the nitty gritty and discuss which game takes the throne of the FPS release of the year. I'm going to look at Modern Warfare 3, and examine the 3 key components of the game - campaign, co-op, and mulitplayer - to show why I believe it is the better of the two.

A little while back, you might have read an article on called "Modern Warfare 3 On Wii: Is it Still Relevant?".  (You can read it at this link if you haven't seen it yet.)  We had to ask the question because most "hardcore" gamers tend to stick to their Xbox 360 and PS3 guns, leaving us wondering if the Wii version was important anymore.  We gave it the benefit of the doubt, but Activision sent us a copy to check out anyway, out of sheer curiosity.  And while you won't mistake it for one of the "higher-up" versions on the market, Treyarch is to be commended for not only remedying mistakes from previous Modern Warfare mistakes, but delivering on the goods in both single and multiplayer.


In a matter of a day and a half, we'll be getting our hands on the most highlight anticipated game of the year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.  Fans are already choosing their formats, mainly between Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, so they can frag with their friends.  One release that isn't getting the same amount of attention, though, is the Wii edition.  Yes, Modern Warfare 3 is coming to the Wii, and outside of a couple of small screenshots, we really haven't seen much from this version of the game.  Is it still relevant?  Well, surprisingly enough, yes, and we explain why.


ANAHEIM -- BlizzCon has come to a close but there were lots of new and exciting revealations revealed by Blizzard. On the Starcraft II front, Blizzard developers showed off more from the upcoming expansion Heart of the Swarm as well as new multiplayer units and a preview of Blizzard DOTA. We caught up with Starcraft II Production Designer Chris Sigaty as he gave us a preview in this exclusive video interview after the break.


ANAHEIM -- After the Costume Contest at BlizzCon, comedian Jay Mohr kept the hits coming with the Intel Dance Contest. 31 competitors took the stage with a lot of interesting (and sometimes embarrasing) interpretations of various dances like the Goblin. With names like orc, troll and dwarf, you know this is a BlizzCon dance contest. Check out Mohr introducing the winners with highlights of each winner's dances after the break.


ANAHEIM -- Blizzard held the popular NVIDIA Costume Contest on the main stage at BlzzCon. There were a lot of cool costumes but Avery Faith and her Starcraft II Adjutant costume took the big prize. Comedian Jay Mohn congratulated Faith on her amazing costume as well as the two runner-ups. Christopher White took second place with his Paladin with Ashbringer costume and Justin Floyd took third place with his Deathwing costume. Check out the video of the winners being revealed by Jay Mohr on stage in the video after the break.


ANAHEIM -- The Foo Fighters put a loud and vibrant conclusion to this year's version of Blizzard's annual fanfest BlizzCon last night. World of Warcraft fans were certainly rewarded with the new "Mists of Pandaria" expansion reveal. We caught up with Lead Quest Designer Dave Kosak to give is an exclusive preview of  what we can expect in the new expansion pack in this video interview after the break.