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EA has raised an absolutely tremendous amount in aid for Japan, following the devastation caused by a recent earthquake and tsunami. The $1 million in proceeds will be distributed via Red Cross, Mercy Corps, and AmeriCares. Learn how EA managed to raise this much money below.


In a post on Madden 12's official blog, creative director Ian Cummings has announced he is leaving EA sports to "seek opportunities elsewhere." After nearly eleven years with the company, he's decided to move on.


It's been six years since SSX 3, and Todd Batty thinks its time to bring SSX back. He's reinvented the franchise, drawing comparisons with his take on SSX to recent reboots such as JJ Abrams' Star Trek, or Nolan's The Dark Knight. He wants to stay true to what made the original games great, but innovate enough to bring in people who might not have played the older games.


This week, EA Sports' Peter Moore revealed that Madden NFL 12 would release August 30th, roughly two weeks past the usual release date for the iconic football franchise. However, some fans may in fact be relieved by this announcment.


We are coming to you live from SpikeTV's Video Game Awards 2009 in Los Angeles with host Jo Garcia, Playboy's 2008 Cybergirl of the Year. She's hot and our coverage will be hot so stay tuned here as we beam to you live video reports from the VGAs as we interview the top developers and, of course, celebrities on the Red Carpet, Backstage and in the Green Room. It all starts at 8pm Eastern Time.