Comic-Con 2011 is now officially over, but the show ended with a great deal of satisfaction.  And one of the outside events that fared similarly well with many goers took place over at 345 6th Street, the Sega Arcade.  Sega had a number of visitors drop by to check out several of its upcoming games, including Rise of Nightmares and several Sonic games.


With Comic-Con fast approaching (it practically starts in like three days), there's a lot of stuff happening in San Diego, including panels, game-related events (we're making a stop at the Sega Arcade for sure) and other special stuff, and we'll be attending as much as we can while trying to recover the morning after.  But if for some reason you can't get into the big show, relax -- there's something else happening that could easily soothe your nerdy appetite -- and that something is Nerd HQ 2011.

With Sonic celebrating his 20th anniversary this year, it's hard not to reminisce about some of our favorite Sonic the Hedgehog experiences over the years. Sonic Generations will be featuring several levels throughout Sonic's travels going all the way back to the very first game on the Sega Genesis. This game got me thinking about some of my favorite past levels in the franchise. So, I decided to make a list of my top 5 classic Sonic levels of all time, going all the way up to Sonic & Knuckles. These levels have been chosen for the levels themselves, and not the fights with Dr. Robotnik at the end.

Comic-Con will often feature a panel of video game music composers, talking about their work and having as much attention lavished upon them as actual game/comic book creators themselves do. In anticipation of that happening again this year, here's a few of the most memorable composers in game history, and why they deserve some serious praise...



Sometimes it's okay to give up. As much as television encourages us to never falter in the face of adversity, fighting on with all our strength, that's a bit unrealistic. There are battles you can win if you do your best, and there are battles where it's better to cut your losses and move on. In many ways, it feels as though Sega is facing the latter when it comes to courting fans of the original Sonic games.


It's no secret. The summer is the slowest time in the video game industry, seeing little to no major releases until everyone gets back from the beach. So with there being really nothing new coming out until the end of August, just how will you keep yourself busy? I've done a little bit research and found some quality games that will help fill the void, and all are within the $20 range! Also, these games may be ones you may have missed out on, so with the extra time you have in the summer, you have no reason not to try one of these out. 
With Sonic celebrating his 20th anniversary this year, Sega gives gamers the chance to do so with the release of Sonic Generations, a new game that will have him revisit several levels from his lengthy career. But while talking about some of our favorite levels from the Sonic the Hedgehog games, it's hard not to wax nostalgic on some of our other favorite Sega Genesis games. So while we're in the mood to reminisce about our favorite Genesis games, let's take a look at 5 games that really should be remade for this current generation.
As if Sonic's birthday couldn't have been a big blast as it is, rumors over what the full level list of Sonic Generations are popping up. A few people took some extra time to feed their curiosity over the new game by hacking into the demo's code to see what they could find. What they did manage to find were files inside the code named after several stages in the various Sonic the Hedgehog games, and are believed to be the levels we will see in Sonic Generations.
If you have the time today, go out and buy a birthday cake and light it up with 20 candles as Sonic the Hedgehog officially turns 20 today! It was just like yesterday he made his debut on the Sega Genesis, but time surely has flied by fast. But as opposed to you buying him a present, Sega gives gamers the gift as they officially announce the release of the Sonic Generations demo. However, it's available only for a limited time!
Sonic the Hedgehog will be turning 20 years old this year after making his debut on the Sega Genesis back in 1991. As Mario's #1 rival, Sonic has enjoyed quite a successful career on the Genesis, as well as other platforms further down the line. To celebrate the anniversary, Sega's gift to gamers is Sonic Generations, a game where Sonic travels back in time and speeds alongside his former self in some of Sonic's most memorable levels throughout his career. A few more screenshots have been released, showing off the remastered Green Hill Zone in all of its beauty.

Whether you're into shooters, horror action, or family fare, Sega was the booth that offered up all of that and more in their E3 booth this week.  And regardless of which platform you spend most of your game-playing time on, you were covered there as well: Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox, even PC were almost equally represented.

One of the biggest shoot 'em up games in the 90s was Desert Strike. What separated it from other shooters at the time was that as opposed to the screen constantly moving in one direction, you moved an Apache helicopter around a map to clear objectives. This formula, along with it being released during the Gulf War, helped it to be one of the best selling games of 1992. Renegade Ops looks to borrow from that formula, along with adding a few features of its own. In this exclusive video interview, Game Director Axel Lindberg talks about how explosive the action will be.
Sonic has been racing across many levels and taking down enemy robots for 20 years now, starting with the Sega Genesis and all the way up to the current consoles we have today. He has battled against the likes of Dr. Robotnik, also known as Dr. Eggman, numerous times, yet he always comes up with a new plan. However, Sonic will be facing a different enemy this time around in Sonic Generations. In this exclusive video interview, Partick Riley, Director of International Product Development, Sega of America, tells us about Sonic's revisiting of previous levels throughout his history.