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The idea behind E3 was to showcase the latest and brightest games of 2012, but there are always a few games that disappoint us. Some games on our list made serious changes to their formula, and not for the better. Other games took center stage at E3 when they shouldn’t have. There were many games at E3, but here is our top five list of disappointments.


The free-to-play market had a huge showing at E3 and was showcased at Sony’s Online Entertainment booth. Recently SOE converted all of its most popular MMOs into the model, giving new life to D.C Universe while reintroducing fans to the PlanetSide series.


Throughout the history of video games, the oldest stereotype surrounding the industry has always been do violent video games affect player behavior and personality. It is a known fact that people who play games are exposed to more violence than the average consumer. From nuking entire civilization to obliterating players online, it’s has become more and more common now that games are more focus on squarely providing violent action. For this reason alone, parents have long held an underlining negative attitude towards the industry and those who stand by it, but is this criticism injustice or have developers gone to far? Should government step in?

We're just about through with February and already, spring is in the air for many. While many relate that to warm weather and baseball, others look forward to Sony's Spring Fever program, rolling out some of Playstation's finest downloadable games for the year. This year in particular, all eyes are on Journey, a game whose beauty partially stems from its mysterious nature. To get gamers even more hyped for the game, the trophy list has been leaked for all to see.
With so many shooters that came out last year, it was hard for gamers to get their hands on them all without putting a decent dent in their wallet. Beyond the heated rivalry between the Battlefield and Call of Duty franchises, 2011 hosted other shooters such as the long-awaited Crysis 2 and THQ's Homefront. That year has passes, but one game has a neat trick up its sleeve to keep itself relevant in 2012, and that game is Killzone 3.
With E3 a few months away and the reveal of the Wii U last year, all eyes have been on Microsoft and Sony in anticipation that either one or both companies would reveal their next console some time soon. Numerous rumors have come up over the past year, speculating just what might be in store for the next generation. While another report hinting at a new Sony console may not be a surprise, one of the details regarding that just might be.

Every Tuesday, Sony brings its PlayStation faithful new content, add-ons for your favorite games, Themes and avatars for your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. Again another standard week of PSN goods you can get, but for the most part the main draw are going to be demos. Twisted Metal is finally going to hit store shelves and the fans of  the series will be eager to get their hands on the multiplayer demo now available.  


Every Tuesday, Sony brings its PlayStation faithful new content, add-ons for your favorite games, Themes and avatars for your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. Not the best week for new content for new content on the PSN. If you missed Duke Nukem Forever then here is your chance to get the king as he finally makes his debut on current gen consoles. Not the best game on the market, but worth a pick up if your Duke Nukem Fan.

When firing up your PS3, you have a few options at your disposal besides simply playing the game you have inserted into your system. You can shop for some downloadable titles or even give a demo a shot in the Playstation Store, you can watch a movie or 2 on Netflix, or you can simply surf the net for a little bit. Another option that you may not really have taken advantage of is Playstation Home. In a nutshell, Home is a large internet chat room of sorts where you can hang out with other PS3 gamers and play a few games with them. However, it isn't something that a large share of PS3 owners have taken advantage of. Sony looks to change that with some big changes that will take place this fall.

COLOGNE, Germany – GamerLive.TV and TwitchTV announced their tentative live video streaming schedule of their exclusive live video broadcast and stream of the large GamesCom 2011 German video game show. The live video stream will be available at and The latest schedule changes and updates will be available at Twitter on @GamerLiveTV.

The video game industry is starting to changes in the way it handles DLC, namely offering up packaged deals that can offer discounts such as the Rockstar Pass and the Mortal Kombat Season Pass. Sony is jumping on that bandwagon by offering the Playstation Network PLAY program, a group of 4 games that, upon purchase of all 4, will score you a free game in PAYDAY: The Heist, a game some have been raving about since its showing at E3. While getting a free game is always a good thing, the cost to get it seems a bit steep.
When it comes to 3D gaming, Sony is making a big push to be the leader in delivering a quality 3D experience to PS3 owners all over the world. At E3 this year, they announced a brand-new, 24" 3D TV to hit the stores and give people a 3D display at an affordable price of $499.99. I got a chance to see this display in action and can surely say that this new TV is quite the bargain, and still a really nice display even at a cheap price.