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GDC 2011: Red Dead Redemption and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Top Game Audio Network Guild Awards

Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Wins International 3D Society Lumiere Award for Best 3D Game

Nintendo’s Pokémon Black and White Version Invade New York City’s Rockefeller Center

GDC: THQ Homefront Balloon Stunt Causes Controversy with Environmentalists

GDC 2011: Epic Games' Gears of War 3 Beta Runs from April 18 Through May 15

GDC 2011: Electronic Arts’ Battlefield Play4Free Game Already a Hit with Gamers

GDC 2011: Nickelodeon Enters the MMO Games Space with Monkey Quest

Big Games of 2012: Radical Entertainment Offers New Details on Prototype 2 at GDC 2011

GDC 2011: Sony Slashes PSP Pricing in Anticipation of NGP Launch

GDC 2011: Kaos Studios Homefront Game Shatters THQ Pre-Order Records

GDC 2011: Game Developers Focus on New Baby Boomer Casual Gamers

GDC 2011: PrimeSense Announces OpenNI Developer Challenge Winners

EA Sports Lets Fans Pick NCAA Football 12 Cover Athlete

Star Wars Gets 3D Theatrical Release on February 12, 2012

GDC 2011: OnLive Goes Mobile with HTC Flyer Tablet

Big Games of 2011: DICE Returns to Modern Warfare with Battlefield 3

GDC 2011: Portal 2 Developer Valve Software Unveils Steam Guard

GDC 2011: EA Mobile Offers New Partnership for Independent Mobile and Social Game Developers

GDC 2011: Apple’s iPad 2 Matches NVIDIA Tegra 2 Tablets with Dual Core Technology

GDC 2011: Apple Introduces iOS 4.3 with New Gaming Capabilities for iPad 2 and iPhone 4

Apple iPad 2 Ships March 11 for $499 with New Gaming Features

GDC 2011: Sony Ericsson Adds Havok Support for Xperia Play Games

GDC 2011: Nintendo President Iwata Discusses the Past 25 Years of Game Development

GDC 2011: Activision Offers Call of Duty: Black Ops for Free on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network

GDC 2011: Sony to Offer PlayStation Move Gaming Technology to Universities and Research Labs this Spring

GDC 2011: Sony Ericsson Partners with Major League Gaming for Xperia Play Phone

GDC 2011: FIFA 10 Introduces Mobile Multiplayer on Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

GDC 2011: First Look at Star Battalion on Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

GDC 2011: Epic Games Demonstrates New Unreal Engine 3 Technology

GDC 2011: PlayPhone Social Platform Opens New Opportunity for Game Developers

GDC 2011: Sony’s PlayStation Home 1.5 to Introduce Real-Time Multiplayer

GDC 2011: Unity Game Engine Expands to Console and Android Devices

GDC 2011: 3DVIA Turns the Virtual World into a Stereoscopic 3D Experience

GDC 2011: New Congressional E-Tech Caucus Championing Positive Effects of Video Games

GDC 2011: Top Video Game Colleges Revealed for Aspiring Game Creators

GDC 2011: Blue Noodle Premiers New Video Game Ad-Bar Clickstrip

GDC 2011: OnLive Celebrates Independent Games with Massive Sale

GDC 2011: Lionhead Studios Peter Molyneux Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

GDC 2011: Independent Games Festival Celebrates Future Game Makers

GDC 2011: Valve Software Takes Gaming Beyond the PC Screen

GDC 2011: Tap Me Introduces First Mobile In-Game Advertising Platform

GDC 2011: Zynga Partners with Paramount for Rango FrontierVille Promotion

GDC 2011: Electronic Arts Partners with Bigpoint on Free4Play Games

GDC 2011: Gameloft Using Gears of War 3 Technology to Develop New Mobile Games

GDC 2011: Game Developers Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Annual Convention in San Francisco