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To celebrate the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection #2, Activision enlisted NBA stars Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks and Gordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz to go head to head in a Face Off Challenge, a special edition of the Call of Duty Grudge Match for ultimate bragging rights. Jennings and Hayward captained teams featuring development studio members, online personalities and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 fans in an intense battle before settling the final score in the all new Face Off. Hayward talks about the experience and his own gaming habits in this exclusive video interview below.


Sonic the Hedgehog has been around for years now, entertaining us with his platforming adventures on the Genesis before moving on to other platforms and, eventually, multi-system success on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  But the ride hasn’t always been the greatest with him, thanks to lackluster efforts since Sonic Unleashed (seriously…a Werehog) and the iffy next-gen debut of Sonic the Hedgehog, where he fell for a…human girl.  Ick.  Anyway, that said, he did have some great games over the years…so why not count down the best?


Say what you will about how much he's dragged his feet in the past with less-than-epic adventures, but Sonic is making a comeback for the better.  He's just come off a great new game with Sonic Generations, and later this year, he'll be hitting the open road yet again in the yet-to-be-confirmed Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing 2.  In between those two releases, he'll wrap up his Sonic the Hedgehog 4 saga with Episode 2, set to release next month for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.


A long time ago, before Rockstar Games got heavily involved with its Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption franchises, there was Max Payne, an Xbox/PC release that really shook things up both emotionally and with its action.  The story, focusing on a cop who loses his family and goes all out to destroy enemies that get in his way, is one of the better ones in the last decade of gaming, really digging deep on the rage boiling inside him – to the point he needs painkillers just to get through each battle.  After a decade, Rockstar has opted to bring the game to the iOS front, for both newer iPad and iPhone devices.  And while it’s quite the technical achievement, clumsy controls will leave you raging in a slightly different way.


When Orcs Must Die released last year for PC and Xbox Live Arcade, it introduced players to a solid mix of hack-and-slash action and strategy, as you had to prepare defenses for an invading swarm of goblins while also using any weapons you had on hand to cut them down to size.  The game turned out to be a big hit, but Robot was disappointed that, according to their press release, “only 3.4 billion orcs have been slaughtered to date”.  (Well, we’re SO sorry!)  With that, the company is moving forward with a sequel, which will be hitting PC this summer, and hopefully consoles soon after.


When Konami released Metal Gear Solid HD Collection over the holiday season, I was thrilled by the treatment they gave the classic games.  Sure, there was no sign of Metal Gear Solid, the game that started it all, but the other three – namely Peace Walker – were given the kind of respective revamping they truly deserved.  It made me excited for collections to come, particularly Zone of the Enders Collection, which is coming later this year.  In the meantime, here’s Silent Hill HD Collection, a game that brings back two of the more popular chapters in the series, redone for today’s gaming consoles.  While it’s sure to attract fans of survival horror, we can’t help but think that the scares are coming from the wrong place.


Jennifer Hale is a long time voice actress, who has appeared on more mediums than you probably thought. From voicing big roles like Commander Shepard in the “Mass Effect” series to voicing Naomi Hunter in the “Metal Gear” Solid franchise. Her voice has made multiple jumps to TV and movies playing such roles like Disney’s "Cinderella" and Cartoon Network's "Powerpuff Girls". I recently got the chance to ask her a few questions about her time with the “Mass Effect” series and what the future lies ahead for voice acting.


What is it with old-school arcade revivals this year?  First The Simpsons Arcade Game made a comeback on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, entertaining a whole new generation of gamers without the need to break out a roll of quarters.  Now THQ is hitting the wrestling ring with a remake of WWE Wrestlefest, a game that originally body slammed into arcades back in ’91 under Technos’ direction.  And just like it did back then, Wrestlefest promises to be button-mashing fun.


Sony has developed an acquired taste for remade high definition classics, hasn't it?  Tomb Raider, two God of War collections, Sly Cooper, Prince of Persia...and while we wait frenetically for the Ratchet and Clank collection (c'mon, make it happen), we have Naughty Dog's Jak and Daxter Collection to pass the time with.  And while a few of you may have missed out on the antics of this duo back on the PS2, there's no better time to catch up with them than the present.


If there's a company that has proven that old-school games do big business, it's Konami.  A few years back, it brought back the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game to Xbox Live, attracting a whole new crowd to the old-school beat-em-up antics, complete with online play.  And last year, it continued to capitalize on such success with the enjoyable X-Men: The Arcade Game.  Next week, it'll be back once more with the long-overdue -- and highly requested -- The Simpsons Arcade.  And yes, it's officially coming, at least from what Sony says.


In its early days, THQ was best known as a kids game maker working with brands from Nickelodeon and Disney based on Hollywood TV shows and movies. But the Hollywood licensing business has dried up with the higher costs of development and the advances of smartphones and tablets (where those licenses still thrive). THQ isn’t exiting the games business, as had been rumored a few weeks ago. Instead, the game company is exiting the kids games business in favor of successful franchises like Saints Row.


It's inevitable.  The game industry likes to thrive with new technology, whether it's a new handheld like the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, or a new hardware system that introduces an innovative new way to play.  With the Wii U ramping up for release this year, both Microsoft and Sony are thinking hard about their next systems, and today we've run across rumors of what the big "M" will have in mind for its hardware.  Our only concern is that they might be rushing things...


Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden III is just about ready to make a killing this spring, with Ryu Hayabusa returning to do what he does best -- slice bad guys into sashimi.  To commemorate the upcoming game, Tecmo Koei has announced that it will be making a special collector's edition being offered exclusively through Gamestop, jam-packed with fresh ninja goodness...and a Dead Or Alive surprise.


The bitter break-up between Rock Band developer Harmonix and the game's publishing arm at Viacom has been a messy one.  Following the somewhat expensive development of The Beatles Rock Band (due to licensing) and the release of Rock Band 3, Viacom unceremoniously dumped the developer, who purchased themselves back for $50.  Ever since, the companies have been battling back and forth over payments due over the series' release and royalties.  But it looks like the final decision could be leaning in Harmonix's favor...


When it came out earlier this year, DiRT 3 really defined what rally racing in video games should be all about.  Chock full of dozens of events, online interaction and some of the best presentation ever packed into a driving game, it really did quite well for Codemasters.  So, of course, the company is looking to capitalize with yet another entry in the series.  But DiRT 4 this ain't -- it's time for a showdown.


Zen Studios has been on a roll in 2011, with the release of several pinball tables for both Zen Pinball and Pinball FX 2, namely the Marvel Pinball tables.  But this holiday season, it's continuing to build on its reputation by releasing a quartet of new tables.  Coming next week, Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue will give you four more reasons to flip out -- and for moderately cheap.


Anyone remember the old days of role-playing games?  We’re talking about the classic PS1 era where the likes of Square Soft and other developers made some truly remarkable stuff.  Well, if you do, you might recall a company called Working Designs, who worked their magic on a number of Japanese favorites, localizing them with their own special flavor.  Well, good news.  Even though the company’s long gone, one of their better products lives on as a PlayStation Network download, courtesy of MonkeyPaw Games.


PlayStation imports are a gamble sometimes.  On one end, you have such awesome releases as Capcom’s Mega Man games or the underrated futuristic brawler Cyberbots.  On the other, you have the man-centric shooter Cho Aniki (seriously, too many thongs) and some weird-ass cooking game.  But once in a while, you get a game that actually serves a purpose.  Dezaemon Kids! does just that, not only giving you a variety of shoot-em-ups to try, but also the ability to create your own.


Sony has become known as of late to release a series of high-definition collections for the PlayStation 3, including a pair of God of War games and the Sly Cooper games, as well as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.  Well, chalk up three more PS2 favorites that are coming to the system this February, as the company has officially announced that Jak and Daxter Collection is on the way.


When Konami released Zombie Apocalypse for download a couple of years ago, it brought forth an interesting – if somewhat limited – arena shooting game where the goal was to stay alive while battling hordes of the undead.  The sequel, Never Die Alone, expands on that with bigger areas and some personality-laden characters, benefiting as a result – even if it is still limited in the long run.


Valve Software has always been a company with some great ideas under its belt.  And yeah, even though it can't quite count to three yet on its most beloved franchise, Half-Life, there's no question that Portal 2 is a contender for Game of the Year.  Well, it's about to get even better, as the company has announced a robust new addition to its sequel set for release early next year -- one that'll involve the community even more than ever before.