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Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is the video game your grandmother hates. A weird postmodern jumble of gratuitous gore, gaudy colors and vulgar creatures. Here a robot-legged panda will shoot at you with bouncing tic-tac-shaped lasers, as elsewhere a huge Spartan-masked scorpion spews waves of neon-bordered playing cards from its stinger. In this 2D platformer, your victims—98 more abominations like the ones above—must pay the price for having enjoyed humiliating photos of you in the bathtub. Anything goes.


I just want to say, I’m totally behind the idea of there being more adventure games. Even though Deponia on PC is an older game just now being translated into english, it’s still cool that the genre still has some life left in it.


The Book of Unwritten Tales is a classic click and play game in the line of Monkey Island or the Baphomet series, very witty and with a great sense of adventure. Developed by King Art and published by Nordic Games, the game hits a category that produced many great titles but that is well known for some pretty disastrous publications. So which of the two is the book of unwritten falling into?


I wanted to review Dust: An Elysian Tail because it looked beautiful. That and because, being part of XBLA's Summer of Arcade, the game had a chance at joining the revered company of titles like Braid, LIMBO, and Bastion.


Welcome back to your favorite Steam Summer Sale updates and recommendations. In personal news, I just got an email from my aunt saying she sent me a Gamestop gift certificate for my birthday, which is on Monday. I mean literally, she couldn’t have picked a worse time, right as the Steam Summer Sale has gotten started. Oh well, maybe I’ll get a bit of cash to help out the cause. Anyway, today is Saturday, so let’s look at some of today’s deals and bundles that you should take advantage of…


It’s the event that PC gamers have been waiting for since school ended. What all their hard months of working and saving up money have been for. It’s like Mardi Gras and Black Friday combined into one. The happiest ten days of the summer to anyone with a Steam account: the Steam Summer Sale. But with so many options and deals to choose from, how do you decide? Well, while many more deals are sure to come over the next ten days, if you want to start taking advantage of the savings right away, here are my recommendations.


Dead Space has horrified audiences since it first started in 2008. You played as Isaac Clark, a ship systems engineer on titan station when all hell breaks lose. Setting the tone for the series is the soundtrack done by Jason Graves. Graves score in the series is chilling and often leaves players on the edge of their seat. In Dead Space 2, he used a wide range of instruments to horrify the player. Screeching violins, vibrant ambient noises and roaring electric guitars always kept the game fresh as you continued to fight against necromorphs. but do fans notice? Do people look at soundtracks as a whole or as background noise?


Timothy Michael Wynn has scored music in the video game industry since 2005. He has worked on known game franchises like Command & Conquer, Warhawk and Red Faction. You might have heard his work on CW’s Supernatural. His best work was in Warhawk as gave its vibrant atmosphere that suit it’s military theme. It’s Wynn’s behind the scenes work that helped make the game stand out from the rest, but do fans notice? Do people look at soundtracks as a whole or as background noise?


Over the years, we’ve gotten used to understanding what a Fable game is supposed to be like.  Under the guise of Peter Molyneux and his team at Lionhead Studios, we’ve played through three games, all of which featured memorable quests, with different decisions to make and the ability to control your fate however you chose.  By Fable III, however, the formula was getting a little dry, so Microsoft began looking for ideas on how to expand it.  And one of those ideas was the previously announced Fable: The Journey, an exclusive project for Xbox 360’s Kinect device.


With war, no answers come easy.  An enemy’s motives may not be what you think, as he or she may merely be protecting their family; but on the other hand, someone’s decision could be fueled by the fact that something’s just not right.  With Spec Ops: The Line, the long-awaited third-person action shooter from 2K Games and Yager, this feeling really seeps in as you, Captain Walker, and your fellow team members investigate goings-on in Dubai, trying to locate Colonel John Konrad and his fellow members of the 33rd U.S. Battalion.


Early this year, Bioware’s Mass Effect saga came to five year run. Rest aside the ending; the series is one of the most complete trilogies in video game history. There are two aspects that Mass Effect nails perfectly. The series was first to interweave choices all the way through the third and final installment captivating fans from start to finish. However, you can’t tell a great story if you forget to create the atmosphere for your game to breath in. The music in the game really doses shape Commander Shepard with it having one of the best scores in gaming, but do people notice? Do people look at soundtracks as a whole or as background noise?


The Metal Gear Solid franchise has always been known for creating a captivating atmosphere that originated in Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes. At that time Hideo Kojima development work was the hallmark of game design and video game storytelling. But much has changed since then and with Snake’s storyline wrapped up in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, it's time for the series to move in a new direction. They’re for, a new development team and a new main focus is the story behind Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.


Earlier today, Ubisoft announced that one of the premier video games franchises in the industry will soon be making it’s way to the PlayStation Vita. Assassin’s Creed III Liberation will be released on October 30 exclusively on the PlayStation Vita.


One of the biggest first day E3 surprises was Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Black List.  It has been two years since we last time saw the stealth hero legend, but much has changed since then and the hero has appeared to adapt a more modern stealth.


Releasing an open-world adventure game these days is a pretty risky move, not only because you need to have the right amount of content to make it worthwhile, but also because of the competition.  Skyrim has been ruling the online realm for months, despite PlayStation 3 problems; The Witcher 2 introduced a captivating tale in its own right; and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning certainly isn’t a slouch.  Undaunted, Capcom has decided to release Dragon’s Dogma anyway, and though it’s hardly a trouble-free experience, adventurers will love what it has to offer.


When I first played Gravity Rush last year at E3, I saw how it stood out in the PlayStation Vita line-up at the time, with its exquisite art style and its innovative gameplay style.  But then I thought…”What if they ‘gimmick’ this and make it more about the features of the game than the game itself?”  And doubt began to sank in.  But, as I usually get these days with game developers, Sony Japan Studio pulled a 180 on me and actually made Gravity Rush one of the more entertaining Vita efforts to date.  Gotta love surprises.


The IOS market has been around for roughly six years and has helped revolutionize everything tech related from movies, music and games. It has given artist and developers a new platform to communicate and speak directly to audience and that’s exactly what Aoineko Studios is doing.


Recently, I was lucky to partake in the very first Guild Wars 2 beta and what a thrill it was. I haven’t played the franchise before, but all I have heard were great things and it’s one of the most risking IP’s on the market. Unlike most MMO’s, Guild Wars isn’t a subscription service and depends solely on in game player purchase. Besides the subscription model, the development team at NCSOFT is making a number of key changes to the MMO format that makes it immediately intriguing.


Sony’s push for independent games continues to be a pretty solid one, with the likes of Shawn McGrath’s Dyad, the innovative Papo & Yo and several others coming to the PlayStation Network over the next few months.  But one that slipped under the radar for some time – and is just now resurfacing – is The Unfinished Swan.  First started as an independent project under the guidance of Ian Dallas in 2008, the game has since grown into a huge exclusive for the Sony camp.  Recently, the company, along with Ian’s team at Giant Sparrow, invited us to get a first look at the game, leading into the huge showing it’ll be getting at E3 next month.


There are some genres where the Xbox 360 doesn’t quite match the PlayStation 3.  In this particular case, it’s brutal action.  Sure, it’s got Gears of War 3, but the console is sorely lacking a competitor that can keep up with Sony’s own God of War franchise.  Sure, Dante’s Inferno came pretty damn close, but the religious overtones stopped hardcore gamers from fully enjoying that one.  Now Climax Studios gives the genre a try with a digital downloadable title called Bloodforge, and while there’s plenty to hack and slash, there’s very little purpose to keep you from doing it for hours on end.


When The Witcher 2 came out for PC last year, gamers everywhere were entranced with its open-ended world, hours full of quests and decisions that would eventually shape the fate of Geralt of Rivia, the main hero (or anti-hero) of the game.  So when we heard that WB Games was interested in porting the game to Xbox 360, we were intrigued, while at the same time concerned, considering that most PC-to-console ports didn’t meet with that much success.  However, leave it to CD Projekt RED, the original game’s developer, to not only step up to the task, but exceed it, giving the Xbox 360 one of its better adventure games since Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amalur.  And that’s saying something.