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For those of you who just can't get into console gaming and could care less about owning a handheld system, there is an alternative solution -- your computer.  And no, we don't mean buying games that would run on your hardware.  We mean ones that are actually built into a browser or, better yet, a website.  And it seems like Facebook is getting stronger than ever when it comes to demonstrating this business tactic.

When some of the more compact cell phones came out in the late 1990s, they all came packed with games like Snake, but most people never really thought anything of them. With the advent of smartphones such as the iPhone, mobile gaming has become the latest craze. It slowly gained momentum as the iPhone became more popular, and now has reached an all-time high thanks to games like Angry Birds. If one wanted to make an easy profit, it would make sense that developing a game on this platform can bring in some nice profits. However, Satoru Iwata recently stated that Nintendo will not be joining the party and instead focus on console-based gaming.