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If you owned a PlayStation back in “the day” and played shooters a lot around that time, you might remember a top-down 3D entry called Raystorm, brought to US shores by Working Designs and its shooter label, Spaz Games.  It was quite a brilliant offering at the time, packed with great music, colorful visuals and challenging shooting action.  The game recently underwent a resurgence on Xbox Live Arcade as Raystorm HD, with excellent results, and now it’s made its way to the App Store, following the release of Rayforce earlier this year.  This game fares much better, and is a must for anyone who’s hardcore about mobile shooters.


After playing through the somewhat lackluster Circus Atari (which, by the way, doesn’t represent the classic 80’s game at all, nor feature it as an unlockable), we had high hopes that Atari would somehow bounce back with its latest iPad/iOS remake.  And lo and behold, here’s Centipede Origins, a fun new take on the 80’s classic.  Even though the company still hasn’t found a way to incorporate the original trackball gameplay into the game, Origins still has plenty to offer – and for a buck at that.


Atari has been digging into its classic catalog as of late for a new generation of games.  A few months back, it brought out the entertaining Asteroids Gunner, a twist on its rock-shooting classic from the 80’s.  And just recently, it broke out the old ball-and-paddle for Breakout Boost, complete with new modes and features.  Now another classic gets a remake, and this time it’s Circus Atari.  A game that originally started out on the Atari 2600 as a humorous collaborative effort, where you had to balance two people on a bouncing see-saw as they collected balloons, it has since been turned into a variation of Doodle Jump for the iPad.  While that’s bound to entertain a few folks, I can’t help but think what might’ve been had Atari taken the development in a different direction.


“Twitch” puzzle games have really been getting better over the years, and one series in particular that has managed to flourish is MumboJumbo’s Luxor franchise.  What started as just another marble shooting game has since grown into a staple for the publisher, thanks to addictive gameplay, ever-changing stages and new gimmicks to keep players drawn in.  And now the team may have stumbled upon its most brilliant entry to date with the retro-powered Luxor Evolved HD.


Is there anything Twisted Pixel can't do?  After wowing Kinect players last year with The Gunstringer, the company followed up its original platforming game Splosion Man with an even better sequel, Ms. Splosion Man, featuring a variety of new levels, a trailblazing, chattering new heroine, and plenty of bonus items.  It remains an Xbox Live hit to this very day, but now the publisher is looking to bring the game to an all new front -- the App Store.


Rovio could probably sit around and talk for hours on end about how much cash they’ve raked in with their Angry Birds franchise.  Between the games, the stuffed toys, the upcoming movie, the advertising tie-ins, the candy…yes, there’s Angry Birds candy…there’s literally no end to this cash cow.  But that doesn’t mean the team has forgotten how to make the games special.  And on March 22, it takes the next logical step in the series, by launching the Angry Birds into…well, outer space.


Remember the old Midway Arcade Treasures releases?  Or for that matter, Midway’s Greatest Hits on the PS One?  I sure do.  I spent hours on end reliving the games of my youth thanks to these compilations, and I couldn’t get enough of them.  But ever since the company was scuttled a couple of years ago, I always wondered if they would come back in some form.  And while I would’ve preferred a release on a console over an iOS-enabled device, I’ll definitely take what I can get from Midway Arcade.  This is a collection of arcade bliss that everyone should experience.


Back in 1991, we didn’t worry about playing networkable games or developing strategies for first-person shooter battles.  Gaming was much simpler, a matter of just having fun with the likes of the SNES or, better yet, going to an arcade like Aladdin’s Castle to have a good time.  It’s here I first discovered Technos’ WWF Wrestlefest, a game that featured the likes of Hulk Hogan and the Legion of Doom battling in simple yet entertaining 2D action.  Now, 21 years (and several arcade closures) later, the Wrestlefest label lives on, thanks to a new App Store release from THQ.



Wow, it’s amazing how just now the folks at Cave have become a household name when it comes to quality games.  This development team has been around for years, crafting the kind of “bullet hell” shooters that fans simply can’t get enough of.  Oh, well, take whatever fame you can get, I always say.  And that level of fame continues with yet another release from its extensive shoot-em-up – or “shmup” – collection with Dodonpachi Blissful Death, which acts as a prequel to the previously released Dodonpachi Resurrection.



It's a novel idea that's really catching on in the App Store -- re-releasing old-school arcade games as part of a collection, then offering potential buyers the option to choose what games they want to keep.  Capcom's done it, Atari has done it, and Farsight is working on it with its Pinball Arcade (which we previewed).  But we're surprised that Namco has taken so long to warm up to the idea, especially with its countless Museum releases.  Well, it finally came through with Namco Arcade, a game that has the "try before you buy" method with a few of its offerings.  So why does it feel like it wasn't fully thought out?


When UTV Ignition introduced Quarrel to the App Store a few months back, it brought a successful -- and somewhat addictive -- mix of Risk and Scrabble, with folks putting together words in a limited amount of time and dominating pieces of a map to eventually overcome their opponent.  Pleased with how the game turned out, they then opted to introduce it to a different market, this time on Xbox Live Marketplace.  And the war of words continues to play out as expected, despite some hitches.


It's great to see that a lot of our classic favorites from yesteryear are finding a new life on the digital front, through App Store downloads for the iPad and iPhone.  We've already experienced such games as the Dragon's Lair series, Atari's Greatest Hits, and others, and Taito has been contributing with its own fair share of classics.  Their latest brings back the old Sega Saturn shooter Galactic Attack, also known overseas and in the App Store as Rayforce.  It brings back a much-needed dose of old school to the market...though it does so at a tremendous price.


Last month, Atari came roaring back to the iOS scene with the superb revitalization of an 80's favorite, Asteroids Gunner.  Blending the fly-and-shoot tactics of the original with plenty of innovative new elements, it became one of our favorite apps for the fall season.  Now the company is at it again, bringing the classic ball and paddle game Breakout Boost to the App Store.  Can lightning strike twice?


When it debuted for the PlayStation Network a couple of years back, Zen Pinball introduced a great service to pinball fans everywhere, as well as casual players.  It also showed that Zen Studios hasn't lost its touch when it comes to making great pinball games, which they still prove today with new Marvel-licensed and regular tables for both Zen and Pinball FX 2 on Xbox Live Arcade.  Now they've taken their flipping act to the mobile front, as Zen Pinball makes its debut on the App Store for iPad and iPhone.


When developers put some effort into making an iPad game, some try to pull out all the stops and replicate the same kind of experience you’d get from a game console.  The Apple tablet is a respectable game machine, after all, especially if you’re playing something along the lines of Dead Space or the awesome Infinity Blade.  But sometimes you can try to pile on too much, and as a result, it mars the experience.  That’s exactly what happens with 2K Sports’ NBA 2K12.  The company shoots for a quality simulation, right up there with the console versions, but it comes up short in key areas.  It’s like the thrill of seeing someone go for a fast break and then miff the dunk at the end.


SAN FRANCISCO -- With Steve Job’s and Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 4 and its new 960 x 640 high resolution IPS touchscreen display, the iPhone 4 has four times more pixels than the iPhone 3GS and is approaching desktop PC screen resolutions. With a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, the iPhone 4 offers more than twice the pixel density of the iPhone 3GS and has about 60% more pixels than its nearest Google Android competitor, the just released EVO 4G from Sprint. Apple calls it a “Retina Display” because, at that pixel density, Apple claims it is beyond the human eye’s limit of distinction. Which begs the real question, is the iPhone 4 ready for true gaming?


SAN FRANCISCO, California – After a lot of hype, Steve Jobs officially introduced the iPad today at its "Latest Creation" event here in San Francisco with a price point starting at $499. Calling Apple a mobile company and the new iPad the middle product between the iPhone and the MacBook in its mobile lineup, Steve Jobs showed off the iPad with what looked like a modified iPhone interface that was adapted for the bigger iPad screen.