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Remember back in the 80's and 90's, when game makers were trying to throw in images of hot women to entice you to buy their product, rather than relying on the strength of the games themselves?  The classic Sega Saturn "naked lady" ad comes to mind, with her most oglesome parts covered by screenshots from Sega games.  Well, Namco seems to remember those days well, as its latest ad for Soul Calibur V seems to point out something a little too obvious -- there are boobs in the game.


Hot on the heels of our speculation article wondering what services would be available for it, Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb revealed the first official details on the streaming TV channels that would be coming to Xbox Live as part of next month's dashboard update.  And though the services may not be to everyone's liking (like ESPN), there's still plenty here to watch.


Back in May, Rockstar Games released L.A. Noire, an intriguing 1940's detective game that featured its fair share of action and driving, along with intriguing interrogations that kept the player on their toes as they attempted to solve each case.  The game turned out to be a successful release, but its popularity was overshadowed by the drama revolving around its developer, Team Bondi.  Accusations, bad business decisions and other controversy stemmed from the company, leaving Rockstar to sever its ties with the team.  Now it's pretty much over, with someone buying the rights -- and hiring the employees -- on its own terms.