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By day, Sean Smith was a Foreign Service information management officer who had served in Iraq, South Africa, Canada and the Netherlands. At home, Smith was a husband and father of two. But in the virtual world, Smith was "Vile Rat" in the online universe of the computer game EVE Online.


Tower strategy games aren’t usually my thing.  There, I’ll say it.  I’m more of a hands-on sort of guy, taking command of a unit and delivering damage rather than issuing a command for someone to do it in a turn-based approach.  However, some people really get into this genre, so, for the sake of argument, I thought I’d give Anomaly: Warzone Earth from 11 Bit Studios a fair shot, especially considering the game fared rather well on the iOS market before transitioning to Xbox Live Arcade.  And you know what?  While my general feeling about the genre remains about the same, this game made me want to play longer than I anticipated.