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In an effort to keep up with Call of Duty and its Elite service, EA has shifted Battlefield 3 in a whole new paid-content direction with the announcement of a Premium service, one that offers map packs and various weapon and XP boosts for around $50.  A decent price, but one that’s really set aside for the dedicated fans.  They’re out there, as the pack has sold 800,000 units so far, and climbing.  The first real map pack to come with the service, Close Quarters, offers some extensive combat situations that will test even the most frivolous of players.  However, the way it does it may not be what most Battlefield fans are used to.


Since its release last year, Battlefield 3 has been gaining quite a community of driven first-person shooting fans, thanks to its realistic shooting action and intense situations.  However, said community hasn’t been crazy about the fact that the game has only seen one true expansion so far, the Back To Karkand pack.  Well, Electronic Arts resolved this last night at an event here in San Francisco, announcing not one but three new expansion packs that will help bolster the first-person shooter’s longevity.


And you thought 2011 was the year of the sequel.  Well, get ready for another round, because 2012 is already going to bring several new entries in familiar series, including Transformers, Spider-Man, Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed.  And now, thanks to the UK retailer GAME, it looks like two more are on the way from Electronic Arts.


2011 brought plenty of gaming triumphs, but it also brought a few headaches along for the ride, naggling issues that were a bit hard to get over.  As a service to our readers, we've decided to present a list of things that we could do without in video games for 2012.  It's not too late for game companies to get a jump-start on these ideas, which would easily make their products way better.


For every "best of" 2011 list that is out there, there's an equally atrocious "worst of" list.  We've already run down the movies that really stunk this year, and now it's the game industry's turn.  And while we were a bit surprised that neither Brink nor Duke Nukem Forever made the list, there was still plenty of stink to go around.  So, without further ado, here are the ten games that really blew chunks...


For the past few weeks, I’ve been going on for a bit about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, while occasionally taking jabs at Battlefield 3.  Yeah, EA’s press treatment hasn’t been the most favorable regarding this game (they basically denied some smaller outlets, even the ones they invited to events) while Activision has taken care of anyone and everyone with their product.  But when we get down to the good and gritty, the games should take primary focus.  So, with that, I took some devoted time to sit down with Battlefield 3 to see how it turned out.  And despite a few hiccups, it’s a mighty war machine.


So there's no question that the Modern Warfare 3-favored article I wrote yesterday turned a few heads -- and angered a few fanboys.  A lot of people felt that what I posted wasn't "the work of a journalist" (that one had me snickering) and that Battlefield would weather the storm.  Well, surprise, guys, today we have a few reasons why Battlefield could, in fact, weather the storm and turn out to be a pretty good shooter when it releases this week.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is still just over two weeks from release, but it's already considered one of the most highly anticipated games this holiday season -- even if EA's trying to steal a little bit of that thunder with Battlefield 3.  But Activision's making all the right decisions on this game, and we explain why it's going to be an unstoppable juggernaut once November 8th rolls around...


Electronic Arts raised a lot of questions over the past couple of days when they explained how the game would require an install to a game system's hard drive in order to get high-definition visuals.  Now some information has surfaced on said install, and what kind of space will be required.  But the questions?  They still remain.


Amidst news of a buggy beta and even journalists running into their fair share of glitches, I went into my hands-on with Battlefield 3's multiplayer, featuring the Grand Bazaar and Operation Firestorm maps, unsure of what to expect. I had to wonder if it was as bad as the naysayers were making it out to be? Once I saw for myself, I was pleased to find my worries were completely unfounded.


Gears of War 3 has been a tremendous hit for both Microsoft and Epic Games since its launch last month, racking up three million units sold, with plenty more to follow over the holiday season.  The epic trilogy conclusion was also a big hit with critics, who called it one of the most beautiful Xbox 360 gaming experiences out there.  And now, just in time for the holiday push, it's getting its first batch of downloadable content.  And we're more than ready for it.


It's only been two days since the Battlefield 3 beta went public for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and players everywhere are rushing to download it and see what EA's proposed "Modern Warfare" killer has to offer.  So far, the feedback hasn't been the greatest, with users reporting a number of problems in-game, mainly with bugs, glitches and being unable to join games.  Will this possibly reflect on the final product?


When Dead Space 2 came out earlier this year, we were amazed by Visceral Games' progress on the franchise, with haunting environments and plenty of shocking surprises awaiting us.  We knew that Isaac Clarke's adventure would (eventually) continue, but now it looks like it's confirmed, as an IGN report indicates that Dead Space 3 is happening.


We're less than two months away from the release of Electronic Arts' intense first person shooter Battlefield 3, and the excitement for the game is absolutely electric.  Now it's just a question of which version you want to buy -- PS3, PC or Xbox 360.  Well, if you're going the Xbox route, you've got quite a pick on your hands, but there's one thing you might want to know about first when it comes to the game's formatting...


Despite Activision's attempts to call a cease fire, the war of words between Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 continues on, with the developers pushing the envelope to make their war effort the better one this holiday season.  This time around, though, EA made a bold statement indicating that the Call of Duty series in general may not have much of a future.  But is that the case?


Battlefield 3 is definitely a highly anticipated game.  The GamesCom crew recently voted it as the Best In Show, and fans lined up to get their hands on it and go to war with their fellow players.  However, not everyone is crazy about the game, as a modding site recently posted a story indicating that the game was frying PC's and not running up to full optimization.  Suuuuure...


There's no shortage of amazing footage coming out of GamesCom this week, between the new trailers for such games as Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic and other upcoming games.  Not to be forgotten is Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Revelations, the final chapter in the current story arc involving Ezio Auditore da Firenze.  To leave gamers enticed and wanting more, the company has revealed nine minutes of new footage from the game's single player campaign, featuring both Ezio and the original Assassin's Creed hero, Altair, in action.


GamesCom 2011 is just about through with its first day, and already we've gotten a slew of new information, surprises (price drop for PS3, anyone?), and all kinds of game footage to make us drool like crazy over the next few months in anticipation.  But two new video releases stand out as highlights, both coming from top-tier publishers and featuring the kind of effort that could turn millions of heads of video gamers.  The only question now is -- if you only had to choose one, what would it be?


COLOGNE, Germany - With the big GamesCom 2011 video game show right around the corner, Electronic Arts is promising some exciting announcements and reveals at the huge German show. With over 254,000 attending last year and more expected this year, GamesCom is shaping up to be a big show for big announcements from all the big game companies and console manufactures. GamerLive.TV will be broadcasting the Electronic Art's press conference as well Sony's press conference and much more from the floor of the show live at so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out what Electronic Arts has up its sleeves below.

When Call of Duty: Black Ops hit the market last year, sales numbers hit amazingly high numbers, totalling over $1 billion in sales worldwide. However, there wasn't much competition against it in the world of first-person shooters because Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was released 8 months prior to Black Ops. Now that Battlefield 3 is right up against Modern Warfare 3 by being only two weeks apart in release, you would think that it would slow Call of Duty's momentum down even just the slightest bit. However, CEO of Activision Bobby Kotick likes to think otherwise.
Without a doubt, one of the biggest games people are looking forward to this year is Battlefield 3. Lots of gamers are beginning to grow tired of the Call of Duty franchise and are looking for a new experience. At E3, John Riccitiello made it known that he wanted Battlefield 3 to directly compete with Modern Warfare 3, so the release date was set so that Battlefield 3 comes out merely two weeks before its rival. But just how well does Battlefield 3 hold up to the competition? I recently got the chance to play it and can say that it plays just like any Battlefield title should.

The new DLC for Dragon Age 2, Legacy, has caused the game to be booted from the Steam store. This is merely the latest in a constant battle Valve and EA seem to be involved in since EA started its new digital download service, Origin.  It's a battle that sees no signs of ending any time soon, and who will win is still up in the air. For more info, read on.


We've seen some gutsy moves when it comes to promotion, but Electronic Arts is really stepping up.  Over the past few weeks, the company has been pushing Battlefield 3 something fierce, which has led to a boost in pre-orders -- even beyond its greatest competition, the supposedly unstoppable Modern Warfare 3.  But today, we saw a bold move that we didn't even see coming -- a website redirection that has no doubt left a few at Activision feeling a cold burn.

Yesterday, I took a look at the rivalry that's brewing between Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 this holiday season. After shots have been fired at Call of Duty by John Riccitiello, I commented on 4 things that Modern Warfare 3 needs to do to come out on top this year. But what about Battlefield 3? Many gamers are beginning to grow a little tired of the Call of Duty franchise, mainly because each title offers the same gameplay each time. So with people looking for something different for a change of pace, here are 4 things Battlefield 3 must do to dethrone the Call of Duty franchise.