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The buzz for the upcoming Street Fighter x Tekken crossover brawler continues to grow, as the game slowly but surely moves towards its March release.  But it's looking more and more like the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions are the ones to have, thanks to the inclusion of a few exclusive characters.  We already knew about Cole McGrath from the Infamous series before, but tonight, Capcom confirmed two more legendary characters who are joining the party...


We're only a couple of months away from the release of Capcom's latest crossover fighting game, one that combines two iconic franchises for the first time since the company teamed up with SNK many years ago.  This time around, the team's working closely with those over at Namco to mesh the worlds of Street Fighter and Tekken together.  The game's bound to be a hit on consoles, but one version you might not expect to be such a hot commodity is the one coming for the PlayStation Vita handheld.  We're here to tell you why it shouldn't be missed.


Sony's gearing up for a strong 2012 season, between the upcoming Twisted Metal and Starhawk, the rumored God of War IV, and now a new project that's looking more like an actuality with each new day.  The project is called Title Fight, and it looks to be Sony's equivalent of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros., with several familiar characters duking it out for supremacy.


As part of its jam-packed press conference this morning from Cologne, Germany, Sony unveiled a new downloadable chapter for its action/adventure Infamous 2, being produced by Sucker Punch.  The DLC is titled Festival of Blood, and it features Cole McGrath in a whole new dark setting that you probably wouldn't have expected before.  Oh, yeah, and he's a vampire.  But is it overkill?

The world of fighting games have become quite familiar with two franchises battling it out for supremacy in one game. We have seen many different iterations of this from X-Men Vs. Street Fighter to Capcom Vs. SNK, and all of these games have done pretty well for themselves. It would come as no surprise that eventually Street Fighter and Tekken would cross paths at some point, and they will some time next year in Street Fighter X Tekken (pronounced Street Fighter cross Tekken). Here are a few screens to give you an idea of what to expect from the upcoming fighting game.
Sucker Punch Productions became one of the well-known production houses with the work they did on the Sly Cooper series for the PS2. After receiving numerous awards for the series, Sucker Punch took the leap onto the PS3, except they brought someone else with them. That person was Cole McGrath in inFAMOUS. With a solid first title telling the tale of a man who suddenly gains new powers at the cost of innocent lives, it was only right to expect a sequel to build off of inFAMOUS's success. Does inFAMOUS 2 ride the lightning, or has the storm passed over the franchise?
Sometimes you may find yourself taking on a task that is too big to handle on your own. Lots of superheroes go through the same thing. It's situations like these where you call in for a sidekick. Almost immediately, you would think that Robin would be the one to answer the call, but not this time. Instead, Batman finds himself aligning with Catwoman to help take down the criminals in Batman: Arkham City. The new trailer shows off just what she can do both in combat and in traversal.