Content about Diablo III


Now that Diablo III is officially raiding millions of homes, PC users are probably wearing down their equipment like crazy clicking on their characters and moving things around.  With that, you might want to consider a high-performance piece of tech to get you through these battles, rather than a cheapy $15 mouse that breaks after just a few hours of play.  SteelSeries may have just what you need with its Diablo III mouse, which was introduced on the same day as the game.


Awhile back during Blizzard's Gamescom press conference, Josh Mosqueira said that Blizzard " Is very,very serious" about bringing the Diablo III experience to the console. Well it appears after months of delay, we are actually geting our wish.


The PC gaming community was pretty much abuzz all this weekend, when a Minnesota-based Best Buy reportedly put up a stand in its store, indicating that Diablo III, Activision Blizzard's monstrous new sequel, was coming sooner than expected.  The standee indicated that the game was releasing on February 1st, a date that sent a lot of folks into a frenzy to pre-order it and attend their midnight party.  Well, it's going to be a sad, lonely outing, because Blizzard responded in regards the release date.


Some of us AREN'T at Blizzcon.  Sad to say.  Every year, Blizzard hosts the mega-event and always seems to blow the doors off of every other MMORPG out there.  (Granted, World of Warcraft did that already.)  And with the opening of the event today, the company has already made a killer announcement that's bound to shake up the community -- you're getting some free stuff.


Finally...the wait may soon be over.  After many months of speculation in the "will they, won't they" sense and news about continuous add-ons for the game, we've finally gotten word when Star Wars: The Old Republic will fly out of Bioware's camp and onto computers everywhere.  It turns out that the wait won't be that long at all...and many Jedi fans will be happy come Christmas morning.