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The PlayStation Vita.  Though it may not be everyone’s ideal handheld choice (the 3DS is out there, along with cheaper handhelds and that iPhone thing), it’s still a sleek little thing that’s well worth playing.  Sony has made quite a push with the system so far, with a number of impressive games and a few more on the way, including Resistance: Burning Skies landing at retail (and digitally) later this month.  But when it comes to games you MUST have, what are the best choices for the system?


Mortal Kombat was a colossal hit when it came out for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 last year, reaffirming the strength in the franchise after all these years.  So, naturally, the development team wanted to continue the trend, releasing the Komplete Edition last month and following suit with the series’ debut on PlayStation Vita, coming next month.  What can fans look forward to when it comes to the portable edition?  Plenty.


Doing a “director’s cut” of a game is nothing new in the game industry.  A lot of companies have come through with Game of the Year editions, featuring extra downloadable content right on the disc or offering a small bonus to those who may have missed out on the game before.  This time, it’s Mortal Kombat’s turn, and one of 2011’s best games, a successful relaunch of a long-running fighting franchise, gets a great package with the Komplete Edition.


There's no question that 2011 was a big year for the Mortal Kombat franchise, as Netherrealm Games effectively relaunched the franchise and made fighting relevant again, complete with over-the-top fatalities and bonus characters that piqued our interest.  (Freddy Krueger?)  But it looks like 2012 will be just as eventful for the series, as the team has not only announced a new Komplete Edition that's coming to consoles later this spring, but also its debut on the PlayStation Vita.

With Kenshi and Skarlet out of the way, it's almost time for the third DLC character for Mortal Kombat to be released as part of the Mortal Kombat Season Pass. That third fighter is the ninja in purple - Rain. Considered to be a laughing stock by many simply due to the color he wears, Rain is probably one of the least favorite characters throughout the game's history. However, he looks to gain a little bit of favor in this new gameplay trailer showing off just what he can do.
Last week, NetherRealm Studios opened up the flood gates of DLC with the release of Skarlet, the Mortal Kombat II glitch that eventually became an actual character. The next kombatant in line is Kenshi, the blind swordsman who made his first appearance in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. While gamers patiently wait for him to hit the market, a new gameplay trailer has been released that shows off the moves we can expect Kenshi to pull off.
Back in the days of klassic Mortal Kombat, several of the characters created for the game were nothing more than a simple palette swap. The model used for Katana/Milena/Jade in Mortal Kombat II was the same actress, just with different color outfits in each fighter. However, in some arcade cabinets an unknown fourth character from that same model appeared as an error, wearing a red outfit. While she had no official name, many fans of the series dubbed her Skarlet. But now in the new Mortal Kombat, she no longer is in that category as she makes her official debut in the series, and she can be quite the force to reckon with.

Back in the early 90s, fighting games saw an emergence with the release of Street Fighter II in arcades and on home consoles. At first, there was no contest to rival its success until Ed Boon and John Tobias came out with a little game called Mortal Kombat. What separated this from any other fighting game was it's blood and gore, which ultimately led to the creation of a mature-rated game in the ESRB. For almost 20 years, Mortal Kombat has changed its formula around little by little, but the latest entry in the series goes back to its roots to deliver an experience that may be the best one yet for the franchise.


 Today marks the release of the new Mortal Kombat game, a fighting series known for it's gore and fatalities. You might have skipped class or called out of work just so you can spend the day perfecting combos and learning all of the special moves. While you're doing that, you may want to know that there will be a few more characters you're gonna have to learn. In an interview with CVG, producer Hans Lo talked about the first 2 characters that will be available as DLC.