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The term “browser-based game” is not one that typically sits well with gamers. It brings up the repressed fact that there are tons of ignored invites on your Facebook asking you to help plant crops on Farmville, or go hold up a bank in Mafia Wars, or guide a football into the endzone in Return Man. But there is the occasional diamond in the rough, and Drakensang Online certainly shines in comparison to other games you typically play on Chrome, Firefox, or even (*shudders*) Explorer.


Game journalism isn't as easy as it looks.  Oh, sure, you think we just sit around all day and play Max Payne 3, but the truth is, playing is just part of the job.  Writing is a huge, fundamental part of it, as you have to be able to express yourself in the right manner, not just go "This is cool because blah blah."  You need to FEEL right about the job.  One step to getting an idea of what video game journalism is all about is getting the book Critical Path: How To Review Videogames For a Living, written by Dan Amrich.  Dan, also known as One of Swords on Twitter (@oneofswords), worked in journalism for the longest time before taking a job working with Activision.  Still, he remembers his days fondly enough, as he put his experience into words to help guide young minds of tomorrow down the RIGHT path of journalism.  You know, the one that doesn't involve "blah blah".


Ever since God of War III came out a couple of years back on the PlayStation 3 and wrapped up the current trilogy in entertaining fashion, fans have been wondering what was next for Sony Computer Entertainment of America and Kratos.  Sure, he's been back in a couple of God of War compilations, including a recently released one that brought Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta to consoles in high-defintiion form.  But we mean a true God of War sequel.  Well, according to recent ads that have popped up, one may not be far off.


The official facebook page of Starz hit televisoin series "Spartacus" revealed today that the first episode of the whirlwind season will be released on the page this FRIDAY, January 20th. The premiere, a full week before the series airs on STARZ, will be available on the official facebook page. The premiere will serve to connect fans around the world and invite fans to comment on the first episode, as well as actor Liam McIntyre's portrayal of Spartacus.


For those of you who just can't get into console gaming and could care less about owning a handheld system, there is an alternative solution -- your computer.  And no, we don't mean buying games that would run on your hardware.  We mean ones that are actually built into a browser or, better yet, a website.  And it seems like Facebook is getting stronger than ever when it comes to demonstrating this business tactic.


A little while back, we discussed the return of the arcade scene in a Barcades piece, talking about how adult establishments with an old-school flavor were beginning to pop up.  Well, with them, some old favorites are also making a return to the arcade scene.  In this case, it's Pac-Man, who first made his debut in the early 80's and took them by storm.  He's returned in an all new game, but this time, he's bringing some fellow Pac-Men along for the ride.


When Sony Computer Entertainment of America debuted the trailer for Naughty Dog's The Last of Us the prior week during the Spike Video Game Awards, it definitely turned a lot of heads, and got plenty of folks buzzing about what could be one of the company's best games to date.  But while you wait to get new information on the project, why not treat yourself to a cool little freebie from SCEA -- a Dynamic Theme for your PlayStation 3 console.


Last month, Atari came roaring back to the iOS scene with the superb revitalization of an 80's favorite, Asteroids Gunner.  Blending the fly-and-shoot tactics of the original with plenty of innovative new elements, it became one of our favorite apps for the fall season.  Now the company is at it again, bringing the classic ball and paddle game Breakout Boost to the App Store.  Can lightning strike twice?


The latest Xbox Live Dashboard update has been coming for some time, and for months, fans have been buzzing about the changes that are being made, since they were first introduced at E3 a few months ago at Microsoft's press conference.  Now we're merely just days away from the update, as Microsoft has officially stamped it with a release date -- December 6th.


Hot on the heels of our speculation article wondering what services would be available for it, Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb revealed the first official details on the streaming TV channels that would be coming to Xbox Live as part of next month's dashboard update.  And though the services may not be to everyone's liking (like ESPN), there's still plenty here to watch.


The ECA, or the Entertainment Consumers Association, is a group that helps fight for the rights of gamers through their members and community, which can be heard much louder than any given small website forum or website.  That's because they reflect these issues directly within their member base, as well as with government.  And considering how many senators and governors still don't "get it" as far as the power of gaming, it's nice to have them around.  So why should you join their group?  There's more to the ECA than you might think...


A lot of folks aren’t there aren’t too crazy about subscription plans or season passes, but to be honest, game companies set them up to try and save people a little cash.  The Call of Duty Elite Premium Membership is no exception, and Activision broke down what to expect from the service, and how it complements Modern Warfare 3 with exclusive content.


Sony opened up its press conference in Cologne, Germany today to highlight some of the stuff they would be showing at the GamesCom event this week.  Several new announcements were made, including some revolving around the PS Vita handheld system -- and the PlayStation 3's price drop, effective IMMEDIATELY.

Even if you aren't at home, there are still plenty of ways to play some video games while on the go. Handheld systems really made a name for themselves mainly due to the Nintendo Game Boy, selling millions of units worlwide. Jump the calendar up over a decade and now you have a combination of handheld systems and mobile phones that are capable of playing games. While the mobile market has been rapidly increasing in size, Sony has a device they believe is capable of succeeding in the PS Vita. Though that battle will play out for a long time, one thing that is certain is that the Vita is quite an impressive device.

This was my first real Comic-Con event.  I know, it's been happening for years and has been nothing short of amazing with all the celebrities and parties happening, as well as all the fanfare for upcoming movies and video games.  But I'll tell you, despite my high levels of exhaustion and complete drought of cash (someone buy me some mac n' cheese), it was an utter blast and I absolutely can't wait for next year's event.  Here are some of the highlights from my trip...


Nintendo has continuously tried to be a game company for everyone.  They want to please the casual fans with accessible games, while still maintaining some sort of outreach to the hardcore fans that grew up with their NES and SNES consoles.  But it's hard to please everyone all of the time.  And its latest decision have left a few of their faithful feeling burned.

If you're a fan of RPGs, you're most likely looking forward to Mass Effect 3. If you love military shooters, you're looking forward to Battlefield 3. EA held its press conference earlier this afternoon, showing off some of the biggest games due to come out both this year and next, including the aforementioned titles. Besides the blockbuster games, EA also is pushing online stat tracking services a lot of the upcoming titles. And by the way, they're all free.

The Sims is without a doubt one of the most unique gaming experiences a player can experience on any platform. Who doesn’t love to make a virtual person who is exactly like themselves? The games have gone from PC to console and back to PC again. Needless to say I am a console gamer and missed the franchise for years until EA finally released the Sims 3 for gameing systems. So what’s with all this talk about The Sims Social?

 If you're a fan of free content, then you're gonna love this little bit of news. Dead Space 2 is a survival horror game that was released on January 25 of this year. It featured the all of the thrills and chills from the first title, combining dark and desolate areas littered with Necromorphs along with third-person shooting. If that wasn't enough, the game also featured a multiplayer component. That component will be seeing two new maps that are free for everyone to download!

Namco Bandai's Soul Calibur is a well-respected one in the fighting game genre, sporting great graphics, solid gameplay, and, in SCIV, added accessible online play and in-depth character customization. While there were rumors that Soul Calibur IV would be the final entry, fans have anticipated the next entry in the franchise since Katsuhiro Harada, producer of the Tekken franchise, started a petition to gauge fan interest in SCV. Namco has just put all doubt to rest with a teaser trailer for the game, viewable below.


 Last, but certainly not least, in my early look at this year's E3 are all of the third party games that we could be seeing on the floor. While there may be people not necessarily looking for a new console or new handheld device, there are plenty of people looking for the next big game to come out either at the end of this year or sometime next year. It certainly looks like there will be a lot to look forward to, so let's get an idea of what we may be seeing at E3.


 A few weeks ago, Sega had released a new trailer of an upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog title on his official Facebook page. The trailer featured him running through the Green Hill Zone and at one point the modern Sonic joins with the Sonic model of old, known as "chubby Sonic" to many. Sega has announced that this is all part of a new title called Sonic Generations that will span across several levels throughout the years.