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The term “browser-based game” is not one that typically sits well with gamers. It brings up the repressed fact that there are tons of ignored invites on your Facebook asking you to help plant crops on Farmville, or go hold up a bank in Mafia Wars, or guide a football into the endzone in Return Man. But there is the occasional diamond in the rough, and Drakensang Online certainly shines in comparison to other games you typically play on Chrome, Firefox, or even (*shudders*) Explorer.


For those of you who just can't get into console gaming and could care less about owning a handheld system, there is an alternative solution -- your computer.  And no, we don't mean buying games that would run on your hardware.  We mean ones that are actually built into a browser or, better yet, a website.  And it seems like Facebook is getting stronger than ever when it comes to demonstrating this business tactic.


Harvest Moon, the farming simulator that harvested its way into our hearts since the Super Nintendo days is due for a Fall 2011 sequel for the Nintendo DS and 3DS. I held the game in my hands on the E3 2011 show floor, earlier today and came away with some impressions.

The Tale of Two Towns features, like the name suggests, two distinct villages with their own cultures, customs, and rivalries. At the start of the game you select your gender and town affiliation. As this is a farming simulation, the town rivalry boils down to food preference. The European styled Bluebell favors animals, whereas the Eastern flavored Konahana is filled with fields of crops.