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When it came out a few years ago, Lego Batman struck a chord with both avid comic book fans and younger players, introducing the fun Lego dynamic to the DC Comics universe and allowing players to fight for both good and evil.  The game became an instant hit, so it should be no surprise that WB Games has announced a sequel, with Travellers Tales once again handling development.  What is surprising, though, is that the action isn't just limited to the Dark Knight's universe this time around.


So we've got some good news this morning if you have a Nintendo 3DS -- you're no longer limited to playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D in order to get the most out of your system.  As part of its weekly update, Nintendo has finally released a free Netflix app for the device, enabling you to access movies and shows from your Instant Queue anywhere you want to go -- provided you can reach a Wi-Fi point, obviously.  But is this enough to keep 3DS fans happy?