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The IOS market has been around for roughly six years and has helped revolutionize everything tech related from movies, music and games. It has given artist and developers a new platform to communicate and speak directly to audience and that’s exactly what Aoineko Studios is doing.


The point and click genre is most known for Tim Schafer 1990’s work with games like Grim Fandango, Full Throttle and Secrets of Monkey Island, but has long held the work of Jane Jensen. Jane Jensen is a designer, director and writer in the genre. She was most known for her writing helping to create interesting characters and interesting storylines in games in like the Gabriel Knight series and now her newest Kickstarter project. A game that has been purely designed by and for the fans of the point and click genre.


The first person shooter genre is one of the staples of the video game industry. Influx of high quality AAA shooters hit the market, making this one of the toughest market to crack an identity. Even though there are hundreds of entries into the genre, the market has recently become static due to the lack of new ideas brought to the table. What’s the solution? Ravaged!


Tim Schafer's the man.  He's been in game development for years now, and this week at the DICE Summit, not only did he acknowledge that "Notch", the creator of Minecraft, was willing to fund a Psychonauts sequel (sadly, still on the backburner), but also that Double Fine would produce a dedicated point and click adventure for release in 2012, provided that those willing to back the project with donations could meet a certain goal of $400,000 by mid-March.  What happened next is truly a sign of the devotees in the game community...