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Nintendo’s 3DS system got off to a bad start when it released last year, with a mostly lackluster launch line-up and lack of features for the system.  But now, finally, it seems to have gained its footing with some stellar game releases, including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land, amongst others.  And while its showing at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo wasn’t the greatest, there are still some great games to look forward to.


It’s inevitable with all “cute” franchises.  Eventually, someone’s going to get the idea of making a “kart” game, where familiar characters can get behind the wheel of a race car and (playfully) compete against others through a similar universe, one that’s been in previous games.  Mario’s done it countless of times, Crash Bandicoot did it a couple, and several other clones have emerged over the years as well.  Joining the fray is LittleBigPlanet Karting, collaboration between Media Molecule and the game’s main developer, United Front Games – the same team behind ModNation Racers.  But don’t go dismissing this as just another knock-off.  This one has a lot of kick behind it.


It’s inevitable.  Ever since the success of their first outing a few years ago, Sega’s Sonic and Nintendo’s Mario have managed to shake off their whole 16-bit rivalry in favor of collaborative sporting efforts, usually revolving around the Olympic games.  Like clockwork, just in time to celebrate the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Sega has released yet another compilation featuring the duo, as well as their respective casts, in 50 various mini-game sporting events.  It sounds like a fun time.  Unfortunately, for the most part, it isn’t.


As the Nintendo 3DS library is just now picking up, there's a number of games to check out for this holiday season, among them Sonic Generations, WWE All Stars and, of course, the Mario misadventures that are 3D Land and Mario Kart 7.  However, even though these more popular titles guarantee good times, there's a chance you might miss out on the more smaller, compelling experiences.  Like, say, Nano Assault.


Nintendo has seen better times.  The company is preparing to report its first quarterly loss in quite some time, and it's still trying to put faith back into its Nintendo 3DS user base, despite its botched launch earlier this year.  But things are on the mend, and along with the promise of a Wii U final build coming to E3 next year, the company will be updating the 3DS with new features, starting with a firmware update this November.  What can we expect?


The Mario Kart games will always remain a beloved multiplayer institution, with players of all ages taking on each other in real-time racing action, no matter what their skill level.  But if there's one thing that annoys so many of us to no end, it's not being able to counter against turtle shells, most notably red homing ones and the dreaded spiked flying shells.  However, with Mario Kart 7, Nintendo is looking to introduce a new degree of strategy to help deal with that.


Nintendo has seen better days.  Not only was it forced to downgrade its price on the Nintendo 3DS to improve sales and business attention, but it's facing flack from investors for its previously announced Wii U system.  Furthermore, the same investors are pressuring Nintendo to spread some of its business to mobile platforms, specifically iPad and iPhone.  To which we respond: "Hey, why not?"


The Nintendo 3DS price drop is good news to those potential buyers who were worried that their purchase would drain their wallets dry.  But what about games to play?  Well, there's more good news coming your way, as Nintendo has confirmed two of the system's bigger games, arriving just in time for your holiday shopping needs.


Hot on the heels of the popular editorial I wrote yesterday talking about the troubled state of the 3DS, we've seen a lot of things happen from the Nintendo camp that eerily addressed some of the issues I brought up.  Release "periods" for the recently renamed Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 were confirmed, and Nintendo made an even bolder move with a scheduled price drop, along with a reward for previous buyers of the system.  These are sure to ramp up some popularity again...but one has to wonder if it's enough...


When it was first announced last year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Nintendo heralded its 3DS gaming system as the next big thing in handheld gaming.  Many users were excited, with images of Mario dancing around in 3D and games such as Mario Kart and others getting new life breathed into them.  The system's launch in March, however, told a different story.  The launch turned out to be one of the most lackluster for a system in recent memory (perhaps outdone by the Sega Saturn's rush to stores years before) and, months later, it still feels like it's running behind.  But some new warning signs indicate that the once-promising handheld is in all kinds of trouble.


Nintendo has continuously tried to be a game company for everyone.  They want to please the casual fans with accessible games, while still maintaining some sort of outreach to the hardcore fans that grew up with their NES and SNES consoles.  But it's hard to please everyone all of the time.  And its latest decision have left a few of their faithful feeling burned.

With the second day of E3 all to themselves, Nintendo had the spotlight solely on them. As a matter of fact, they already had the spotlight on them as it was confirmed that they would have a new console to show off at their press conference. The internet was flooded with all sorts of rumors as to what the name of it would be and what the controller would be able to do as supposed photos of the console leaked onto the internet. On June 7th, the Wii U was officially announced as Nintendo's next console, sparking the start of the next console generation. But is the Wii U a full step into the next generation, or does it simply bridge the gap between the next generation and the current?

The E3 2011 Nintendo Press Event began with a celebration of the Legend of Zelda's 25th anniversary, complete with an orchestra and choir playing some classic tunes from the game as well as a future theme found in the latest entry into the Legend of Zelda series, Skyward Sword. Nintendo promised big things to come for their existing handheld DS, DSi, and 3DS systems, but everyone was waiting for one thing: the debut of the Wii U. Here are a few highlights from this morning's event...


The Nintendo 3DS was a big hit at E3 2011. They had many 3Ds’s set up making a quick moving line and booth babes that knew everything about the product. I was one of the first in line to try out games set to be released later this year, but when I turned around I saw hundreds of people swarming into the booth behind me. I consider one of the lucky ones to have got my hands on one of these sought on devices.

No doubt about it, all eyes were on Nintendo this entire time at E3 as they had a brand new console in store for all of us. For the past few months, lots of websites and blogs posted pictures of what supposedly was the new console or controller for the new system. All of that speculation as Nintendo finally revealed the new platform, officially named the Wii U. During the press conference, Nintendo discussed the functionality of the system and also detailed several titles that can be expected for the console.

 Cars firing guns and missles at each other; that was the name of the game with Twisted Metal. It was a free-for-all battle similar to Mario Kart but took things to the next level with the power of the weapons and the destruction. Many gamers fell in love with the series that spawned 3 titles on the Playstation and one on the PS2. For a long time, people have been eagerly waiting for a title to hit the PS3, and on October 4 the wait will be over. To build up even more anticipation for the game, another trailer has been released that shows off some gameplay and story that might be seen on the campaign.