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Early this year, Bioware’s Mass Effect saga came to five year run. Rest aside the ending; the series is one of the most complete trilogies in video game history. There are two aspects that Mass Effect nails perfectly. The series was first to interweave choices all the way through the third and final installment captivating fans from start to finish. However, you can’t tell a great story if you forget to create the atmosphere for your game to breath in. The music in the game really doses shape Commander Shepard with it having one of the best scores in gaming, but do people notice? Do people look at soundtracks as a whole or as background noise?


Ugh.  Game of Thrones.  Not the show, mind you, and certainly not A Song of Fire and Ice.  Those are high-quality works that, by all means, shouldn’t be missed, especially for the significant twists and turns.  But the game, recently released by Atlus and Cyanide Studios, leaves a lot to be desired.  It’s fallen completely flat on its face, leaving a diabolically thrilling storyline dangling in the wind because of faulty gameplay and a presentation that can’t compare to The Witcher 2 or even Kingdoms of Amalur.  With that, we’re left wondering…why didn’t someone else grab this franchise?


When Mass Effect 3 came out, fans were thrilled to get their hands on it.  However, some people who had gotten through the game weren’t exactly pleased with the ending that they had gotten.  While some people (like myself) understood the closure that was provided, others felt that they were somewhat cheated, and went to all sorts of action to get the matter resolved, including starting a fund to get Bioware to produce a new ending.  Well, wish granted – whether you wanted a new conclusion or not, you’re getting one, as Bioware and Electronic Arts have announced Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, coming your way this summer.


“All good things must come to an end.”  It’s a quote that resonates in pretty much anything, including sports streaks, careers and life itself.  And it also resonates with story arcs in video games.  We’ve seen several conclusive chapters over the years that have wrapped up sagas either in style (Gears of War 3, Uncharted 3) or disappointment (Resistance 3…seriously), but it just goes to show that developers are ready to move on to the next thing.  But there’s something bittersweet about seeing the end come in Mass Effect 3.  The first two games have been so great – especially part two, which some of us are still playing – that it’s just hard to imagine life without dealing with some new adventures of Commander Shepard.  Still, outside of DLC, Bioware is pretty much done with this story.  And what a way to go.

Yesterday, EA released a new trailer for Mass Effect 3, and if that wasn't enough, released an extended version of the trailer earlier today. Amongst all of the trailers, a little bit of news snuck in regarding the highly-anticipated 3rd entry in the franchise. On March 6, PS3 owners will have the option of buying the game on Blu-ray or download it directly to their console.
No matter what we may do to try to prevent something from happening, sometimes there is just nothing we can do. Commander Shepard has put so much effort into fighting off the Reapers, even going so far as having to be resurrected for round 2. However, it is only a matter of time before the inevitable will happen, and gamers will put their best efforts forth in preventing the universe from being taken over by them. To give us a glimpse of just what this final battle will look like, EA has released this new trailer for the upcoming Mass Effect 3.

Razer is a manufacturer that’s never shied away from making quality technology, and it certainly knows how to work with game companies in partnerships, like LucasArts with Star Wars: The Old Republic and Electronic Arts with Battlefield 3 and Dragon Age: Origins.  But this latest deal with not only EA but also Bioware could pay off, as they’re working with the companies on exclusive goods featuring the Mass Effect 3 brand.  If you ever wanted to feel like you’re controlling Commander Shepard, these are must-haves.


No Bones about it – ha, I made a funny – J.J. Abrams’ reboot of Star Trek in 2009 was quite the successful one, despite all the lens flare.  The movie reintegrated interest in the franchise, thanks to a great young cast and a story that actually made sense to fans.  And with a sequel on the way next year, we can only wonder what next great step is gonna happen within the video game realm.  Well, thanks to Namco Bandai games, we know.  Set phasers to stun-ning.


Let's make it clear right now -- the Consumer Electronics Show isn't really about video games.  Sure, they definitely have a place in the consumer electronic world when it comes to entertainment, but the show is more focused on the technological side, with gadgets, TV's and other high-priced technology that's really out there.  But some game companies managed to show up anyway and show off their wares, so we've got the wrap-up on what we saw, and whether it was really worth it.  Let's get started...


The 2012 gaming season is just about upon us, with sequels to Final Fantasy XIII and SoulCalibur ready to drop at the end of the month and a flood of new games set to follow after that.  So when our EIC asked me to name the five most anticipated games of 2012, I had a mountain-sized task ahead of me.  There's so many great games coming down the pike, paring it down to just ten in itself is ridiculous.  Much less five.  But I've managed to do it, and here now are the five most anticipated games that we can't wait to play.


Playing through game demos and unlocking content for the full game isn't a new practice, as developers have been doing it for months.  However, offering new content for other games is kind of new, as it entices players to try out something other than the product they're demoing.  Microsoft has announced that two upcoming Xbox Live demos will do just that, giving the players ample rewards for other games merely by going through the main demos.


Another year of the Spike TV Video Game Awards has come and gone, and this year's show was a notable improvement over last year's doldrum-filled affair, with plenty of highlights and great game reveals.  That said, the show still has a number of things it needs to do to compete with some of the better awards shows out there.  So we have some advice in regards of what should be done...


Bioware's Mass Effect 3 is still just over three months away from release, but already it's being considered one of the biggest games of 2012, an epic conclusion to the saga of Commander Shepard.  And to commemorate the release, the company, alongside Electronic Arts, is prepping a collector's edition that many will consider a must-have.  No, really, put your money down now...


We called it from a mile away.  When Mass Effect 3 was announced mid-last year, we said, "There's gotta be something different about this game to make it wrap up in an epic fashion."  We had already guessed stuff like story twists, new weapons, revealing Tali's face, etc., but the big thing we mentioned was "multiplayer".  And even though competitive would be interesting, we knew co-op would be the big idea.  And yesterday, Bioware announced that it was bringing it to Mass Effect 3, with four-player support and a new tie-in to a "Galaxy of War" feature.  Damn, we're good.


For fans of BioWare's Mass Effect 3,the announcement of details is an event in itself, and one has been promised in next month's issue of Xbox World magazine. What might the Canadian giant have up its sleeve for one of the big games of 2011?


Bioware's gotten so deep in its other projects lately, namely Dragon Age II, Star Wars: The Old Republic and the upcoming Mass Effect 3, that some of us may forgotten back when they got their humble beginnings.  No, I don't mean Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic...who could forget that?  I mean Jade Empire, an Xbox-exclusive role-playing adventure that stood out for its sweet artwork and addictive gameplay.  We need more of that again, and it's nice to hear Bioware kind of agrees with us.


Finally...the wait may soon be over.  After many months of speculation in the "will they, won't they" sense and news about continuous add-ons for the game, we've finally gotten word when Star Wars: The Old Republic will fly out of Bioware's camp and onto computers everywhere.  It turns out that the wait won't be that long at all...and many Jedi fans will be happy come Christmas morning.


When Microsoft launched its Kinect device last year, casual players of all ages flocked to the device, plunking down $149 and taking part in full body motion control, a far cry from the limited functionality that the Wii offered through its remote from years ago.  However, a lot of folks cried foul when they realized the "all ages" sort of games that were coming out for the device.  Well, relax.  A few titles that are now available, along with some coming soon, assure that the Kinect will be a better device for everyone.


Bioware already had more than enough going on at GamesCom this past week, showing its highly anticipated Mass Effect 3 to an eager onslaught of gamers and gaming media.  But Dr. Ray Muzyka, Bioware's CEO, had more sequels to talk about besides the sci-fi saga.  He hinted that the next game on the Dragon Age series, which is reportedly underway, will actually take some elements from the best-selling Origins and combine them with parts from Dragon Age II, creating a new experience that fans of both games will thoroughly enjoy.


Nintendo has seen better days.  Not only was it forced to downgrade its price on the Nintendo 3DS to improve sales and business attention, but it's facing flack from investors for its previously announced Wii U system.  Furthermore, the same investors are pressuring Nintendo to spread some of its business to mobile platforms, specifically iPad and iPhone.  To which we respond: "Hey, why not?"

In the past few days, I looked at each major company's E3 press conference and gave my overall impression of each one, elated at some of the things that were announced as well as growl at others. But now, it's time to take a look the big picture. What overall tone did E3 set for the industry? From what I saw, it seems that the industry relied too much on sequels to get things done, not taking enough risks with new IPs to pave the future for each company.
Now that E3 has come to an end and the dust has finally settled, it's time to look back at the press conferences this year to see how well each company did. First up on the list is Microsoft. After focusing a lot of their press conference last year on the Kinect, it would be fair to think that Microsoft would shift its focus back on core titles and possibly see the Kinect being featured in some, if not all, of those titles. For the most part, Microsoft did that and did it well, yet it still felt like something was missing in the end.