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Ever since Metal Gear Solid Revengance premiered at Spike’s Video Game Award show, many question were brought up on how much were shown that was actual gameplay and how true is it to the Metal Gear brand. GTTV showcased a brand new Metal Gear Solid Revengance trailer answering many questions, but still leads much to debate on this addition to the Metal Gear franchise.


Jennifer Hale is a long time voice actress, who has appeared on more mediums than you probably thought. From voicing big roles like Commander Shepard in the “Mass Effect” series to voicing Naomi Hunter in the “Metal Gear” Solid franchise. Her voice has made multiple jumps to TV and movies playing such roles like Disney’s "Cinderella" and Cartoon Network's "Powerpuff Girls". I recently got the chance to ask her a few questions about her time with the “Mass Effect” series and what the future lies ahead for voice acting.


Gotta love special edition controllers, whether they're the Gears of War 3 Microsoft Xbox 360 pad or the cool baseball-colored PlayStation 3 controller.  There's something about owning just the right model when it comes to the game at hand.  Sony, recognizing this, is releasing a couple more specially made controllers for its PlayStation Japan at least...for two titles that are sure to get fans riled up.  The only question now is when they get a release in the rest of the world.


 You only get one time to make a first impression, so you better make sure you get it right! A good first impression will keep one interested in whatever it may be, from books to movies. Video games can also make their first impressions with the opening sequences that can last anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. Some of the best games have a great opening to draw us into the awesome gameplay that lies ahead. These 5 opening sequences are the ones that I believe to be the best and had the most impact on the industry so far.