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Some games take a lot longer than others to finish.  There can be various reasons for this.  Funding runs out on the project; a new publisher takes over and requests subtle changes to the finished product; longer development time is needed to work out the “kinks”, such as bugs or glitches (yet games still ship with them, sigh); or various other reasons that act as hurdles before reaching the finish line.  And, to be quote honest, Phil Fish and his team at Polytron have seen a bunch of these with Fez.  First introduced around five years ago and seeing all sorts of development snafus and release hitches, it almost seemed like the game was never going to come out.  But today, it’s finally arrived – and it turned out to be worth the wait.


It’s great how some developers wrap their head around a tactic that’s never been done before when it comes to puzzle games.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen as often as we’d like to see, with countless Bejeweled clones and a number of companies merely riding the same train to success.  That’s why it’s great to see a game like The Splatters, the latest from Microsoft Game Studios and the savvy development team at SpikySnail.  It sets out on its own path, introducing a slew of the most lovable suicidal characters since the Lemmings as they set out to defuse bombs the only way they know how – by splattering, obviously.

Now that E3 has come to an end and the dust has finally settled, it's time to look back at the press conferences this year to see how well each company did. First up on the list is Microsoft. After focusing a lot of their press conference last year on the Kinect, it would be fair to think that Microsoft would shift its focus back on core titles and possibly see the Kinect being featured in some, if not all, of those titles. For the most part, Microsoft did that and did it well, yet it still felt like something was missing in the end.
Nothing is better than driving down the road at over 150 mph during a sunny day while racing against other people. The problem is you don't have the Ferrari needed to be able to drive like that in the first place. That's where Forza Motorsport 4 comes in. Forza 4 allows you to race with some of the fastest cars in the world without the risk of injury or destroying your car. In this exclusive video interview, John Wendl tells us what we can expect in the XBox 360 title, including an innovative head tracking feature.

 Whether you got a code from Bulletstorm's Epic edition, an invite from a friend, or pre-ordering Gears of War 3, you've probably been spending a good amount of time playing the multiplayer beta. The game features all of the third-person shooting action that fans have loved from the previous two games, as well as the gruesome carnage after getting a kill. XBox 360 owners first got a glimpse of the game with the trailer that was shown off when Cliff Bleszinski visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The hype continued to ensue as the first gameplay video came out at the following E3. Now that the beta is out, the game looks like it upholds the tradition well, but a few things hinder the experience.


 It's only about a month away from the biggest event in the video game industry. I'm talking about E3. So far, all eyes are on Nintendo after the memo was released that the Wii 2/Project Cafe/Stream/Whateveryouwannacallit is confirmed for this year's E3. Sony also has some of the spotlight on them as well since they will be showing off the NGP, the portable device that is said to be the PS3 experience on the go. But what about Microsoft? There was a huge buzz going around when jobs were listed for the making of their newest console that fans have been calling the XBox 720. After that, all has been quiet. So just what will they be showing off at this year's show?