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2011 definitely flourished for some folks in the game industry, but not everyone saw profit from their game sales.  Take THQ.  The company definitely had a diverse set of releases last year, between its popular WWE games, new Red Faction and Warhammer action titles, and Saints Row the Third.  However, not all of them were financially viable, and it resulted in the cancellation of various franchises and closure of a few studios.  Will 2012 be the year the company bounces back?


Fans of Assassin's Creed have no doubt been enjoying the latest chapter in the series, Revelations, with its twisting new storyline and its great new opportunities to take out your friends in multiplayer.  No target is safe from the game's suave assassination abilities and exciting gameplay.  Well, today, Ubisoft announced that it is expanding the universe with an all new map pack, set to drop on January 24th.


We called it from a mile away.  When Mass Effect 3 was announced mid-last year, we said, "There's gotta be something different about this game to make it wrap up in an epic fashion."  We had already guessed stuff like story twists, new weapons, revealing Tali's face, etc., but the big thing we mentioned was "multiplayer".  And even though competitive would be interesting, we knew co-op would be the big idea.  And yesterday, Bioware announced that it was bringing it to Mass Effect 3, with four-player support and a new tie-in to a "Galaxy of War" feature.  Damn, we're good.