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When it aired a few years ago on Fox, Arrested Development was quite simply the best comedy show on television, with its over-the-top characters (Gob is the man!), ridiculous scenarios and dead-pan humor.  And when it went away, we got all sad.  However, news is now spreading like wildfire that the Bluth family will return to TV one more time, before setting down the path for the highly anticipated movie.


This was my first real Comic-Con event.  I know, it's been happening for years and has been nothing short of amazing with all the celebrities and parties happening, as well as all the fanfare for upcoming movies and video games.  But I'll tell you, despite my high levels of exhaustion and complete drought of cash (someone buy me some mac n' cheese), it was an utter blast and I absolutely can't wait for next year's event.  Here are some of the highlights from my trip...