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Every year, EA Sports always runs the risk of getting a little long in the tooth with its sports franchises.  Madden NFL 12 was kind of an example of this, despite the game’s huge sales numbers.  But I will get credit where credit is due, they always seem to add the right kind of content, even if some of it doesn’t “stick” like originally intended.  This can be said for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, the latest in its golf franchise, which brings back one of the bigger features from last year – the Masters tournament – along with several new ingredients to keep momentum from shifting.  And for the most part, it’s a good thing.


Robert Griffin III, or RG3 for short, has been getting some major attention since he wrapped up his college football career at Baylor University.  He's been racking up big numbers at the NFL Combine this weekend, including setting a running record.  And while several NFL teams are in the hunt for him this coming season, he's still going to be in the forefront of college action, as EA Sports has announced today that RG3 will be on the cover of its upcoming NCAA Football 13, set to drop in stores this July.


INDIANAPOLIS -- The NY Giants beat the New England Patriots again 27-24 again in a squeaker according to the Madden NFL 12 video game from EA Sports based on its virtual simulation of Super Bowl XLVI on Madden. Madden NFL 12 is the de facto, and only, football video game for the NFL season.  Fans have been playing like crazy for the past few months, wondering where the season was going to end up. This Sunday it culminates in a match-up that will pit Brady, going for his fourth Super Bowl ring, along with his favorite target Gronkowski against Eli Manning and his Giants, in the Circle City of Indianapolis. Check out highlights of the Madden simulated Super Bowl game.


INDIANAPOLIS -- With Super Bowl XLVI just a day away, NFL players and celebrities have descended on the Circle City, Indianapolis, to get their taste of Hoosier Hospitality. EA Sports and Bud Light spared no expense in inviting celebrities to their block tent party just behind the Bud Light Hotel in downtown Indianapolis at Madden Bowl XVII. San Diego Charger tight end Antonio Gates Bud Light Blue Carpet to talk about Madden Bowl XVIII as well as Madden NFL 12 and what video games he played back in the day in this exclusive video interview.


INDIANAPOLIS -- The Circle City isn't just home to Super Bowl XLVI this year, it's also home to Madden Bowl XVIII and the next best thing to winning the Super Bowl for NFL players is to win the Madden Bowl. Jacksonville Jaguars' running back Maurice Jones-Drew knows a thing or two about the Madden Bowl, having won Madden Bowl XVI in Miami a couple of years ago. He's gone on to add the NFL rushing title to his trophy case with 1,606 rushing yards this year. His competitive fire also bleeds through to fantasy football where he is an avid fantasy football player and also hosts his own radio show on XM Sirius titled Runnin' with MJD just talking about fantasy football talk and strategy. This guys loves football no matter if its for real, virtual or fantasy. We caught up with Jones-Drew on the EA Sports' Blue Carpet at the Bud Light Hotel in downtown Indianapolis where Jones-Drew talks about how he's got the bragging rights as the best Madden NFL football player in the NFL. Check it out in this exclusive video interview.


INDIANAPOLIS -- Super Week in Indianapolis is in full swing and the biggest party at the big show every year is the Madden Bowl. This year, Madden Bowl XVIII was held at the renamed Bud Light Hotel in downtown Indianapolis where hundreds of NFL past and current players as well as celebrities such as Snoop Dog and Nas showed up to check out the latest EA Sports' football game Madden NFL 12. NFL Great Warren Sapp was in the house participating on the Madden Legends Team and we caught up with the retired defensive back and NFL Analyst in this exclusive video interview on the Bud Light Blue Carpet to talk his participation in Madden Bowl XVIII, Madden NFL 12 and what video games he played back in the day.


Remember back in the 80's and 90's, when game makers were trying to throw in images of hot women to entice you to buy their product, rather than relying on the strength of the games themselves?  The classic Sega Saturn "naked lady" ad comes to mind, with her most oglesome parts covered by screenshots from Sega games.  Well, Namco seems to remember those days well, as its latest ad for Soul Calibur V seems to point out something a little too obvious -- there are boobs in the game.


Remember the glory days of NFL Blitz?  This game came out in the 90's and reminded us that, hey, football doesn't always have to play by the rules.  Setting the standard for arcade gaming in the same manner as Midway's NBA Jam series, it really defined a carefree era, putting fun in place of straight-up simulation.  How we miss those days...but miraculously, EA Sports has brought them back with their own take of Blitz, now available on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.


Another week is upon us and another batch of new content has arrived on Xbox Live. Not a big week, but for those who are looking for a retro football experience, look no futher, with NFL Blitz hiting Xbox Live Arcade. Fans of the series will be happy to return since it last appeared on the N64. This time, the game is update with current NFL superstar's, making it a fun half-time game for the family. Check out our review next week.


NFL Blitz is back with trademark flair and updated visuals. Those of you with fond memories of light-speed 7-on-7 pigskin bouts won't be disappointed. Everything from the affable arrogance of touchdown celebrations to the "honeycombed steel" presentation is here to welcome you back come January 2012.


When EA Sports brought back NBA Jam last year, it rekindled the kind of arcade magic that’s been long missing since Midway Games bit the dust a little while back.  The company has since improved upon that formula with the recently released NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, and it doesn’t look like it’s done yet.  It’s finally confirmed that a new version of the classic NFL Blitz is in the works, and is set to release at the very beginning of next year – and, yes, its violence will be intact.


There have been rumblings over the past few weeks in regards to Xbox's proposed streaming TV service, which is supposedly part of its latest system update that's taking place later this year.  Today, we talk about what possible services could be coming to the system, along with the possibilities of it becoming a replacement to your conventional cable box, and, best of all, a date when it could all happen.


When Sony announced that it had struck a deal with DirecTV to broadcast NFL Sunday Ticket on the PlayStation Network, fans everywhere were thrilled with the idea of getting their favorite football games without needing to subscribe to the satellite service.  But today, they were given a painful reminder that not everything works according to plan, as the PSN-run service is running into the same problems as DirecTV's own service -- and is unwatchable as a result.


Sony is slowly but surely expanding their PlayStation Network to a variety of users, introducing movies, TV shows, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus and great sports channels like MLB.TV and NHL GameCenter Live.  Today it took an even bigger step by announcing DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket as an available service this fall to all PSN users.  It's looking like a pretty sweet deal for football fans, but there are things that need to be taken under consideration.

Summer is coming to an in just a few weeks, taking the beach days and the hot weather along with it. You can look at it as a bad thing as that means everyone goes back to school. However, a lot of people look forward to the change in season because that means it's football season, and there's no better way to kick the season off with Madden NFL 12. This year, there aren't many new features to speak of because EA Sports decided to put more emphasis on improving the gameplay overall. After getting the chance to play it at several events, the improvement can certainly be noticed.
The NFL ended its lockout last week, ensuring that there will be more football for at least the next 10 years, and people couldn't have been happier. However, the NBA is also in a lockout, leaving only football and hockey as the only two major sports during the colder seasons. So it can be said that now would be a really good time for NHL 12 to pick up some steam and give basketball games a nasty cross check. With an improved engine that allows for bigger and better hits, NHL 12 just may have what it takes to be the dominant sport game this winter season.
Undoubtedly the biggest sport in the U.S. is football. From the tailgating in parking lots of stadiums to groups of people huddled around TVs in homes and bars across the country, football has become deeply embedded in our culture. It would also come as no surprise that one of the biggest sports franchises is the Madden franchise from EA Sports. New to the series in Madden NFL 10 was MaddenUltimate Team, a mode where players build teams by purchasing cards with coins earned from playing exhibition games. This year will see a few new changes to the mode, making it a much deeper experience than before. We had the chance to talk to Associate Producer Donny Moore about what football fans can expect in this next iteration of Madden Ultimate Team.

Madden NFL 12, set to release this August, is, as always, getting its fair share of upgrades. At a recent EA event, I was given a chance to see some of these additions first hand and speak with Mike Young and Phil Frazier of the EA Tiburon team. One of the first things I was shown were the substantial presentation improvements, which is what I'd like to talk about today.


This week, EA Sports' Peter Moore revealed that Madden NFL 12 would release August 30th, roughly two weeks past the usual release date for the iconic football franchise. However, some fans may in fact be relieved by this announcment.