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Football, shmootball...who's ready for some hockey?  The next season of NHL is about to pick up in a couple of months here, and we're anticipating the return of the Boston Bruins (and the other teams) like nobody's business.  For that matter, EA Sports' hockey sim, NHL 12, is also highly anticipated, and we won't have to wait long to get our hands on it, as the company has just announced plans for a demo coming our way later this month.


It's only a few weeks until summer comes to an end and the gaming month of September comes settling in, but we're giving you a heads up right now -- you'll want to start saving money.  The reason for that is because of the onslaught of excellent games that are coming our way, from the likes of Sony, Microsoft, and other publishers vying for your gaming dollars.  Here's a quick and helpful guide regarding what to buy, and what you shouldn't be without...

The NFL ended its lockout last week, ensuring that there will be more football for at least the next 10 years, and people couldn't have been happier. However, the NBA is also in a lockout, leaving only football and hockey as the only two major sports during the colder seasons. So it can be said that now would be a really good time for NHL 12 to pick up some steam and give basketball games a nasty cross check. With an improved engine that allows for bigger and better hits, NHL 12 just may have what it takes to be the dominant sport game this winter season.