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With Thanksgiving and Black Friday around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about those gifts and what better gift than a gaming gift. This year, there’s lots of new gadgets and games that would make great stocking stuffers. Here’s our Top 10 gaming gifts for the 2012 holidays.


Tesla Motors officially began shipments of its long awaited and hyped Model S electric sedan starting yesterday to great fanfare at the company's Fremont, California headquarters. Yet the car is not only amazing for its electric engine but also its brains or rather the NVIDIA (Nasdaq: NVDA) Tegra Visual Computing Module (VCM) processor that is built inside to power the digital dashboard of the all electric car. Based on the same powerful Tegra processor used in smartphones and tablets, the Tegra VCM will power the vehicle's 17-inch touchscreen infotainment and navigation system, which is the largest screen ever built into a passenger car, as well as its all-digital instrument cluster. We got a sneak peek inside at all the Model S and its gadgetry in this exclusive video tour of the Tesla Model S which you can check out after the break.


BARCELONA -- On the first day of Mobile World Congress here in Barcelona, SEGA showed Sonic the Hedgehog for the first time on a tablet powered by NVIDIA's quad core Tegra 3. Called Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Episode II, the new mobile game will launch some time in the Spring this year. It will come out first exclusively for NVIDIA Tegra-powered smartphones and tablets in NVIDIA's Tegra Zone before rolling out onto other Android devices after. We got a first hand look at the blue wonder doing his thing on the Tegra 3-powered Asus Transformer Prime tablet in this exclusive video.

With E3 a few months away and the reveal of the Wii U last year, all eyes have been on Microsoft and Sony in anticipation that either one or both companies would reveal their next console some time soon. Numerous rumors have come up over the past year, speculating just what might be in store for the next generation. While another report hinting at a new Sony console may not be a surprise, one of the details regarding that just might be.

LAS VEGAS -- Last year at CES 2011, tablets were all the rage and they used the show as their coming out party. While CES 2012 was more evolutionary versus revolutionary for tablets, they were many bright spots in the tablet world especially for gaming. We roundup the best gaming tablets and tablet technology from this year's CES in Las Vegas.


LAS VEGAS -- Major product launches from more than 3,100 exhibitors and keynotes from the leaders of Qualcomm, Mercedes and Intel launched the 2012 International CES on Tuesday. Owned and produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), CES 2012, the world's largest tradeshow for consumer technology, runs through Friday, January 13 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gaming was also prevalent with Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft all showing content. NVIDIA continues to push portable gaming and tablet pricing with Tegra as seen in the video below.


ANAHEIM -- Blizzard held the popular NVIDIA Costume Contest on the main stage at BlzzCon. There were a lot of cool costumes but Avery Faith and her Starcraft II Adjutant costume took the big prize. Comedian Jay Mohn congratulated Faith on her amazing costume as well as the two runner-ups. Christopher White took second place with his Paladin with Ashbringer costume and Justin Floyd took third place with his Deathwing costume. Check out the video of the winners being revealed by Jay Mohr on stage in the video after the break.


Battlefield 3 is definitely a highly anticipated game.  The GamesCom crew recently voted it as the Best In Show, and fans lined up to get their hands on it and go to war with their fellow players.  However, not everyone is crazy about the game, as a modding site recently posted a story indicating that the game was frying PC's and not running up to full optimization.  Suuuuure...


NVIDIA posted a video on its YouTube channel early Thursday announcing that YouTube 3D videos and channels now run and support NVIDIA's 3D Vision active shutter 3D glasses technology. This is good news for PC gamers that love posting video captures of their favorite kills and gameplay highlights from their favorite games as they can now do it in all their 3D glory.


BARCELONA -- Google (GOOG) and its Android operating system dominated Mobile World Congress being held this week in Barcelona as the search engine company's foray into the mobile world has quickly reached a crescendo. Google's fun green and white two story booth, complete with a smoothie juice bar and a circular slide where attendees could slide down in the middle of the booth and get their picture taken, represented a stark contrast to the more formal and stuffy business-like booths in this B2B-oriented, mobile industry show. The booth itself represented a departure from Google's normal trade show appearances, which have usually been much smaller and more utilitarian in design.