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Mention Felicia Day to any sort of geek crowd and people usually go nuts.  That's because she's appeared in a number of productions over the years, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Eureka, and her popular MMO-comedy web series The Guild, solidifying her status as an up-and-coming superstar.  Well, you can add one more piece to her resume, as Bioware has announced a new downloadable chapter for Dragon Age II that will feature her -- well, a character she plays, anyway -- as the main character.


This was my first real Comic-Con event.  I know, it's been happening for years and has been nothing short of amazing with all the celebrities and parties happening, as well as all the fanfare for upcoming movies and video games.  But I'll tell you, despite my high levels of exhaustion and complete drought of cash (someone buy me some mac n' cheese), it was an utter blast and I absolutely can't wait for next year's event.  Here are some of the highlights from my trip...