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The Samsung Galaxy S III started shipping this week in the US and we took a deeper look at 4.8-inch screen sized Android beauty. Samsung has been on a tear lately with its Android phones, outselling even Apple and its venerable iPhones with over 50 million Galaxy S2s sold. With the new Galaxy S III, Samsung seems to continue its momentum with company claims of over 10 million pre-orders of the phone before the Galaxy S III has even shipped. Samsung triumphantly unveiled the phone this week in New York to the US public and press for the first time and we were able to get our hands on one. Here's our review of the Samsung Galaxy S III Android smartphone.


While Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Spider-Man are great games in their own right (and proof that Beenox has a heck of a track record), there’s this inescapable thought that the games feel “closed in”, without giving Spidey too much room to roam around.  It’s a change of pace from what we were able to do with him in Treyarch’s movie-licensed Spider-Man games.  Again, they’re not bad at all, but some of you have been clamoring for a return to the “go anywhere, do anything” style.  Well, later this month you’ll be getting just that with The Amazing Spider-Man.  And Activision recently invited us down to go hands-on with him.


With Linsanity fever taken up another notch with Jeremy Lin's last second, tie-breaking three point shot heroics to beat the Toronto Raptors yesterday 90-87, NBA 2K12 has just come out with its latest "Living Roster" update and Lin has gone up from 56 to 69 in his NBA 2K12 ratings. While that's not bad for a kid that wasn't even on the radar six games ago let alone on the New York Knicks roster two months ago, many NBA 2K12 gamers are wondering, is the new rating too low?


Remember when Telltale was a small video game company that released a video game every one to two years. Last year alone Telltale released “Back to the Future” six episodic content and to close out the year, released “Jurassic Park”. Things have sure changed since then, but was it for the better? Has the Telltale dependence on licensed properties finally back fired on them in "Law & Order: Legacies".


Someone tell me -- why is Virtua Tennis so addictive?  Is it the simplistic gameplay that actually makes tennis fun instead of a chore?  (You guys at Top Spin listening?)  Is it the beautiful visuals?  Maybe it's the mini-games where you get to sink plastic pirate ships with tennis balls?  Or maybe it's a combination of all these things.  Sega easily realizes this, which explains why they're bringing the series to the portable front with the release of Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour on PlayStation Vita later this month.  Just when we were starting to get productive in the office again...


We do love ourselves a good Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.  Just ask us how many countless hours we spent on Xbox Live Arcade playing the original arcade game, beating the crap out of Shredder's thugs while having some laughs with friends.  Well, another kind of good game may just be right around the corner, as Rocksteady Studios, the team behind Batman: Arkham Asylum and its Arkham City sequel, could be working on an all new game featuring the New York-based quartet.


Some might say that the arcade is dead...and some of you would definitely be right.  When the home video game business boomed in the 90's, it pretty much spelled doom for the old mom and pop arcades that flourished in the 80's, as well as the arcade game business in general.  But some folks never gave up on the form, and today they have found a sudden resurgence in the nightlife market, living on as "barcades", drinking establishments mixed in with classic gaming.  And they've been quite successful.


Movies based on popular video games are usually a crapshoot.  We say this because of the history of most of these films, though a couple, like the original Mortal Kombat, have escaped unscathed.  But the future isn't looking too rosy, mainly because of the argument of who should retain control of the rights and production.  So we've decided to take a look at all sides and see what the best way to go is.  It sounds like the upcoming film adaptation of Assassin's Creed needs it.


When EA Sports brought back NBA Jam last year, it rekindled the kind of arcade magic that’s been long missing since Midway Games bit the dust a little while back.  The company has since improved upon that formula with the recently released NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, and it doesn’t look like it’s done yet.  It’s finally confirmed that a new version of the classic NFL Blitz is in the works, and is set to release at the very beginning of next year – and, yes, its violence will be intact.


Earlier this evening at the New York Comic Con event, a Halo panel was held, where 343 Industries discussed some of the newer features that would be going into the game.  Not surprisingly, these features are actually Kinect enabled, which means you'll be able to use your motion-sensing device for some cool things.  While they aren't entirely gameplay related, they are interesting, to say the least.

Certainly one of the biggest games of the year will be Modern Warfare 3. With Call of Duty's track record of hitting huge sales numbers, how could it not be? The third installment of the Modern Warfare series looks to be the biggest as the battle is being brought to some of the world's biggest cities such as New York, Paris, and London. It will also feature a brand-new Survival mode within Spec Ops, taking the Zombies mode from previous games, but giving the enemies guns so they can fight back. After getting a chance to play Survival mode, it really is a much more fun experience, and a little tougher too.
Many people draw inspiration to draw from various things in life, whether that be a beautiful view of nature or key moments in their lives. A select few artists are, in fact, doing the same but it's video games they look to for inspiration on their latest works. Square Enix will be holding an art exhibition in New York where several well-known artists will create their own works based on Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
When Nintendo held their E3 press conference yesterday, they took a lot of time to talk about their newest console, the Wii U. They revealed a lot of details regarding the controller and how it will revolutionize the way we play video games. Nintendo also silenced critics who were concerned with the lack of third-party support as they showed a montage of games set to come out for the console. One thing they didn't mention was any of the specs. While details surrounding the system remain unclear, IBM announced it will be making the microprocessor for the Wii U.
If you're a fan of RPGs, you're most likely looking forward to Mass Effect 3. If you love military shooters, you're looking forward to Battlefield 3. EA held its press conference earlier this afternoon, showing off some of the biggest games due to come out both this year and next, including the aforementioned titles. Besides the blockbuster games, EA also is pushing online stat tracking services a lot of the upcoming titles. And by the way, they're all free.
 If you happened to watch the Dallas Mavericks take on the Oklahoma City Thunder last night, then you were in for a bit of a treat. During a commercial break, the first ever gameplay trailer of Modern Warfare 3 debuted on ESPN, the channel hosting the playoff game. The trailer featured some highly explosive action, but there are a few elements within the trailer that will have some people stirring.

Now that Carmelo Anthony has been traded to the New York Knicks, everybody can finally get back to basketball and video games. Anthony was traded to the Knicks along with fellow former Denver Nuggets teammates Chauncey Billups, Anthony Carter, Shelden Williams and Renaldo Balkman. In return, the Nuggets received forwards Danilo Gallinari and WIlson Chandler, point guard Raymond Felton, center Timofey Mozgov, the Knicks' 2014 first-round draft pick and second-round draft picks in the 2012 and 2013 drafts that originally came from the Golden State Warriors. In a separate trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Knicks received Corey Brewer and a second-round draft pick for Anthony Randolph, Eddy Curry's expiring contract and $3 million cash.

Carmelo Anthony talked exclusively to Gamerlive.TV in this exclusive video interview during NBA All-Star weekend about his charity work and foundation and also about video gaming. He played a lot of Galaga back in the day and current loves to play Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Ghost Recon.

NEW YORK – In an announcement that was widely expected and highly anticipated, Verizon Wireless announced at its New York press conference on Tuesday that it will begin selling Apple's iPhone in early February, ending AT&T's four-year run as the phone's exclusive carrier.

NEW YORK -- Microsoft launched the Kinect for Xbox 360 to great fanfare in Times Square in New York City with a big street party starting at 6pm ET. Microsoft pulled out all the stops with a big concert right in the middle of Times Sauare complete with 600 street dancers dancing to MTV Games' Dance Centrral for Kinect and a concert by Grammy-award winning hip-hop music artist Ne-Yo.  Some of the celebs in attendance included Garcelle Beauvais, Jennifer Grey, “Zoey 101” star Chris Massey, Sarah Chalke and lots more.


The Sprint 3G/4G USB 250U mobile broadband modem, which is identical to it CLEAR Internet + cousin, is Sprint’s latest mobile broadband modem offering. Made by Sierra Wireless, the modem takes advantage of Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network for speeds up to ten times faster than 3G, Sprint claims. That’s assuming you are in an area with 4G service, which currently includes over 60 cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Portland, Kansas City, Seattle, Charlotte, etc. However, if you are in New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco, you are out of luck, at least when it comes to 4G service, though you will still get 3G EVDO Rev A. data service in any location that 4G service isn’t available. This should change soon as Sprint says that these cities along with many others will be added by the end of 2010.