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While we’re big fans of where the SSX series has gone as of late (the February 2012 release has blown us away, and we’re still challenging leaderboard times), we can’t help but think back to the classic days of the series, back when we were playing SSX Tricky and SSX 3, not caring about sudden drop-offs or weather conditions and instead just having fun grinding down the mountain with a hotly dressed babe or some dude with a red-headed afro.  Apparently, Electronic Arts lovingly remembers those days too, and on May 1, it’ll be celebrating them with an upcoming SSX Mt. Eddie and Classic Characters Bundle Pack, for both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.


Some games take a lot longer than others to finish.  There can be various reasons for this.  Funding runs out on the project; a new publisher takes over and requests subtle changes to the finished product; longer development time is needed to work out the “kinks”, such as bugs or glitches (yet games still ship with them, sigh); or various other reasons that act as hurdles before reaching the finish line.  And, to be quote honest, Phil Fish and his team at Polytron have seen a bunch of these with Fez.  First introduced around five years ago and seeing all sorts of development snafus and release hitches, it almost seemed like the game was never going to come out.  But today, it’s finally arrived – and it turned out to be worth the wait.


With Harmonix shying away from the troublesome MTV Networks and essentially becoming its own entity, it was free to do whatever it pleased.  And with that, it continued to support Rock Band 3, its latest rock machine, with a number of great new songs, including offerings from Rick Astley, Huey Lewis and the News and, recently, Shinedown and Evanescence.  But who knew that it would also be feeding a different rock monster than the one it’s already created?  Silly us.


It's a novel idea that's really catching on in the App Store -- re-releasing old-school arcade games as part of a collection, then offering potential buyers the option to choose what games they want to keep.  Capcom's done it, Atari has done it, and Farsight is working on it with its Pinball Arcade (which we previewed).  But we're surprised that Namco has taken so long to warm up to the idea, especially with its countless Museum releases.  Well, it finally came through with Namco Arcade, a game that has the "try before you buy" method with a few of its offerings.  So why does it feel like it wasn't fully thought out?


The development team at Cave have found an awesome new venue for its quirky game library -- Apple devices.  It's released a handful of shooter and action games thus far, including Deathsmiles, Dodonpachi Resurrection and Espgaluda 2, and for a price that wouldn't cost you an arm and a leg to boot (unlike the region free Xbox 360 games).  Those shooters have created a new market for the team, so they're still pumping out games for it.  This week, another "shmup" joins the pack, Mushihimesama -- also known as the easier-to-pronounce Bug Princess.


A little while back, we discussed the return of the arcade scene in a Barcades piece, talking about how adult establishments with an old-school flavor were beginning to pop up.  Well, with them, some old favorites are also making a return to the arcade scene.  In this case, it's Pac-Man, who first made his debut in the early 80's and took them by storm.  He's returned in an all new game, but this time, he's bringing some fellow Pac-Men along for the ride.


We're getting all sorts of WWE announcements this week.  Hot on the heels of news that Mick Foley, the Hardcore Legend, was joining the game's upcoming DLC packs, we've just learned that one more legend has been added to the mix -- "Macho Man" Randy Savage.


We had previously announced that 2K Sports was, in fact, bringing a new Legends Showcase downloadable content pack to NBA 2K12 this holiday season, priced at a reasonable 800 Microsoft points, or $9.99, for basketball fans to enjoy.  But we had yet to see which legends would be joining the party, only the modes and features coming with the DLC.  Well, rest at ease, as today, we have the full list of legends joining the game with the new pack.


OK, for the most part, Sonic the Hedgehog games for this generation have sucked.  While Sonic Colors wasn't half bad, the other games, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Unleashed, left a bad taste in our mouths.  Even the promising 2-D Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 couldn't turn the tide in his favor.  But now it looks like that will all wash away next week when Sonic Generations releases.  Sega and Sonic Team are relying on the classic flavor of the series, while still making the gameplay fans can easily relate to.


Comic-Con 2011 packed plenty of little surprises within its halls, including several new comic book enterprises, plenty of cool merchandise, and a few celeb signings we didn't see coming.  But we'll be honest -- nothing could've prepared us for Abobo's Big Adventure, an 8-bit game that will soon be released for Flash play (no charge) over at