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The idea behind E3 was to showcase the latest and brightest games of 2012, but there are always a few games that disappoint us. Some games on our list made serious changes to their formula, and not for the better. Other games took center stage at E3 when they shouldn’t have. There were many games at E3, but here is our top five list of disappointments.


Earlier this month, we reported on the story that 2K Sports was looking to launch its latest basketball sim, NBA 2K13, sometime in early October, and would have the game ready to hit the floor of E3 next week.  Today, 2K Sports confirmed the story, stating that its championship series would indeed be heading back to stores to once again dominate the paint.


After a fiscal report that questioned the future of the Major League Baseball 2K franchise, we were wondering if 2K Sports had gotten a little soft, concerned about how they could compete with their main rival, EA Sports.  Well, we got our answer today with a nice tomahawk jam to the face, in the form of an announcement for NBA 2K13.


Well, it seems 2K Sports is very pro-active to what NBA 2K12 gamers want and they wanted a better Jeremy Lin to create Linsanity magic in their NBA 2K12 games with their virtual Lins.  Just two days after 2K Sports upgraded Lin to 69 from 56 in the NBA 2K12 "Living Rosters" update, they upgraded him again to 75 today in another update, which is closer to where Lin should probably be even after he cools down from his Linsane pace, which he inevitably will.


Every Tuesday, Sony brings its PlayStation faithful new content, add-ons for your favorite games, Themes and avatars for your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. Again another standard week of PSN goods you can get, but for the most part the main draw are going to be demos. Twisted Metal is finally going to hit store shelves and the fans of  the series will be eager to get their hands on the multiplayer demo now available.  


Every Tuesday, Sony brings its Playstation faithful new content, add-ons for your favorite games, Themes and avatars for your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. This week on PSN, Final Fantasy fans are in for a real treat with new and old content hitting the marketplace.


Perhaps you're wondering what a video game character does in their private time. Maybe you're curious about what sort of girls they'd like to date. Though, honestly, you've probably never thought about any of these things. On the off-chance you have, wonder no longer, because teen gossip magazine Wolf Rhythm has interviewed one of the characters of Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom, the upcoming otome game from Aksys.


Party's are fun. They are substantially less fun if all the participants are dead. Even so, X-SEED's Corpse Party is looking to be a real treat. Remade for the PSP, this 2D adventure game has players exploring an abandoned elementary school haunted by the ghosts of murdered children. For more details, and to see the game's announcement trailer, read on. Be warned, though. This is not for the faint of heart.


One of the big improvements the PS Vita is getting over the PSP, in addition to the improved feature set and graphics capabilities, is a second thumbstick. Well, it sounds like Nintendo's rather fond of this idea, too, as they're adding a second thumbstick to the 3DS. The source comes in the form of a Japanese magazine scan, and is likely the hardware reveal Nintendo is prepping to announce before Tokyo Game Show. Read on to get your first look at it!


The growth of Black Rock Shooter is truly a marvel to watch. It started off as a piece of art by Huke of Supercell, then had a brief music video made set to some Vocaloid music. Even later, a fifty minute animated feature was built around the character, followed by a PSP game. Now NIS, the company responsible for Disgaea and a number of other quirky, bizarre RPGs, is bringing the Black Rock Shooter game stateside. Fans of the BRS franchise couldn't be happier.


If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  That's usually the rule most video game companies abide by, though there are always those who set out to try something different.  Later this year (in the European market for now, but they're bound to go worldwide), both Sony and Nintendo will attempt to gain new buyers for their PSP and Wii systems by repackaging them for budget-pricing purposes.  While some see this an ideal opportunity for extra cash flow, we can't help but think that lowering their functionality to a bare minimum is the answer.


Final Fantasy may be the best known and most beloved Japanese RPG series out there. It certainly seems to be the first name to come to mind when people consider the genre. There's certainly no doubt that Final Fantasy Type-0, the next Final Fantasy title to be released for the PSP, is a game many fans of the genre and the franchise are looking forward to. If you've been wondering what to expect, you're in luck because we have our hands-on impressions after getting some time with the newly available Japanese demo.


After waiting twelve years to play Persona 2: Innocent Sin, American Persona fans deserve a little something for their patience, don't you think? Atlus agrees, which is why they've just announced the soundtrack that will accompany the game should fans pre-order it. More info after the jump.


This years Comic Con San Diego is packed with dozens of hot shows, some returning and other making their debut appearance. They're coming with cast, crew, sneak peaks, and an Q&A session for fans to get their burning questions answered. Take a break from the demos at gaming booths, and stop by one of the telvision panels! With the final list online, here are just some of the shows (in no particular order) we can't wait to see at Comic Con.


Comic-Con will often feature a panel of video game music composers, talking about their work and having as much attention lavished upon them as actual game/comic book creators themselves do. In anticipation of that happening again this year, here's a few of the most memorable composers in game history, and why they deserve some serious praise...



Disney easily had the most beautiful and unique booth design at the show hands down.  It was constructed to appear as a public park, a coffee shop, and a modern home that was about the size of my apartment (the kitchen was bigger for sure!).


When you add together the number of gaming consoles and sub-divisions within Sony, they appear to take up the most booth space of any company at E3.  I could be wrong, but it sure does appear that way.  


The E3 2011 Sony Press Event started off with an apology for their recent Playstation Network outages, but by the end of the night there was no need to repent for anything. The day started with tons of free food truck grub (and beer) and ended with a free-for-all of live game demos and a surprise performance by Jane's Addiction (also more food and beer). Below you'll find a selection of highlights from throughout the night: the new games, the PS VITA, Kobe Bryant, the ballerinas(?), and Jane's Addiction...

Not everyone gets a chance to go to E3 to check out all of the conferences and get all of the info firsthand. Instead, gamers would have to wait until after the dust settles and the articles are written. However, Konami decided to treat its fans with a pre-E3 show on its website, giving people the chance to learn about all of the upcoming games they can look forward to. With a few HD collections, a new IP, and a new data transfer service, Konami has a lot on their plate this year and next.
With Konami holding its pre-E3 show, there were a lot of big announcements made, from the release of HD collections to some new games we could look forward to. Hideo Kojima also took the time to talk about a few of his upcoming projects, one of them being his new Transfarring system. It's a system where games will be able to jump to different platforms, making them completely portable. If Kojima can realize his aspirations with Transfarring, then we will be able to say he revolutioned the way we play video games.

As Sony promised, the Playstation Store is finally back online, and with an update. The update includes a huge lineup of downloadable games, demos, themes, and more. Playstation Plus has seen updates as well, including new discounts. For more info on the update, and what to expect in the store's immediate future, continue reading.

 Though you may have gotten used to calling Sony's new handheld the NGP, that may not be the case when it is officially unveiled at E3. Rumors have been floating around that the device will instead be named the Vita. Images have also popped up that appear to be a manual that does indeed say it's the PS Vita. But did Sony make the right move naming it the Vita, or was it better off being called the NGP?

During the PSX era, Atlus released two sequels to the first Persona game. The first was Persona 2: Innocent Sin, and the follow-up was Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. Both games seemed to take place in different universes, so when only the latter was localized there were no major problems. However, as time passed, fan outcry to see the first one in the US grew. Recently, in Japan, Innocent Sin was remade for the PSP, and Atlus has happily announced that they plan to bring the remake to American fans, giving them their first taste of the popular Japanese RPG.