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When Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure released last year, Activision and the development team at Toys For Bob were taking a pretty big gamble, producing toys that interacted with the video game at hand, presenting a unique new experience for gamers everywhere.  But, boy, did it pay off.  Making over $30 million in revenue between game and toy sales, it proved to be a reputable new franchise for the company.  So, of course, it’s understood that they’re taking advantage by releasing a much-improved sequel in time for the holiday season.  You ready to take on some Giants?


How do you top one of the most creative games made over the last few years?  Well, you go back to the beginning and do another one, silly.  Kim Swift, the mastermind who helped put together Valve's Portal a few years back, is striking new ground with her latest project, the quirky puzzle/action game Quantum Conundrum. Despite its different approach, however, she's still putting quite the emphasis on being creative and having fun while you do it.  Plus, you get to throw around fluffy things!


When you develop something that’s considered one of the better games out there, it’s often hard to move on to the next project, as most folks will usually demand more of the same or, as tradition usually calls for, a sequel.  Kim Swift, the developer of Valve’s uber-hit Portal, has managed to do this, though, as her team at Airtight Studios showed us the other night at the Square Enix event with its upcoming Quantum Conundrum.  We gave this delightful little digital treat a run-through in a hands-on demo.


A lot of sports programs are slowly seeping their way into our favorite game consoles.  Microsoft has ESPN integration nailed down to a science, even though crucial football and basketball programming is missing; Sony has NFL Sunday Ticket, courtesy of DirecTV, as well as the more affordable NHL GameCenter, which lets viewers check out their favorite hockey teams; and now UFC is getting into the action, ready to debut its Xbox Live channel starting December 1.  We managed to get a quick peek as to what it’s all about.