Content about Red Dead Redemption


Though it has yet to reach the kind of audience that Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are currently enjoying, the OnLive cloud gaming service is on the rise.  Ever since it launched last year, millions of users have been thoroughly investing in the service, playing on both the comfort of their computers and through the offered MicroConsole units (for TV play).  Now, on the verge of OnLive launching for iPad and other iOS devices, the company has moved forward with a launch in the UK -- and several new games coming soon.


One would've thought that Rockstar Games would've relied on its one-trick pony business with the mega-successful Grand Theft Auto franchise.  But last year it proved that wasn't the case, with a remarkable Western action game called Red Dead Redemption, which is still quite playable nearly a year and a half after its release.  To celebrate everything that the game is about -- along with its accompanying downloadable content -- the company is prepping a Game of the Year edition for this October.  And we've got several reasons why you shouldn't miss out on it.