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Saints Row caught on to gamers like a virus. It has set its self apart from other open world crime games from its outlandish game play. There are so many options; it feels like you are actually in the game. Saints Row can be played cosmetically or as a serious thug but whatever way you choose to play, the game will become a part of your life. When I heard Saints Row: The Third was taking over E3 2011 I could have done a back flip. So what exciting secrets did THQ reveal about the latest installment in their franchise?



 Saints Row The Third is set to continue the over the top sandbox crime antics established by Volition through the series with a few major additions. After The Saints victory over the Ultor corporation, and the rival gangs of Stillwater you've found yourself in a "Jay-Z" situation. People love your gang. You release products. You live the thug life dream to it's peak. Of course, things get a lot worse for you and The Saints really quickly..