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The Twisted Metal franchise is practically an institution for Sony Computer Entertainment of America.  The series launched with the original PlayStation and has since seen several sequels, including the memorable Twisted Metal 2: World Tour and the dark yet decadent Twisted Metal Black on PlayStation 2.  On February 14th, the series returns, this time making its debut on the PlayStation 3 and bringing its most comprehensive features to date.  You ready to go for a ride?

With Microsoft kicking off E3 in disappointing fashion, it was up to Sony to try to get things back on a happier track with a press conference that would feature better games and other content. Sony had a lot on its plate at E3. They suffered a network outage that lasted over a month due to it being hacked, leaving many PS3 owners upset. Plus, they had a new piece of hardware to show off. Things started to go their way as the Playstation Network was back in full force before E3. Did Sony capitalize on its momentum and blow us away with a great press conference?
For about the last month and a half, Sony has been all over the news and in many blogs posts due to the PSN outage. It was a troubling time for the company, but they managed to overcome the obstacle in the end and get things back to the way that they should be. Now, Sony will be featured in the news with the announcement of the PS Vita at their E3 press conference. Along with the new hardware, Sony also detailed plans for a new 3D TV lineup set to come out this fall.
After the Playstation Store went back online yesterday, the next big question is when will the Welcome Back program kick in? Everyone has been eager to get their hands on some free games, but haven't had the chance to. That all changes today as Sony has made the Welcome Back program go live. However, the Playstation Store is having some connection errors, so you will have to wait a little bit before claiming your free goodies.
 Though you may have gotten used to calling Sony's new handheld the NGP, that may not be the case when it is officially unveiled at E3. Rumors have been floating around that the device will instead be named the Vita. Images have also popped up that appear to be a manual that does indeed say it's the PS Vita. But did Sony make the right move naming it the Vita, or was it better off being called the NGP?
 With the whole Playstation Network hacking debacle, Sony has a lot of ground to make up after incurring an estimated loss of $170 million. The question is, how do they get back all of that money? Probably one of the easiest ways to do it is to charge everyone to use the network, much it's rival's XBox Live service. Though that could easily remedy the situation, I think that wouldn't be the best move for Sony, as it would alienate its fanbase.
 Today was meant to be the day PS3 owners wake up and turn on their systems to see that the Playstation Store has returned. Many people either wanted to claim their free games from the Welcome Back program or download their L.A. Noire DLC. Sadly, that won't be the case. In a recent blog post on the PS Blog, PS3 owners will have to wait at least until the end of the month.
 Sony just can't seem to catch a break, can they? We've already read the numerous articles about the Playstation Network being hacked. Now, just a few days after L.A. Noire's release, Sony finds itself amidst another fiasco. This time, the problem is with the system overheating. While playing L.A. Noire, gamers are claiming that their PS3 is overheating due to the high performance needed to run the game. Other gamers say that it's the 3.61 firmware update that is making this happen. However, both Sony and Rockstar Games deny this as the cause.
 One of the final pieces of the puzzle in getting Sony back up to speed is the return of the Playstation Store. As of now, PS3 owners can play their games online and message friends like before. That is, if they have already entered the pass code for access to that content, depending on what title it is. The good news is gamers won't have to wait too much longer. In an article from Gamasutra, a leaked memo from Sony to developers states that the Playstation Store will return on May 24, along with a few other details.

 It's been pretty much a month since the PSN has been down, but now it is finally coming to an end as it slowly gets back up to speed. This past week, online matchmaking has come back into the fray, leaving the Playstation Store, Qrocity, and Playstation Home left to get back into the mix. Once all is done, everyone will be entitled to some free games that they can keep forever. After reading the details, I think this is a much better welcome back than I anticipated.


 Yesterday, we took a look at Microsoft and what they will have in store for us at this year's E3. From what it looks like, this year will focus on software for the XBox 360, as well as possible details on a new console. It's a bit of a different story for Sony. Sony is giving another try at handheld gaming with the NGP, a console that they claim brings the experience of the PS3 on the go. They have already shown off the console this year, but at E3 Sony will most likely release all of the specs of the system, as well as set a date for release and pricing of the system. Will the NGP be able to hold a candle to the 3DS?