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With Thanksgiving and Black Friday around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about those gifts and what better gift than a gaming gift. This year, there’s lots of new gadgets and games that would make great stocking stuffers. Here’s our Top 10 gaming gifts for the 2012 holidays.


The idea behind E3 was to showcase the latest and brightest games of 2012, but there are always a few games that disappoint us. Some games on our list made serious changes to their formula, and not for the better. Other games took center stage at E3 when they shouldn’t have. There were many games at E3, but here is our top five list of disappointments.


BARCELONA -- On the first day of Mobile World Congress here in Barcelona, SEGA showed Sonic the Hedgehog for the first time on a tablet powered by NVIDIA's quad core Tegra 3. Called Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Episode II, the new mobile game will launch some time in the Spring this year. It will come out first exclusively for NVIDIA Tegra-powered smartphones and tablets in NVIDIA's Tegra Zone before rolling out onto other Android devices after. We got a first hand look at the blue wonder doing his thing on the Tegra 3-powered Asus Transformer Prime tablet in this exclusive video.


I love how the App Store is picking up in quality games.  Unfortunately, with that comes an escalated price.  Take SoulCalibur, for instance.  A decent port, sure, but it’s missing a lot of the stuff that made the Dreamcast original so grand, and it’s going for…$17?  C’mon, the Xbox Live Arcade version is only $10.  That said, there are some games that do validate their worth.  And one of them, believe it or not, is Taito’s Dariusburst SP.


With new Android tablets on display everywhere at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012) in Las Vegas, there’s good news for retailers this year. Ecommerce software developer Ability Commerce has reported that its full-service clients saw an explosion in holiday revenue stemming from Android devices, as consumers bought everything from videogames to electronics in record numbers using mobile devices instead of the traditional PC. Mobile shopping overall was a huge success as retailers experienced increased visits, transactions and revenue across all of the major operating systems. The Galaxy Note tablet is shown in the video below from CES 2012, and is sure to introduce even more consonumers to mobile shopping, as well as gaming.


LAS VEGAS -- Last year at CES 2011, tablets were all the rage and they used the show as their coming out party. While CES 2012 was more evolutionary versus revolutionary for tablets, they were many bright spots in the tablet world especially for gaming. We roundup the best gaming tablets and tablet technology from this year's CES in Las Vegas.


LAS VEGAS -- Major product launches from more than 3,100 exhibitors and keynotes from the leaders of Qualcomm, Mercedes and Intel launched the 2012 International CES on Tuesday. Owned and produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), CES 2012, the world's largest tradeshow for consumer technology, runs through Friday, January 13 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gaming was also prevalent with Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft all showing content. NVIDIA continues to push portable gaming and tablet pricing with Tegra as seen in the video below.


The peripheral makers at Razer are already shaking things up enough at the Consumer Electronics Show with a hands-on look at its latest PC, complete with a digital screen built into the keyboard for great effect.  However, it looks like that's just the beginning of the company's tech savvy ways, as it's introducing a new gaming tablet that not only promises to be as high end as any given gaming laptop, but also innovative with the introduction of a pair of PlayStation Move-like controllers.


LAS VEGAS -- At the AT&T Developers Summit keynote being held at CES 2012, Samsung's Kevin Packingham showed its new hybrid phone/tablet device - the Galaxy Note. With a 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display, 1.5GHz dual core processor, 8 megapixel back and 2 megapixel front camera, the new Galaxy Note is a tweener mobile device that sits in between a tablet and a smartphone. The hybrid device will support AT&T's fast new 4G LTE network as well as AT&T's legacy 3G network. It also has a stylus pen which Samsung is calling the S-Pen which will allow Galaxy Note users to input to the device using handwriting as well as do doodles when you're bored. Pricing and availabiity werre not announced.


With Amazon’s entry into the burgeoning tablet market today with Jeff Bezo’s introduction of the new Kindle Fire, Apple’s iPad might finally have some competition. While based on Google’s Android mobile and tablet operating system, Amazon’s Kindle Fire differentiates itself from it’s Android tablet brethren on four competitively unique features, 1) it will be sold thru the biggest e-commerce storefront in the world which has already had huge success with its Kindle e-book reader; 2) it will leverage Amazon’s massive content library and licenses in books, movies and music that is bigger than even Apple’s iTunes; 3) it will leverage Amazon’s massive cloud ecosystem delivering new and interesting services; and 4) and perhaps the biggest differentiator, it will sell for $199 which is $300 cheaper than the cheapest Apple iPad 2. Keep in mind, the HP TouchPad, while a flop at $499, sold out in less than 24 hours when its price dropped to $99-149, even with the prospect that the WebOS it runs on would not be supported moving forward and there were very few apps for it. But what will the Kindle Fire do for gaming?


This years Comic Con San Diego is packed with dozens of hot shows, some returning and other making their debut appearance. They're coming with cast, crew, sneak peaks, and an Q&A session for fans to get their burning questions answered. Take a break from the demos at gaming booths, and stop by one of the telvision panels! With the final list online, here are just some of the shows (in no particular order) we can't wait to see at Comic Con.

If you want to play video games, you have a choice between 3 consoles or your PC to play them on. However, that all began to change once OnLive was introduced last year. OnLive is a subscription service that allows you to play whatever game you want without the need of actually buying the game. With over 20 publishers supporting the system, OnLive currently holds a library of over 100 games. OnLive has announced at E3 that there will be an OnLive Player App, allowing tablets and other mobile devices to run the same service on-the-go.

Whenever a new system is announced, the rumor mill kicks in full gear. Legitimate information is lost amongst the sea of speculation, and it becomes impossible to tell fact from fiction. As we approach E3, now just a few days away, it's finally time for the truth to be revealed, and Japanese website Nikkei has leaked details on the controller for Nintendo's next console.


ORLANDO, Florida -- At CTIA, Sprint announced the new 7-inch HTC View 4G which features the optional Scribe stylus pen and integrated PenTab software. The Scribe and PenTab is the first Android tablet that features a stylus pen allowing users to take notes or draw using the Scribe stylus pen. The HTC View 4G also features a 7-inch 1024 x 600 multi-touch display, 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a back-facing 5 megapixel and a front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera, HDMI output and Google Android mobile operating system. The device will run on Sprint's 4G WiMax network with download speeds of up to 10 megabits per second as well as on Sprint's 3G EVDO Rev. A CDMA network and 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless networks. Check out an exclusive first look video preview of the new HTC View 4G device.


LAS VEGAS (CES) -- Google made official its new Android 3.0 mobile operating system, code-named Honeycomb, by posting a video on its site showing off the new OS following Verizon's LTE 4G Press Conference. At the press conference, Verizon demoed the new Motorola Xoom Tegra 2-based tablet. Android 3.0 is the first Android operating system optimized for the tablet and its bigger screen. Previously, Android Tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab used slightly modified phone versions of Android 2.2, which were not designed for tablets.


Las Vegas (CES) -- Research In Motion (RIM) and Sprint announced the launch of the new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet device, RIM's first tablet device which will take advatage of Sprint's 4G WiMax and 3G EVDO Rev. A CDMA mobile networks. The BlackBerry 4G PlayBook will be the first BlackBerry PlayBook model to include wide area wireless connectivity, featuring Sprint 4G and is expected to be available from Sprint in the summer.


SAN FRANCISCO, California - After much speculation about what Steve Jobs was introducing today and what he was going to call it, Steve Jobs has officially introduced the new tablet as the iPad at its "Latest Creation" event here in San Francisco today that started at 10am Pacific Time. Other names like iSlate and iTablet had been speculated and thrown around in the media as rumored names and supposed Apple trademark filings.


SAN FRANCISCO, California – After a lot of hype, Steve Jobs officially introduced the iPad today at its "Latest Creation" event here in San Francisco with a price point starting at $499. Calling Apple a mobile company and the new iPad the middle product between the iPhone and the MacBook in its mobile lineup, Steve Jobs showed off the iPad with what looked like a modified iPhone interface that was adapted for the bigger iPad screen.