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No matter what we may do to try to prevent something from happening, sometimes there is just nothing we can do. Commander Shepard has put so much effort into fighting off the Reapers, even going so far as having to be resurrected for round 2. However, it is only a matter of time before the inevitable will happen, and gamers will put their best efforts forth in preventing the universe from being taken over by them. To give us a glimpse of just what this final battle will look like, EA has released this new trailer for the upcoming Mass Effect 3.
Last week marks the week of numerous boxes of chocolate being consumed, roses being delivered, and all of that lovey dovey stuff thanks to a little day called Valentine's Day. Surely, plenty of people are probably still feeling a bit hyper thanks to all of that sugar their loved one gave them as a gift. There could be no better timing for a new DLC map for Modern Warfare 3, giving people a chance to expend all of that excess energy learning a brand new map and making an example of other players.
Once again, Naughty Dog has done a little more digging in the vault to bring forth some oldies but goodies in terms of multiplayer maps for Uncharted 3. Tomorrow will see the release of 4 of your favorite maps from Uncharted 2 to add a little bit of variety to all of your multiplayer needs. Naughty Dog released a trailer for the upcoming maps, as well as hint at a brand new game mode coming soon.

Amidst news of a buggy beta and even journalists running into their fair share of glitches, I went into my hands-on with Battlefield 3's multiplayer, featuring the Grand Bazaar and Operation Firestorm maps, unsure of what to expect. I had to wonder if it was as bad as the naysayers were making it out to be? Once I saw for myself, I was pleased to find my worries were completely unfounded.

Back in the days of the 16-bit era, JRPGs ruled the industry. Many classics such as Final Fantasy VI, Secret of Mana, and Chrono Trigger are considered to be some of the best games in that generation, while plenty of other games of the same genre were also held in high regard. Nowadays, they aren't quite as popular, as western RPGs and other genres using elements of an RPG have become quite the trend. But the Persona series on the PS2 has gathered quite the huge following over the past few years. While people are anxiously waiting for the series's 5th installment, Atlus has teamed up with Arc System Works to deliver Persona 4 as a fighting game. A new gameplay video has just come out, giving people an idea of what to expect with the new title.

Hot on the heels of Tokyo Game Show 2011 are two new trailers for Final Fantasy XIII-2, one for each version of the game. Not only are there two new trailers, but several new details about the game were revealed not only at Tokyo Game Show, but in the build-up to that conference. To watch the new trailers read on.


Party's are fun. They are substantially less fun if all the participants are dead. Even so, X-SEED's Corpse Party is looking to be a real treat. Remade for the PSP, this 2D adventure game has players exploring an abandoned elementary school haunted by the ghosts of murdered children. For more details, and to see the game's announcement trailer, read on. Be warned, though. This is not for the faint of heart.


It's hard to not be curious about Beyond the Labyrinth. Even with in-game cutscenes it's almost impossible to figure out just what it is. It's gorgeous, both visually and audibly, but beyond that is anyone's guess. The game's new trailer, viewable below, doesn't tell us much new. It feature's a young girl, and implies that the game is told through a first-person camera view. Ultimately, though, the trailer raises more questions than answers.


The growth of Black Rock Shooter is truly a marvel to watch. It started off as a piece of art by Huke of Supercell, then had a brief music video made set to some Vocaloid music. Even later, a fifty minute animated feature was built around the character, followed by a PSP game. Now NIS, the company responsible for Disgaea and a number of other quirky, bizarre RPGs, is bringing the Black Rock Shooter game stateside. Fans of the BRS franchise couldn't be happier.


NeverDead, Konami's upcoming third-person shooter, has a new trailer as we come ever closer to this year's Tokyo Game Show. The trailer features some new cinematic footage, scenes of an entire city falling to ruin, and some of the game's colossal bosses. Better yet, the Japanese voice acting in the trailer is almost as impressive as the destruction. Read on to see the new trailer.

There has been a certain appeal lately for games that have little to no story to them whatsoever. Gamers were astounded by LIMBO's ending, prompting huge discussions as to what the game was all about. Regardless of what their interpretation was, one thing was clear - people loved the game. If that game could receive critical acclaim, why not try that formula again? That's exactly what thatgamecompany intends to do with their upcoming title Journey, an adventure game featuring a wandering spirit making its way through a desert. A new trailer has been released showing more of the story, or at least what we could make out of it.

Final Fantasy may be the best known and most beloved Japanese RPG series out there. It certainly seems to be the first name to come to mind when people consider the genre. There's certainly no doubt that Final Fantasy Type-0, the next Final Fantasy title to be released for the PSP, is a game many fans of the genre and the franchise are looking forward to. If you've been wondering what to expect, you're in luck because we have our hands-on impressions after getting some time with the newly available Japanese demo.


Activision and Treyarch will be releasing Rezurrection, the all-Zombies content pack for Call of Duty®: Black Ops on the Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network on August 23rd and we've got the latest screenshots and preview trailer to show all the zombie goodness off. Rezurrection hurls players into orbit with Moon, the climax of the Call of Duty Zombies saga and the first in the series to drop zombie-slaying into low-G lunar battlegrounds. With new outrageous weapons, high-tech gear, and a bloodthirsty undead menace, Moon is the most challenging and thrilling Zombies adventure yet, Activision claims. Check out the new trailer and screenshots after the break.


Anarchy Reigns, the upcoming online brawler from Platinum Games, has yet another character in its roster. Garuda seems inspired by the Transformers series, given his apparent ability to switch from flying vehicle to walking robot. The big, blue machine's signature weapon is the tornado drill, which you can see put to good use in Garuda's debut video.

We're only a few weeks away from the sequel to one of the biggest PC games ever. That game would be Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Square Enix has been doing a lot of work building up the hype for the game by releasing lots of dev diaries over the past few months. In typical fashion, they have released yet another video. This time, they focus on stealth in the game and how it can be used to your advantage in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
Much like the Street Fighter series, Capcom is following the same path of adding more characters to its Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 title by making a brand new edition of the game titled Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. The new release will increase the roster size to a total of 50, adding 12 characters to the roster - 10 brand new characters, as well as Shuma Gorath and Jill Valentine who were available as DLC characters. To follow up the game's reveal at Comic Con, Capcom has released trailers of some of the new characters. The first trailer is of Firebrand, an enemy many people will know from the Ghosts 'N Goblins.
When Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 first came out, there were some pretty questionable omissions in terms of characters on the roster. While Capcom did make room for plenty of newcomers such as Dante and Zero, characters such as Ken and Strider were certainly missed by fans of the series. Luckily for them, one of the series veterans will, in fact, be making his return as Strider Hiryu will be one of the 10 new characters in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. If you aren't a believer just by reading it, check out this gameplay trailer released by Capcom.

When Spiderman 4 was cancelled after Sam Raimi left the project, many thought that'd be the end of Spiderman films for some time. Instead, it Columbia Pictures decided to reboot the franchise with Marc Webb directing. (I'll avoid any puns that might lead me to.) Fans now get their first real look at Andrew Garfield as Spidey with the new trailer for The Amazing Spiderman, a trailer that was meant to debut at the upcoming SDCC. Those excited to see what lies in store for our favorite arachnid, read on.


The Secret World, the upcoming MMO from FunCom, attempts to stand out in a genre many consider awash with World of Warcraft clones. From setting to mechanics, the game looks to define itself as unique from any other MMO on the market. It certainly seems to be succeeding and, from what I saw at a recent EA event, should be loads of fun. Keep reading for my first impression of the game's setting.


In a recent interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura, character designer and creator of the Kingdom Hearts games, talked about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D, as well as what else to expect in Kingdom Hearts' future. Those interested in knowing where the series is headed, read on.

With Kenshi and Skarlet out of the way, it's almost time for the third DLC character for Mortal Kombat to be released as part of the Mortal Kombat Season Pass. That third fighter is the ninja in purple - Rain. Considered to be a laughing stock by many simply due to the color he wears, Rain is probably one of the least favorite characters throughout the game's history. However, he looks to gain a little bit of favor in this new gameplay trailer showing off just what he can do.

Catherine, the bizarre horror/puzzle hybrid from Atlus, is getting an English demo next week. The gameplay of Catherine involves scaling an endless tower while being chased by terrifying monsters. The demo features two of these nightmare levels, as well as a small snippet of the daytime gameplay. More info, including a new trailer, is available below.