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Sometimes I feel a little stupid reading over a review I typed a few years ago.  Not because I disagree with my opinion and felt like I wasn’t honest about my thoughts about the game, but mainly because I look at an improved product and wonder, “Man, maybe I should’ve mentioned I wanted this in the earlier product.”  When I reviewed UFC Undisputed 2010 a couple of years ago, I gave it a damn near perfect score, and thought there would be hardly any way to improve upon its fundamentals.  But now here’s UFC Undisputed 3, making me feel like an idiot.  What a way for this fighting champ to step up.


As you saw from a report that we posted this weekend, Microsoft had big problems with its UFC on Xbox Live app.  Despite allowing select users to watch the fight for free, there were a number of technical errors that marred the experience, mainly the lack of a solid video feed and the inability to watch an offered replay.  But Microsoft is aware of said problems, and is promising to make the matter right for subscribers.


When it was announced a few months ago back at E3, the UFC on Xbox Live service sounded like a dream for fans of the fighting league.  Featuring live interaction between fights, interactive pools and other cool features, it was going to introduce a new dynamic for the service come December 1st.  Unfortunately, some minor setbacks have forced both UFC and Microsoft to come up with a new release date...but you won't have to wait too long.


When UFC Undisputed 2010 came out a year and a half ago, many people were wondering why Brock Lesnar was chosen to be on the cover...and well, the answer was kind of obvious.  Despite controversy surrounding him, the guy knew how to put up a fight.  Now THQ and UFC has chosen another great cover star for its upcoming UFC Undisputed 3, and it's none other than one of the hardest hitting stars in the circuit today, Anderson Silva.


A lot of sports programs are slowly seeping their way into our favorite game consoles.  Microsoft has ESPN integration nailed down to a science, even though crucial football and basketball programming is missing; Sony has NFL Sunday Ticket, courtesy of DirecTV, as well as the more affordable NHL GameCenter, which lets viewers check out their favorite hockey teams; and now UFC is getting into the action, ready to debut its Xbox Live channel starting December 1.  We managed to get a quick peek as to what it’s all about.