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More often than not, I always hear about these developers who try to load a multiplayer game with an abundant amount of features, whether it’s additional weaponry, new maps or some other technical doodad that’s trying to draw attention.  But, honestly, the best kind of multiplayer games are the simplest ones, built upon an ideal concept that players can immediately grasp onto.  For some inexplicable reason, When Vikings Attack, a new PlayStation Network effort from Clever Beans, found its way into our hearts.


When I first played Gravity Rush last year at E3, I saw how it stood out in the PlayStation Vita line-up at the time, with its exquisite art style and its innovative gameplay style.  But then I thought…”What if they ‘gimmick’ this and make it more about the features of the game than the game itself?”  And doubt began to sank in.  But, as I usually get these days with game developers, Sony Japan Studio pulled a 180 on me and actually made Gravity Rush one of the more entertaining Vita efforts to date.  Gotta love surprises.


Over the weekend at PAX East, we had the opportunity to talk with several folks about upcoming projects.  Among them was Zen Studios, a company that didn’t have a booth on the floor, but still had some exciting details about what was coming down the line in the future in terms of pinball content.  While we can’t reveal everything JUST yet (they’re saving some surprises for E3), we can talk about Zen Pinball 2, an improved pinball experience coming for the PlayStation 3 – and PlayStation Vita – starting next month.


I have to be honest, if a series feels like it’s sitting in a rut, going through the same motions over and over with hardly any evolution in gameplay, I actually cheer on the idea of revitalization.  And, boy, was Ridge Racer in need of that.  Ridge Racer V wasn’t a bad game in itself, and Ridge Racer 6 had its moments, but since that point, the series has sat in neutral with its over-drifting system and lack of anything fundamentally new.  Even Ridge Racer on the PlayStation Vita felt like a half-finished retread, despite its online capabilities.  But the second you pop in Bugbear’s Ridge Racer Unbounded, that mundane feeling fades away.  This isn’t the same old ride around the block.  It’s an entirely new beast.


Even though Harry Potter mania has pretty much died down with the release of last year’s Deathly Hallows Part 2 film, it’s a “better late than never” situation when it comes to the release of Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 on PlayStation Vita.  After all, the handheld didn’t have a Lego game to call its own before this came out, and it did pretty well when it came out for consoles last year.  So, yeah, this release makes sense.  And while it’s not as fully featured as we were expecting, it’s a decent port that fans of both the Lego franchise and the Harry Potter series will happily embrace.


When you run out of ideas for a series, sometimes a fresh perspective is all that’s needed.  Look at Call of Duty.  For the longest time, it dwelled in past wars, and while fans thoroughly enjoyed it, the team vied for something different.  And they provided it with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, jettisoning the series to new heights of excitement.  Now, Evolution Studios’ latest game doesn’t go to such heights – and can’t even come close to last year’s crazy Apocalypse title – but MotorStorm RC provides an interesting new take for the series that both PS3 and Vita owners will enjoy.


Finally.  We played it at several events for the past few months now, and sent Vblank Entertainment countless emails regarding its release.  We’ve spent hours dreaming of running over folks in 8-bit looking cars and creating all kinds of chaos with superheroes and other strange characters.  And now, it looks like Retro City Rampage, the independent darling that’s been making waves for the past couple of years, is finally coming home.  The team has announced that it’s finally arriving this May, just in time for summer – and it’s coming to more than just one console.


The buzz for the upcoming Street Fighter x Tekken crossover brawler continues to grow, as the game slowly but surely moves towards its March release.  But it's looking more and more like the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions are the ones to have, thanks to the inclusion of a few exclusive characters.  We already knew about Cole McGrath from the Infamous series before, but tonight, Capcom confirmed two more legendary characters who are joining the party...


When it comes to Motorstorm, Evolution Studios has never let up when it comes to fast racing fun and vehicular destruction.  Its last game alone, Motorstorm Apocalypse, proved that the series still has miles to burn, especially with the ever-changing tracks.  That said, their latest project does follow the same route as previous games, but it's a lot...smaller.  Say hello to Motorstorm RC.


After backwards compatibility for Playstation 2 games was cut from later releases of the PS3, many have wished desperately for a way to play the gems of the PS2 era. It seems that wish is finally being granted with five PS2 games coming to the Playstation Network, among them God Hand. To find out what else is on the way, read on.

Even if you aren't at home, there are still plenty of ways to play some video games while on the go. Handheld systems really made a name for themselves mainly due to the Nintendo Game Boy, selling millions of units worlwide. Jump the calendar up over a decade and now you have a combination of handheld systems and mobile phones that are capable of playing games. While the mobile market has been rapidly increasing in size, Sony has a device they believe is capable of succeeding in the PS Vita. Though that battle will play out for a long time, one thing that is certain is that the Vita is quite an impressive device.

The E3 2011 Sony Press Event started off with an apology for their recent Playstation Network outages, but by the end of the night there was no need to repent for anything. The day started with tons of free food truck grub (and beer) and ended with a free-for-all of live game demos and a surprise performance by Jane's Addiction (also more food and beer). Below you'll find a selection of highlights from throughout the night: the new games, the PS VITA, Kobe Bryant, the ballerinas(?), and Jane's Addiction...

 Though you may have gotten used to calling Sony's new handheld the NGP, that may not be the case when it is officially unveiled at E3. Rumors have been floating around that the device will instead be named the Vita. Images have also popped up that appear to be a manual that does indeed say it's the PS Vita. But did Sony make the right move naming it the Vita, or was it better off being called the NGP?