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Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is set to unleash fear on villains starting tomorrow across a multitude of platforms.  Obviously, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are prime choices, but by no means should you discount the handheld versions, mainly PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.  WB Games invited us to check out a demo of the upcoming 3DS game, and we came away pretty happy with the results.


The last time that the DC Comics characters made a respectable appearance in a fighting game, it was in the crossover title Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, which wasn't half bad but ended up being somewhat mixed reviews due to its Teen-rated nature.  However, since Mortal Kombat has gone on to bloody success returning to its roots, why can't DC Comics get its own fighting love?  It's doing just that, as Ed Boon and his team at Netherrealm Studios have announced Injustice: Gods Among Us, a new fighting game with plenty of comic book love.


Goichi Suda (aka Suda 51) has quite the storied history in gaming, from Killer 7 to No More Heroes to the recently released Shadows of the Damned.  But his latest one could be a bigger hit than all of them, WB Games' Lollipop Chainsaw.  In the game, you guide cheerleader Juliet Starling on a rampage against a horde of rock zombies, with her beloved boyfriend's head by her side.  So, yeah, it's weird.  But that's just part of the fun.


When The Witcher 2 came out for PC last year, gamers everywhere were entranced with its open-ended world, hours full of quests and decisions that would eventually shape the fate of Geralt of Rivia, the main hero (or anti-hero) of the game.  So when we heard that WB Games was interested in porting the game to Xbox 360, we were intrigued, while at the same time concerned, considering that most PC-to-console ports didn’t meet with that much success.  However, leave it to CD Projekt RED, the original game’s developer, to not only step up to the task, but exceed it, giving the Xbox 360 one of its better adventure games since Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amalur.  And that’s saying something.


The Game Developers Conference is literally hours sway from kicking off, but the fun has already begun down here in San Francisco.  Monday night, Warner Bros. Games hosted an event for Lollipop Chainsaw, its upcoming action game from Suda 51, the creator of such games as No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned.  If you remember how crazy those games got, you’ve probably got a rough idea of what Juliet brings to the picture – including her heart-encrusted chainsaw.


When it came out a few years ago, Lego Batman struck a chord with both avid comic book fans and younger players, introducing the fun Lego dynamic to the DC Comics universe and allowing players to fight for both good and evil.  The game became an instant hit, so it should be no surprise that WB Games has announced a sequel, with Travellers Tales once again handling development.  What is surprising, though, is that the action isn't just limited to the Dark Knight's universe this time around.


Welcome to the beginning of's PAX Prime 2011 coverage.  The big show kicks off Friday but we're already ramping up to bring you the biggest and best from the show.  And what better way to kick things off than by looking at an exclusive item that you could win at the show?  How's a Batman-designed console sound?


It's not very often that you see a video game franchise picked up by another developer, but when it happens, it's a pretty surprising move.  Electronic Arts picking up NBA Jam, WB Games acquiring Mortal Kombat, and so forth.  Now you can add Square Enix to the list, as the company has snagged the cancelled True Crime: Hong Kong project from Activision's camp.  Here's why we think United Front Games' third person action romp deserves a second chance.


Suda 51 must be having a field day with his game projects right now.  His last game release, the underrated but thoroughly enjoyable Shadows of the Damned, allowed him to collaborate with Akira Yamaoka (of Silent Hill fame) and Shinji Mikami (of Resident Evil fame) on a completely unique storyline, an effort that has paid off creatively, if not commercially.  Now his next project has been set in stone, and it's teaming him up with a very unlikely that should definitely pay off when WB Games releases it next year.


Hope you got $100 lying around, because you're going to need it.  Hot on the heels of our report this past week regarding a collector's edition of Batman: Arkham City, WB Games has indeed confirmed that it exists.  And not only do we have the first image to prove it, but we also have official contents.  Bat freaks are going to LOVE this...


Batman: Arkham City is just about three months away from release, and the sheer scope and magnitude of the sequel make it look like it'll easily top Game of the Year-winner Batman: Arkham Asylum.  Bigger stages, ability to play as side characters (Catwoman and Robin, namely), new villains...just every aspect of the game looks to be better than ever.  But what about the collector's edition of the game that's making the rounds?  Will it be better?  It sounds that way...


Next week is building up pretty nicely for Comic-Con 2011, with a number of game companies coming out in force with news, playable builds and tournaments galore.  But one company in particular that's turning a few heads is Capcom, mainly because they haven't quite revealed what they've got in store just yet.  If the show is any indication, however, it's something revolving around Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 -- and we're not just talking typical downloadable content.